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1. Title:   Vital Records of Milton, Massachusetts, 1662-1843
Text:   Vital Records of Milton, Massachusetts, 1662-1843 The town of Milton was established in 1662, after being split off from Dorchester. In addition to the town records, entries have been taken from the following sources: <p> Births, marriages, and deaths from the records of the First Church in Milton. <p> Marriages from the diary of the Rev. Peter Thacher, minister of the (First) Church in Milton from June 1, 1681, to Dec. 27, 1727. <p> Deaths from the diary of Hannah Vose. <p> Year Last Name Record Type ---- --------- ---------------------------------------------- ------ 1666 VOSE Robert, Son of Edward, Nov. 24, 1666 BIRTHS 1667 VOSE Robert, son of Edward, Nov. 22. 1667. DEATHS 1668 VOSE Robert, son of Edward, Nov. 22, 1668, 2yrs. DEATHS 1668 VOSE Jan, Dau. of Edward, Nov. 21, 1668 BIRTHS 1670 VOSE Abegall, Dau. of Edward, July 27, 1670 BIRTHS 1672 VOSE Nathanell, Son of Edward, Nov. 17,1672 BIRTHS 1674 VOSE William, Son of Edward, Nov. 9, 1674 BIRTHS 1676 VOSE John, Son of Edward, Nov. 20,1676 BIRTHS 1678 VOSE Ellizabeth, Dau. of Edward, Sept. 2,167(8) BIRTHS 1680 VOSE Martha, Dau. of Edward, Aug 27,1680 BIRTHS 1682 VOSE Mary, Dau. of "Edward, Feb. 17,1682 BIRTHS 1684 VOSE Sarah, Dau of Edward. Aug. 30,1684 BIRTHS 1704 VOSE Bathsua, dau. of Edward, Sopt. 22,1704. DEATHS 1709 VOSE Edward of John and Sarah, Oct. 1,1709, 13dys. DEATHS 1709 VOSE Edward, Son of John and Sarah, Sept, 18,1709 BIRTHS 1712 VOSE Edward, Son of William and Mary, Aug. 30, 1712 BIRTHS 1712 VOSE Abgail wife of Edward, May. 18, 1712. DEATHS 1716 VOSE Edward, Jan. 29, 1716, 60th yr. DEATHS 1706 BABCOCK Jam as Babcock of Stonington and Sara Vose of Milton ...... June 12,1706 MARRIAGES 1706 VOSE Sara Vose of Milton and James Babcock of Stonington .... June 12,1706 MARRIAGES
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