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Marriage: Children:
  1. Pleasant Anderson York: Birth: ABT 1809 in , Mecklenburg, North Carolina. Death: 13 Oct 1861 in Camp Cummings, Military Hospital, Georgia

  2. Abraham York: Birth: 14 Mar 1822 in , Polk, Tennessee. Death: 18 Jan 1899 in Cleveland, Bradley, Tennessee

  3. James York: Birth: ABT 1827. Death: DECEASED

  4. Asbury York: Birth: ABT 1828 in , Sevier, Tennessee.

  5. Nancy York: Birth: ABT 1829. Death: DECEASED

  6. Andrew York: Birth: 1831/1832 in , , Tennessee. Death: 4 Nov 1890 in Batesville, Independence, Arkansas

  7. Rebecca York: Birth: 1834/1835. Death: DECEASED

  8. Sally York: Birth: ABT 1835.

  9. James York: Birth: ABT 1844. Death: DECEASED

a. Note: Barbara Dooley: Lane: Alline York Bruner (Mrs. James A. Bruner): Kenyon Witherow, deceased Rutherford Co, NC historian, wrote: "John York Came to Rutherford Co from Randolph Co, NC before 1805. Rutherford Co, NC marriage bond 25 Jan 1805; D. Lyles, bondsman. 1810 Rutherford Co, NC Census John York 45+ (20001-10100). Lois Hamilton thinks this should have been (20010-10100) & John 26-45! Rutherford Co, NC deed: 12 Sep 1810 between Leucrecy Lee, John York & Hillery Scott to Mary Hampton.. on Bear Branch ... containing 100 acres, part of a surey of 200 acres ... beginning at a hickory on Jos Burnett's line running thence South 8 E. to a spanish oak thence No. 12 E to a post oak thence No. 65 W to a pine then So 12 W to the beginning. Wit: Joseph Barnett & John Williams. 1820 Pendleton Co, SC John York 26-45 (220010-31010). In 1820, John York was in Pendleton Co, SC as neighbor to Semore York and Crecy (Leucrecy) Lee, whom Lois Hamilton believes is John's mother-in-law. 1830 Sevier Co, TN census John York 50-60 (31002001-020301). 1840 Polk Co, TN census John York 60-70 (103000001-020301). 1850 Monroe Co, TN census Rachel York 50 SC. 1860 Polk Co, TN census Rachel York 70 NC. May have a daughter named Nancy b. abt 1815/16 lvg w/ Abraham in 1870.
1810 1820 1830 1840 1850 1860 John York 26-45 26-45 50-60 60-70 abt 1775/80 Rachel (Lee) 16-26 26-45 30-40 40-50 50? SC 70 NC abt 1789/90 male 0-10 10-16 20-30 abt 1804/10 male 0-10 10-16 20-30 abt 1804/10 female 0-10 10-16 15-20 abt 1804/10 male 0-10 abt 1810/20 male 0-10 abt 1810/20 female 0-10 15-20 abt 1810/15 female 0-10 15-20 abt 1810/15 male 0-10 5-10 abt 1820 female 5-10 15-20 abt 1820/25 female 5-10 15-20 abt 1820/25 female 15-20? abt 1820/25 male 0- 5 10-15 abt 1825/30 male 0- 5 10-15 abt 1825/30 male 0- 5 10-15 abt 1825/30 Nancy 5-10 18 NC 30 ?? abt 1830/35 Rebecca 5-10 25 ?? abt 1830/35 male 0- 5 abt 1835/40 Sally (grandchild?) 14 TN 1835/36 James (grandchild?) 5 TN 1844/45 Mary (grandchild?) 1 ?? 1858/59
This indenture made this twelfth day of September in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and ten between Leucrecy Lee, John York and Hillery Scott of the county of Rutherford and state of North Carolina of the one part and Mary Hampton of the county and state of aforesaid of the other part, witnesseth that the said Leucrecy Lee, John York and Hillery Scott for and in consideration of the sum of thirty seven pounds ten shillings to them in hand paid at or before the sealing and signing of these presents the receipt and payment whereof is hereby acknowledged we the said Lee, York and Scott for ourselves and our heirs doth bargain, sell and confirm unto her the said Mary Hampton for heirs and assigns forever a certain piece or parcel of land in the said county of Rutherford situate lying and being as follows - being on Bear Branch containing one hundred acres part of a survey of two hundred acres beginning at a hickory on Joe Burnetts line running thence south 78' to a ___ hook then north 12' east to a post oak then north 65' west to a pine then south 1220' to the beginning which said piece or parcel of land with all ways woods, waters and water courses and every other appurtenance there unto _________ appertaining the said Lee, York and Scott for ourselves, our heirs. Exec. And admin. hereby sold, set over, conveyed, released and confirmed in open market to the said Mary Hampton her heirs Exrs. Admin. and assigns and we the said Leucrecy Lee, John York and Hillery Scott shall will and warrant forever defend the said piece or parcel of land with all and every of its members and appurtenances free from all lawful claims of any person or persons whatsoever unto the said Mary Hampton her heirs Excrs. Admins and assigns forever whereof the said Leucrecy Lee, John York, Hillery Scott hat herewith all our hands and seals the day and year above written signed and acknowledged in the presence of Joseph Barbett. Lecrecy Lee (her mark), John Williams York (his mark) Hillery Scott (his mark).
Dennis R. York: U. S. Census 1820 Pendleton District, South Carolina; Page 203/49, line 31, John YORK 2-2-0-0-1-0-„ -3-1-0-1-0 It is most interesting to note that on this same census page is Semore York, line 18 of Randolph County, North Carolina that migrated into Rabun County, Georgia in about 1822. Next to Semore York is John Woodall, line 19. Also between Semore York and John York is Gary Lee, line 28. As Judson Crow suggests this John York is the one in Rutherford County, NC that married Rachael Lee.
Judson Crow: The John York on page 47 of the Pendleton County (District) SC is probably the John York that married Rachel Lee on 25 Jan 1805 in Rutherford Co, NC with D. Lyles as the Bondsman. I am not an expert on Pendleton Co, SC records, but the Cracy (Crecy, Leucrecy) Lee that is listed three names before John York on page 47 of the 1820 Pendleton Co, SC census is a good indication it is the same John York. Barbara (Wilson) Dooley has done thorough research on this John York and co-sponsored, with Pete Homesley, Michael York in the York DNA project. She and I have exchanged much information from the Rutherford Co, NC records in an attempt to understand the relationship of Crecy Lee and John York as given in the Rutherford Co, NC Deed Book 25 -- Pages 217 and 218, November the 7th 1810 whre Crecy Lee, John York and Hillary Scott sold on 12 September 1810 100 acres to Mary Hampton. My wife and I compiled land record abstracts for the Lee, York, Hampton and other families in an effort to identify the 100 acres but only found some general indication of the location. Our transfcription of the deed and other miscellaneoud abstracts relating to John York (husband of Rachel Lee) are contained in the attachmen to this email.
"We have NOT found Hillery Scott and Lecrecy Lee in the Rutherford County, NC 1820 census records."
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