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  1. Katie Mae Dietz: Birth: 26 MAY 1892. Death: 24 SEP 1896

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5. Title:   'Dietz Cookbook & History' Chattanooga Times Dietz Cemetery Chattanooga Times
Note:   Very good
Publication:   1990 The Print Shop, 110 Herron Street, Ft. Oglethorpe, Ga. 30742 (706) 861-5088 undefined undefined Transcript mailed to me, 7/29/2000 Transcript mailed to me, 7/29/2000 undefined undefined
Source:   S3459
Author:   Sharon Pierce Schier & Maybelle McAbee Bates, compilers Chattanooga Times Margaret Dietz Durham Chattanooga Times
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6. Title:   'Dietz Cookbook & History'
Page:   A-58
Note:   Very good
Publication:   1990 The Print Shop, 110 Herron Street, Ft. Oglethorpe, Ga. 30742 (706) 861-5088
Source:   S3450
Author:   Sharon Pierce Schier & Maybelle McAbee Bates, compilers
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a. Note:   [2156644.FTW] From 'Dietz Cookbook and History 1990' compiled by Sharon Pierce Schierand Maybelle McAbee Bates:
William Edward Dietz, the tenth child and fifth son of DanielFrederick and Matheny Ann Cordell Dietz, was born on 25 December 1868 inCatoosa County, Georgia. On 27 January 1889 he married Sallie Alma Akins at the home of Sidand Belle Dietz on Old Mill Road in Boynton, Catoosa County, Georgia.Born 3 November 1871 in Acworth, Cobb County, Georgia, Sallie was thedaughter of William Akins and Camilla Caroline Willis Akins. The Akinsfamily had moved from Acworth to the Boynton area in 1877. Both Will's parents died before he was 20. Will and Sallie lived inthe old hoseplace when they first married, and Liny lived there with themuntil she married in September 1889. In the early 1890's Will traded thehomeplace to Sidney for the property which he owned on Old Mill Road.This property adjoined that property on Pine Grove Road which wasSallie's from the Akins family. Will and Sallie joined Boynton MethodistChurch in 1907. Will farmed in the summer and did rockwork in the winter, buildingrock walls and such. Will was big and strong, but he was easy-going and had an even disposition.Dixie Ruth says she never saw him lose his temper. He was very slow about doing things but he wasalso very deliberate. Lula Dietz Pierce told about a rock wall which he built over at herfather Amos' place on Akins Road when she was a girl. She said that UncleWill would stand back and study his work carefully before he placed eachrock so that the finished wall was a work of perfection. Sallie was a nurse and a midwife. She had an ability and adisposition to help and to care for sick people. She delivered manybabies through the years, and Dr. Murphy would frequently stop and ask'Miss Sallie' to go with him on calls. Will was 76 when he died on 8 June 1945, and he was buried in DietzCemetery. Sallie died on 26 December 1955 at age 84 and was buried besideher husband in Dietz Cemetery.
Information about children and grandchildren taken from informationreceived from Dixie Ruth Dietz Henley which was compiled intypewritten form by Gray Akins' sisters Bess Gappard and Ellen Kettler.
* * * * * Will and Tom were the two younger boys in the family, and they werealways very close. One Saturday afternoon when they were still boys, theywere wanting to go fishing, but Grandpa Dietz had other ideas. He neededa field plowed, and he was going to show the two of them how to do itproperly. He hitched the plow to the mule and stationed the boys ateither end of the row he was plowing. As he plowed, he would look up atthen to be sure that he was plowing a straight row. Neither of themwanted to be out there helping their father, and between then theyhatched a scheme. Whenever Grandpa looked down, they would move. Ofcourse, whenever he looked up, there the boy stood--still as a statue. Bythe time he got through with a row, it was crooked as could be! AndGrandpa liked to have things done right; he was very particular. He wasso angry at the boys when he saw those crooked rows that he threw downthe reins and without a word stomped off to the house. Will and Tom ranoff fishing for the rest of the afternoon! Dixie Ruth Dietz Henley
Will was a slow eater, like most the Dietzes. His family used to kid himthat he would stay at the table and finish eating even if the housecaught fire. He would reply, 'Yes, and then I'd get up and put it out.'Dixie Ruth Dietz Henley
All the Dietz girls dipped snuff, and Sallie decided to try it once whenshe and Will were newly married. She became deathly ill and vomited andvomited. She never again felt any desire to touch snuff. Dixie Ruth DietzHenley
Some of the Cordell cousins (and their families!) especially liked tocome over and stay for weeks at a time with different ones of the Dietz cousins, and Will used toremark, 'I like comers and goers, but I don't like comers and stayers.Dixie Ruth Dietz Henley'
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