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Marriage: Children:
  1. James Ford: Birth: 1776 in Baltimore Co., Maryland, United States.

  2. Loyd Ford: Birth: 1786 in Washington Co. NC now Tenn..

  3. Rebecca Ford: Birth: 1788 in Washington Co. NC now Tenn..

  4. Alexander Ford: Birth: 1789 in Washington Co. NC now Tenn..

  5. Grant Ford: Birth: 1792 in Washington Co. NC now Tenn..

  6. Nancy J. Ford: Birth: 1795 in Washington Co., Tennessee. Death: 01 JUN 1880 in Monroe Co., Kentucky

  7. William Ford: Birth: 1797 in Washington Co., Tennessee.

  8. Enoch Ford: Birth: 1800 in Washington Co., Tennessee.

  9. Thomas Ford: Birth: 1802 in Washington Co., Tennessee.

  10. Benjamin W. Ford: Birth: 1808 in Washington Co., Tennessee.

Marriage: Children:
  1. Peggy Ford: Birth: 1810 in Washington Co., Tennessee.

  2. Rhoda Ford: Birth: 1814 in Washington Co., Tennessee.

  3. Lark Ford: Birth: 1815 in Baltimore Co., Maryland, United States.

a. Note:   Name Prefix:<NPFX> Mr. Name Suffix:<NSFX> # 378 REFN: CONKIN In the name ofGod, Amen I Loyd Ford, Senior of the State of Tennessee, Washington County, being of sound mind and good health and memory. Thanks be granted to God, callinginto mind the mortality. I want all my personal estate to be sold and the amount rising therefrom to be equally divided between my seven sons, namely, James,Granities (Grant), Alexander, William, Enoch, Thomas, Benjamin. I want my landand Negroes to be disposed of in the following manner. I want Loyd III, my son, to have one acre of land to live upon during his natural life, and I want my Negroes to have their freedom, namely, Peg and her family and John. I want themto have the land to live on and raise their families on, but if they should see proper to leave the plantation, I want it to be equally divided between Thomas and Benjamin. I want the line to run between them beginning on Granities Ford's line below the spring running to James Artebum's line with the cross fence. I want the heirs of Rebecca Jackson to have one dollar and heirs of Nancy Jackson to have one dollar. I appoint James Ford and Granities my Executors. In witness Whereof I here set my hand and seal this First day of March One Thousand Eight Hundred and Forty. Signed Loyd Ford. Witnessed Robert G. Hale, Sarah Hale and Elizabeth HaleLoyd had children by Peg. That is why he gave them the plantation. His sons, Loyd 'Dickie' Ford and Thomas Ford fight the Will in court for several years and lost the case. They left Washington County, TN at night so no one could see them leave and went to Monroe County, KY. One of the descendants of Thomas is the head of the KKK in Florida. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.