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  1. Thomas Mendenhall: Birth: 1580 in Mildenhall, England. Death: 11 MAR 1637/38 in Ramsbury, England

a. Note:   mpany in 1599; he cl aimed to be the representative of Queen ElizabethI. In additon to his child born in England , he had 2 illegitimatechildren by a Persian woman. A son & daughter were still living witht heir mother in Persia at the time of John's death. John left London 12Feb 1599 in the 'Hecto r' with Richard Parsons as its master. On 27 Aprthey arrived at Zanter where John hired a 's aettia' & whent to Izmir,Turkey, & on to Constantinople, ariving on 29 Oct 1599. He stayed i nConstantinople for 6 months, resuming his journey & arriving at Aleppo 24May 1600. He lef t Aleppo & arrived at Bir at the edge of the EuphratesRiver with about 600 people. Accordin g to the East India Companyrecords, John made a 2nd trip to India early in 1614. It was on t histrip that he fell ill & died. His body was buried in the CatholicCemetery.
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