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Marriage: Children:
  1. Thomas Lester MD TROTTER: Birth: 17 Aug 1777 in Brunswick Co, Va.; 0. Death: 21 Mar 1831 in Vinton, Miss.; 0

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Marriage: Children:
  1. Thomas Lester Trotter: Birth: 17 Aug 1777 in Brunswick Co VA. Death: 21 Mar 1831 in Vinton, Lowndes Co MS

  2. Richard TROTTER: Birth: in Brunswick Co, Va.; 0.

  3. Benjamin TROTTER: Birth: in Brunswick Co, Va.; 0.

  4. Martha L Trotter: Birth: in Brunswick Co VA.

  5. Isham Trotter: Birth: in Brunswick Co VA. Death: 1827 in Montgomery Co TN

a. Note:   [JamesTrotter.FTW] [Trotter.FTW] Aug 1772 bought 220 ac on Rocky Run from Wm Cocke for �240 (DB 10,454SLC 30645) Wm Trotter witness. Married Jane Burch the next year. Marr Rec Surrety bond Wm Lanier. Witnesses Thomas Parham & GeorgeTrotter (probably his uncle) Brunswick Co Marr Register 1751-1853,14. SLC30631. Active in St Andrews Parish. 4 April 1774 Isham & Jane sold the 220 ac on Rocky Run to his brother George for �300 current VA money. Jane relinquished her dower rights.Her mother & father, Martha & Richard Burch, witnessed the deed. DB 11,285 SLC 30645. 17 Aug 1776 Isham & Jane sold 188 ac on S side of Nottoway R inBrunswick Co to Anthony Walthe for �560. DB 12,103 SLC 30646. 24 Oct 1776 Isham purchased 400 on S side of Nottoway at Hickory Runfrom Thomas Harris for �600. DB 12,170 SLC 30646. Estate of Isham.Will Bk 5,451 Brunswick Co VA. Inv WB 5,448. LWTwritten 30 May 1791. Died 4 days later. Left negroes Bob, Robin, Judy & Harryto wife Jane. Wished estate to be kept together for "maintenance & education of my children" & they withdraw their portion as they come of age or marry. Jane to maintain400 ac" where I now live" until youngest is 21 or marries. Then land sold& divided among living children. If Jane still a widow, she to keepuntil her death, then sold & divided. Land in Dinwiddie county to be sold & divided upon death of Richard Burch & his wife. 11 Oct 1798 George Trotter, executor of LWTof Isham Trotter, sold 400 acres to Thomas Dance of Dinwiddie Co. 400 acwas where Isham lived on Hickory Run beginning at Alexander Walker's line. Land had been surveyed in1784 by Drury Stith. Children of Isham had ordered the sale. Children of Isham mentioned in deed: Richard, Thomas L, Isham, Benjamin, Martha, Marty and George. [This is first ref found to Marty and George ch of Isham & Jane Trotter]. Witness of deed: Drury Dance, Jonathan Fisher,A Walker. Recorded 28 Jan 1799. Brunswick DB 17,352. SLC 30648. 8 Dec1798 George Trotter, executor for Isham, sold to Richard Trotter who was highest bidder 456 ac on Hickory Run for �456. Land had beenduly advertised for 4 weeks. Witness: Thomas Lester Trotter. Brunswick CoDB 17,420. SLC 30648. [Assume this Richard is son of Isham]. 3 Sep 1798Inv of Sale of Estate of Isham Trotter mentions sale of land to Wm Thomas Dance & Richard Trotter. Inventory includes household goods &livestock sold to Richard, Thomas & George Trotter. Brunswick Co WB 6,223-5.[does sale at this time reflect death of Jane Trotter? Or that sheremarried ? ] [ Check Dinwiddie Co deeds for sale of Burch residence] Will Of Isham Trotter: IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN, the thirteth day of May, one thousand seven hundred and niney-one, I, Isham Trotter, of Saint Andrew Parrish in Brunswick County, being sick and weak in body, but of sound andperfect memory, praise be to Almighty God for the same, and knowing the uncertainty of this life on earth, and being desirous to settle all things in order, do make this, my last will and testament, in mannerand form following. That is to say, First and principally, I recommend my soul to God, my creator, assured by believing that I shall receivefull pardon and free remission of my sins, and be saved by the preciousdeath and merits of my blessed saviour and redeemer, Christ Jesus, and mybody to. First: I revoke, frustrate, and make void, all wills by me formaely made, the earth from whence it was taken, to be buried in such decentand Christian manner as to my Exectors, hereafter named, shall be thought neat and convenient, and as touching my worldly Estate my will and meaning is the same shall be employed and bestowed, as hereafter bythis, my will, is expressed. Item: I will that all my just debts be paid as soon after my decease as possible. Item: I lend unto my dear wife, Jane, four negroes, to wit: Bob, Robin, Judy and Harry; also my double chair and harness, for andduring her natural life; which four negroes and the chair and harness are in lieu of Dower. Item: My will and desire is that all my estate shall be kept together for the maintenance and education of my children; but as they come of age or marry, they are to draw their equal proportion ofnegroes, and stock of every kind, to be proportioned and allotted to them respectively as my exector, George Trotter, shall think best andproper. Item: My will and desire is that my dear wife keep posession of my whole tract of land where on I now live until the younges child shall come to the age of twenty-one years, or marry, at which time the said tract is to be sold by my Executor, George Trotter, and the moneyequally divided between all my children then living, provided, nevertheless,that if my dear wilfe shall be living at that time as a widow she is toremain in possession of the dwellinghouse and appurtenances with four hundred acres of land adjoining of that part called the old tract, and the residue only sold; after her death the said four hundred are to besold in same manner, and the money divided in the same manner. Item: I will and desire my tract of land in Dinwiddie County whereon Mr. Richard Birch no lives, in which he and his wife have their lifein, at the death of the survivor of them, shall be sold by my saidexecutor, George Trotter, and the money arising there for divided in the sameequal manner as the account of sales of the other land. Item: I dear wife, all my household and kitchen furniture during her widowhood. Item: I give my son, Richard, my watch, and all my Joiners Tools. Lastly, I nominate, constitute and appoint my beloved wife, Jane Executrix with my brother, George Trotter, executor of this, my lastwill and Testament. In Witness where of I have here unto set my hand andseal, the day and date above mentioned. Isha Trotter, (seal) Signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of us: Benj. Jones, Micholas J. Bourdon, H. Randolph, George Trotter. This my codicil made this first day of June, 1791, I beg may be considered as part of my will before made, that is to say, I give and bequeath to my son, Richard, my horse of a sorrel color, called Lightfoot. In Witness where of I have set my name and seal. Isham Trotter (seal) Witness: H. Randolph A. Walker Brunswick County Court, October 24th, 1791 This last will and Testament of Isham Trotter, deceased, was proved according to law by the oaths of George Trotter and Benjamin Jones,and the codicil annexed was proved by the oath of Alexander Walker, and on the motion of George Trotter, one of executors therein named who made oath thee to, and together with Buckner Stith and Henry Maclin, his Securities, entered into and acknowledged a bond in the penalty offive thousand pounds, with condition as the law directs. Certificate is granted him for obtaining a probate thereof in due form, liberty being reserved for the other executor to join in the probate thereof when she thinks proper; and on the 28th day ofNovember `1791, the same being Court Day, the said Will and Codicil annexed was proved by the oath of Harrison Randolph, also a witness thereto, and ordered to be recorded. Test: John Jones C. B. C. Copy Test: W. E. Elmore, Clerk, Will Book No. 5, Page 451
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