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  1. Oscar Natanael Magnuson: Birth: 25 Oct 1857 in Fr�ntorp, �rgryte, Vastra Gotalands, Sweden. Death: 28 Dec 1940 in , Middlesex, MA

  2. Matilda Josefin Augustdotter: Birth: 1 Jun 1860 in Fr�ntorp, �rgryte, Vastra Gotalands, Sweden.

  3. Carl Fritiof Magnuson: Birth: 15 May 1863 in Domkyrkof�rsaml. G�teborg, Sweden.

  4. Rudolf Leonard Magnuson: Birth: 25 Mar 1866 in Domkyrkof�rsaml. G�teborg, Sweden. Death: 1931

  5. John Adolf Magnuson: Birth: 6 Nov 1871 in Dalsland, Sweden. Death: 30 Jun 1926 in Boise,Ada, ID

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