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Marriage: Children:
  1. Georg Friedrich Dietz: Birth: 20 MAR 1759 in Pennsylvania. Death: 1793 in North Carolina

  2. Johann Friedrich Dietz: Birth: 30 SEP 1760 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Death: BEF OCT 1793 in Lincoln Co., North Carolina

  3. Solomon H. Dietz: Birth: 05 OCT 1762 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Death: 1822 in Hickory, Catawba, North Carolina

  4. John Frederick Dietz: Birth: 22 MAR 1765 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Death: NOV 1845 in Clark Co., Indiana

  5. Elisabeth Dietz: Birth: 09 FEB 1767 in Pennsylvania. Death: 14 JAN 1773 in Pennsylvania

  6. Johann Georg Dietz: Birth: 30 JUL 1770 in Pennsylvania.

  7. Jacob Dietz: Birth: 04 JAN 1772 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Death: ABT 1845 in Lincoln Co., North Carolina

  8. Unknown Dietz: Birth: 02 OCT 1773 in Pennsylvania. Death: 06 MAR 1782 in Pennsylvania

  9. Daniel Dietz: Birth: 20 JUL 1775 in Pennsylvania. Death: 09 DEC 1807 in Pennsylvania

  10. Michael Dietz: Birth: 22 OCT 1777 in Pennsylvania. Death: 1808 in North Carolina

  11. Elisabeth Dietz: Birth: 23 AUG 1779 in Pennsylvania. Death: 31 AUG 1801 in Pennsylvania

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6. Title:   'Dietz Cookbook & History'
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Author:   Sharon Pierce Schier & Maybelle McAbee Bates, compilers
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a. Note:   [2156644.FTW] From 'Dietz History and Cookbook 1990', compiled by Sharon Pierce Schierand Maybell McAbee Bates: 'Johann Friedrich2 Dietz, son of Johann Friedrichl, was born in theRhineland Palatinate around 1738. He came to America with his father andthe rest of the family aboard the Ship Edinburgh, arriving inPhiladelphia on 15 September 1749. The family settled in the Southwarktownship of Philadelphia. Like his father, Johann Friedrich2 was alsoknown as Frederick. On 6 August 1758, Johann Friedrich2 Dietz married CatharinaChristina Rissler in Gloria Dei (Old Swedes') Church in Philadelphia.Christina is believed to have been the daughter of George Henry Rissler,another German immigrant aboard the Ship Edinburgh, but this has not beenproven. Like his father, Frederick2 was a tailor. He and his family lived inthe Southwark district of Philadelphia, and most of their children werebaptized at St. Michael/Zion Lutheran Church in Philadelphia. Apparently,however, during the American Revolution, they moved out to LancasterCounty for the duration of the war. It appears that there were otherDietz kinfolk living in that area. Frederick2, Christina, and theirfamily lived in New Holland in Earl Township, Lancaster County, and theyare listed as communicant members at Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Churchthere. All the sons of Frederick2 and Christina who survived toadulthood--except Daniel3, who stayed in Philadelphia--migrated to theHickory area of Lincoln County, North Carolina. John3 was the first ofthese five brothers to take the Old Philadelphia Wagon Road south,settling in North Carolina by 1790. He was a potter, a farmer, and amerchant, owning a country store by the road. According to information in'The Heritage of Catawba County, North Carolina, Vol. 1, John3 madeyearly trips back to Philadelphia for goods, and on each trip he wouldbring along a kinsman so that eventually he had brought back Frederick3,Solomon3, Jacob3, and Michael3. After one trip to Philadelphia for supplies, John3 came back to findhis store had been broken into and he sold out his store to his brotherJacob3. Then he and his family moved back up north, possibly toPhiladelphia, then later to Indiana, where he lived until his death in1845. Frederick3, whose baptismal name is shown as George Friedrich butwhose first name is later given as William, was a school teacher byprofession, both in Philadelphia and then in Hickory. He drowned inPott's Creek in 1793, leaving his wife Sabina widowed with several youngchildren: Sarah4, Christina4, Samuel4, David4, and Frederich4. Jacob3married Sarah Killian, and they had two known children: Lazarus4 andIsrael4; they and their descendants remained in the Hickory area.MichaeJ3 married Margaret Sommitt, and they had at least one son,Daniel4, before he died at a young age in 1808. Solomon3, our ancestor,will be described in more detail in the next section. Christina died sometime between June 1782 and December 1797. In June1782 she was named god- mother to her granddaughter Christina (Frederick3and Sabina's daughter), and in the marriage record of DanieI3 Dietz andMargret Brown, dated 12 December 1797, Daniel3 is listed as 'son of FredkDietz in Philad. and his decsd wife Christina.' Frederick2 died sometime between September 1806, when he gave a bookto his son Solomon3, and May 1808, when his father Fredrickl made hiswill. The book which Frederick2 gave to Solomon3 is now in the LutheranArchives in Salisbury, North Carolina (donated by a descendant of SolomonJr.). It is written in German, and its translated title is TheDestruction of Babel from Midnight and Morning, together with the GreatConversion of the Jews, Turks and Heathen following thereupon on thebasis of the Holy Scripture and Nature. Inside are written signatures ofFriederich2 Dietz (below the date 1798) and SoIomon3 Dietz (with the date1806 below it). On another page is the following inscription: Solomon Dietz his Book bestowed from my Father Frederick Dietz inPhiladelphia September 1806/7 [The T has been written over the T-or theT over the '7'. ]
* * * * * Sources: Marriage Records, Gloria Dei (Old Swedes') Church, Philadelphia, PA Pennsylvania German Pioneers, Ship Edinburgh, 15 September 1749 Baptismal and Burial Records, St. Michael/Zion Lutheran Church,Philadelphia, PA St. Michael & Zion Lutheran Church - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania -Burials 1777 - 1804. Trans. by Rev. A. S. Leiby, 1958-59. Records of Pastoral Acts at Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, NewHolland, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, 1730 - 1799. Trdns. & Glenn P. Schwalm and Frederick S. Weiser. Breinigsville, PA: ThePennsylvania German Society, 1977. Baptismal Records, Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, New Holland,Earl Township, Lancaster County, PA Marriage Records, Christ Church, Philadelphia, PA The Heritage of Catawba County, North Carolina , Vol. I - 1986. TheCatawba County Genealogical Society. Winston-Salem, NC: HunterPublishing Company, 1986. A History of Catawba County Ed. Charles J. Preslar, Jr. CatawbaCounty Historical Associ- ation, Inc., 1954. Information received from Bonnie Dietz Baker, descendant of WilliamFrederick Dietz through his son David. Information received from Nancy Green Garrison, descendant ofMichael Dietz through his son Daniel. Above-mentioned German book in the Lutheran Archives in Salisbury, NC.Xeroxes of front pages which have handwritten inscriptions received fromBonnie Dietz Baker.
There have been stories passed down through the years about aninheritance in Philadelphia. Apparently, someone contacted the Dietzes innorth Georgia in the early 1900's about some estate in Philadelphia towhich they were heirs. Robert Dietz (son of Daniel S. Dietz) wrote aletter to City Hall in Philadelphia around 1930:
Dear Sir: I have been told there is an estate in the City of Philadelphia thatwas leased nearly one hundred years ago to the city by one of ayancestors and at the expiration of the lease it was willed to theDescendants of my Great-Grandfather and to the decents [sic] of his fourBrothers. Their surname was Dietz and their given names were John JacobSolomon Michael and Frederick. They are all dead and to my knowledge allof the second generation are dead and the third generation is widelyscattered, Will you please tell me if these facts are on record and if they arewhen does the lease expire and who was the ancestor that leased it. And oblige Very truly yours,
Robert Dietz The reply which he received referred him to the Register of Wills,Phila., Pa. Whether he ever found out anything is uncertain. Clarence Dietz (Hiram's grandson) was also aware of this estate, forhe mentioned it in the information which he gave to Mrs. Susie BlaylockMcDaniel for her Official History of Catoosa County, Georgia - 1853-1953.He described the man's [Ike Dietz] borrowing the family Bible andcarrying it away for the purpose of helping to get the estate settled. I have also been told that at one time the local Dietz families wereoffered a share in this estate but wrote back refusing their part. Theyfelt that since they had not worked for it and it was so far removed fromthem they could not in good conscience claim a share in it. According to information given to Bonnie Dietz Baker by a descendantof Anna Marie Dietz (a sister of our Christian Friedrich), there were also stories in herbranch of the family about an estate in Philadelphia. Someone in thatbranch had apparently hired an attorney to check out the story, but theattorney was never seen again. Rumor has it that Ike Dietz and his brother ended up receiving theinheritance. Ike was a cousin from Ohio who visited his cousins inCatoosa County, Georgia, several times in the early 1900's. At one time,Ike stayed for several months and worked for Jake Kellerhals. Whether thereport about his getting the inheritance is true, no one knows forcertain. So the enigmatic estate in Philadelphia remains a mystery to thisday. --Sharon Pierce Schier' is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.