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  1. Bertha L. Robinson: Birth: 08 FEB 1898. Death: 11 DEC 1965

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1. Title:   'Dietz Cookbook & History'
Page:   A-27
Author:   Sharon Pierce Schier & Maybelle McAbee Bates, compilers
Publication:   1990 The Print Shop, 110 Herron Street, Ft. Oglethorpe, Ga. 30742 (706) 861-5088

a. Note:   [2156644.FTW] From 'Dietz Cookbook and History 1990' compiled by Sharon Pierce Schierand Maybelle McAbee Bates:
  Paulina C. Dietz, the twelfth child of Daniel Frederick and MathenyAnn Cordell Dietz, was born in 1874 in Catoosa County, Georgia. Liny wasjust 13 years old when her mother Theney died, and just 14 when herfather died. She stayed on at the homeplace, living with Will and hisbride Sallie, until she married. On 16 September 1889, in Catoosa County, Liny married Charles C.Robinson. According to Dixie Ruth Dietz Henley, they moved to Chattanoogaand lived in the Ridgedale area. Dixie Ruth remembers riding along withher father to Chattanooga one time and stopping at Liny's to give her awatermelon. Aunt Liny always had lots of cats. Liny and her family cameout to visit Will and his family sometimes. Liny was still alive in September 1939 when her older brother Siddied, for she is listed among his survivors in the obituary. No obituary has been found for herin the Chattanooga newspapers, and the date of her death is not known.She is believed to be buried in Dietz Cemetery in the grave with the oldbroken tombstone, next to Bertha and Richard LeCroy.
  Biographical information received from Dixie Ruth Dietz Henley. Information about Liny's children received from Dixie Ruth Dietz Henleyand Margaret Dietz Durham and taken from obituary of Bertha RobinsonLeCroy, received from Maybelle McAbee Bates.'
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