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Marriage: Children:
  1. Mary E. Fry: Birth: CAL 1837 in Georgia.

  2. Sarah Catherine Fry: Birth: SEP 1838 in Forsyth Co., Georgia.

  3. Margaret C. Fry: Birth: CAL 1839 in Georgia.

  4. Thomas H. Fry: Birth: CAL 1843 in Georgia. Death: 17 MAR 1926 in Blanco, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma, United States

  5. Emily Frances Fry: Birth: CAL 1845 in Lumpkin Co., Georgia.

  6. Julia A. Fry: Birth: CAL 1847 in Georgia.

  7. William Kimsey Fry: Birth: CAL 1848 in Forsyth Co., Georgia.

  8. Caleb D. Fry: Birth: CAL 1850 in Forsyth Co., Georgia.

  9. Hannah J. Fry: Birth: CAL 1853 in Georgia.

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