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Marriage: Children:
  1. Mearcy Catharine Dietz: Birth: 28 NOV 1851 in Lafayette, Walker Co., Georgia. Death: 01 MAY 1853 in Lafayette, Walker Co., Georgia

  2. Jocyphine Elizabeth Dietz: Birth: 04 MAR 1853. Death: AFT 1931 in Texas

  3. Chrystal Frederick Dietz: Birth: 31 DEC 1855 in Lafayette, Walker Co., Georgia. Death: 02 AUG 1931

  4. Sidney Bluford Dietz: Birth: 17 MAR 1857 in Lafayette, Walker Co., Georgia. Death: 10 SEP 1939 in Boynton, Catoosa Co., Georgia

  5. Mary Ann Dietz: Birth: 12 FEB 1859. Death: 04 DEC 1860

  6. Sarah Ann Dietz: Birth: 12 FEB 1859 in Lafayette, Walker Co., Georgia. Death: AFT 1939 in Arkansas

  7. Daniel Smyram Dietz: Birth: 10 NOV 1861 in Catoosa Co., Georgia. Death: 24 MAY 1941

  8. Leah Henrietta Dietz: Birth: BET 1862 AND 1863. Death: BET 1875 AND 1876

  9. Thomas Milligan Dietz: Birth: 19 AUG 1866 in Catoosa Co., Georgia. Death: 28 AUG 1951 in Lafayette, Catoosa Co., Georgia

  10. William Edward Dietz: Birth: 25 DEC 1868 in Catoosa Co., Georgia. Death: 06 JUN 1945 in Boynton, Catoosa Co., Georgia

  11. Ruth L. Dietz: Birth: 15 APR 1871. Death: 27 AUG 1904

  12. Paulina C. Dietz: Birth: ABT 1874. Death: AFT 1939

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4. Title:   'Dietz Cookbook & History' Dietz Cemetery
Note:   Very good
Publication:   1990 The Print Shop, 110 Herron Street, Ft. Oglethorpe, Ga. 30742 (706) 861-5088 Transcript mailed to me, 7/29/2000 Transcript mailed to me, 7/29/2000
Source:   S3448
Author:   Sharon Pierce Schier & Maybelle McAbee Bates, compilers Margaret Dietz Durham
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5. Title:   'Dietz Cookbook & History'
Page:   A-26
Note:   Very good
Publication:   1990 The Print Shop, 110 Herron Street, Ft. Oglethorpe, Ga. 30742 (706) 861-5088
Source:   S3450
Author:   Sharon Pierce Schier & Maybelle McAbee Bates, compilers
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a. Note:   [2156644.FTW] From 'Dietz History and Cookbook 1990' compiled by Sharon Pierce Schierand Maybelle McAbee Bates: 'Daniel Frederick Dietz was born on 12 August 1820 in McMinnville,Tennessee, the fifth child of Christian Friedrich and Catharina BostDietz. In August 1844, at age 24, he moved with his parents and severalsisters and brothers to the Lafayette area of Walker County, Georgia. On 16 November 1848, in Walker County, Daniel married Matheny AnnCordell, the oldest child of Benjamin W. Cordell and Mary Howard DefoorCordell. Born on 24 June 1830 in Habersham County, Georgia, Theney hadmoved to Walker County with her family around 1834. Her father Benjaminwas the son of Stephen Cordell and his first wife--name unknown butthought to have been an Indian. Theney's mother Mary was the daughter ofJames Defoor and Elizabeth Sims Defoor. Dixie Ruth Dietz Henley has the Bible of Matheny Ann CordellDietz.[Editor's note August, 2001: Dixie Ruth has since passed away and Ihave been unable to locate Theney's Bible as yet, although I was told byWillis Dietz that he thinks Donna Crane has it now.] In it are recordedthe birthdates of the first seven of her children, plus death dates forMearcy Catharine and for Mary Ann. Daniel grew up in the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, and in 1847 hewas granted a letter of dismissal, now in the possession of MaybelleMcAbee Bates:
McMinnville 12 July 1847 This is to certify Daniel Dietz is a member of the CumberlandPresbyterian Church at this place in good standing and he is nowregularly dismissed and recommended to fellowship of any society wherethe providence of god may place him with our wishes & prayers.
Alexr Black clerk of session The Cordells were staunch Baptists, and we may assume that Danielbegan attending church with Theney at Antioch Baptist Church in Walker Co. In 1850 Daniel and Theney were enumerated on the U.S. Census ofWalker County, Georgia, next to his parents Frederric and Catharina. Theyremained in Walker County until their move to Catoosa County in late 1859or early 1860. By that time, Daniel's parents had left Walker County, andthe Cordells had moved over to Dekalb County, Alabama. Daniel sold the property he owned in Walker County, and on 5December 1859 he bought Lot No. 126, 9th District, 4th Section, ofCatoosa County, 'containing 160 acres more or less, ' from Hurburt Cole,George Shaw, and J. A. Shaw for the sum of $1700. Daniel and Theneybrought their young children and worldly possessions by wagon to theirnew home, just across the ridge from the Boynton community. Their eldestson Fred was just 5 years old at the time, but he could remember walkingbehind the wagon, driving the cows, when they moved. [Lulabel DietzBrown] When Daniel and Theney first came to Catoosa County, they lived in asmall house on 'Rocky Hill'--down near the spring across the road frompresent-day Dietz Cemetery. They built a log house just north of thecemetery, and then later they built the large two-story house (picturedon the cover of this book) which came to be known as the Dietz Homeplace.It stood on the east side of Dietz Road, south of the intersection withDyer Bridge Road. [Lulabel Dietz Brownl. In 1860, 1870, and 1880 Daniel, Theney, and their growing familywere enumerated on the U.S. Census of Catoosa County, Georgia. Althoughon all the census records he listed his profession as farmer, Daniel hadalso learned tailoring from his father. He made his and the boys' suits,and it is said that he would spread the fabric out and sit flat on thefloor to cut out the pieces. ILula Dietz Pierce) Theney was a skilled herb doctor and was knowledgeable about themedicinal properties of various plants. She would search the woods forwild plants, and she also maintained a separate section of her garden inwhich she grew all sorts of herbs. Her daughters liked to scent theirskirts before dates by swishing through the herb garden. Peoplereportedly came from all around for Theney's remedies. [Dixie RuthDietz Henley] In 1878 Daniel Dietz, Lemuel Ross, and G. W. Smith established the DietzSchoolhouse. The schoolhouse was built above the big curve on Dietz Road,just south of present-day Highway 2A. Daniel furnished 'one acre of land together with the right of the use ofwater out of a spring nearby,' and Lemuel Ross and G. W. Smith erectedthe log building. The school was in use until at least 1885. Part ofthe foundation can still be seen, according to Lulabel Dietz Brown. Thestudents sat on hewn-log benches, and they called their teacherProfessor. At one time the teacher boarded with Fred and Anna Dietz.[Maybelle McAbee Bates]
The following teacher's contract, drawn up at the end of 1880 and now inthe possession of Maybelle McAbee Bates, shows subscribers for the 1881school year:
State of Ga Agreement made on the 26th of Dee 1880 between P.A. Murray of theone part & the undersigned subscribers of the other part (witnesseth thatthe said P.A. Murray of the first part agrees to teach a school of 5month or 100 days at one dollar per scholar per month. The undersignedsubscribers agree to employ said P.A. Murray, according to the termsabove named and to furnish books, fuel and stationery. Said P.A. Murraybinding himself to keep good order in school. Names No. Names No. Daniel Dietz 2 O.R. Mcghee 1 L.E. Ross 1 J.E. Lansford 2 John W. Foster 1 R. M. Norman 1 B.F. Simmons 1 E. Vittetoe 2 B.D. Benton 1 N.W. Smith Jr. 1 C.A. Cooper 1/2 Ab Reed 1 S.A. Vest 1 W.N. Reed 1 It was in the Dietz Schoolhouse that Boynton Baptist Church had itsbeginnings. Founded on 23 August 1884, the church was originally named Pleasant Hill BaptistChurch. Among the sixteen charter members were five Dietzes:
William Akins J. B. Dietz M. C. Akins E.A. Dietz Thomas Dietz T.A. Dietz T.C. Akins E.J. Russell J.T. Akins Rev. D. Scruggs Mary E. Baker A.B. Dietz L. C. Akins J.W. Owenby J.T. Baker Cassie Owenby Those Dietzes listed are Ellen Akins Dietz, John B. Dietz, Thomas M.Dietz, Theney Ann Dietz, and Anna Belle Dietz. The following new memberswere also received that day 'by experience': 'Lemuel Ross, Sallie Ross,Lula Dietz, Bell Dietz, and Ezela Peters.' Theney Ann Cordell Dietz died sometime in 1887. No one today has anold Bible or any other record which gives the date of her death. She wasburied in the family graveyard near her daughter Leah. Daniel FrederickDietz died on 25 November 1888, and he was interred next to Theney in thefamily plot.
* * * * * Sources: Photograph of Daniel Frederick Dietz and Matheny Ann Cordell Dietz:Courtesy of Maybelle McAbee Bates. Daniel and Theney gave each of theirchildren a framed tintype like this, and several are still in existence. Tombstone of Daniel and Matheny Ann Dietz. Family Bible Records of Benjamin W. Cordell. In 1985, Bible was inpossession of Lora Cordell Ott, since deceased; now believed inpossession of her daughter Aileen Ott Hartzer. U.S. Census Records. Handwritten Records in Grandma Theney's Bible, now in possession of DixieRuth Dietz Henley. Tombstones, Dietz Cemetery. Daniel Dietz's Letter of Dismissal from McMinnville CumberlandPresbyterian Church, now in possession of Maybelle McAbee Bates. Minutes of Session, Coosa Baptist Association, 1854: B. W. Cordell,delegate from Antioch Baptist Church. Tax Receipts for Daniel Dietz's property taxes, Walker County, Georgia,now in possession of Maybelle McAbee Bates. Abstract of Title, Property of Daniel Dietz, From the Public Records ofCatoosa County, Georgia, From Earliest Records to Death of DanielDietz, 11/25/1888. Received from Peggy Dietz Biddle. Information about Dietz Schoolhouse taken from documents received fromFaye Dietz Martin. Article of Agreement with P. A. Murray, received from Maybelle McAbeeBates. Information about Pleasant Hill Baptist Church taken from informationreceived from Glenda Nichols and from A Brief History of BoyntonBaptist Church, written by Mrs. Gladys Carlock and Mrs. Joyce Dietz in1952, received from Ed Reed.
* * * * * Matheny Ann Cordell Dietz was the eldest child of Benjamin WashingtonCordell and Mary Howard Defoor Cordell. Their other children were asfollows: (2) Julius Jefferson ('Jeff') Cordell m. Margaret Ann Sloan (3) Absalom H. Cordell - died at age 8 (4) Susan Caroline Cordell - died at age 2 (5) James M. Cordell m. Pasha Ann McClain (6) Milligan Clark Cordell m. Emily Lee (7) George Washington Cordell m. Paulina Painter 8) Rebecca Henrietta ('Becky') Cordell m. William ('Bill') Blaylock (9) Daniel Spencer Cordell m. Malinda Etty Smith (10) Hubbard Cole Franklin Cordell m. Mary Isabell Clark The Dietzes and the Cordells maintained close contact for at least acouple of generations, and there was quite a bit of visiting back andforth between Dietz cousins in Catoosa County, Georgia, and Cordellcousins in Dekalb County, Alabama. Margaret Dietz Durham has in her possession two letters, one writtenby G. W. Cordell and the other by M. S. Cordell, to C. F. Dietz. Theseletters are not only informative but also amusing, and a good sense ofhumor is evident in both letters.
* * * * * Daniel Frederick Dietz was a small man, and his wife Theney was a tallslender woman. Although his hair later turned silvery white, as a youngman Daniel had black hair, and his eyes were blue. Theney was rather darkcomplected [sic] with black hair and dark brown eyes, and she also hadhigh Indian- like cheekbones. These features were from her Indian blood.Dixie Ruth Diets Henley & Lula Dietz Pierce
* * * * * Dixie Ruth's Uncle Doc Akins used to go hunting with Grandma Theney'soldest brother when he came up here from Alabama, and that brother couldwalk in the woods, even in dry fallen leaves, without making a sound.This, of course, was because he was part Indian. DixieRuth Dietz Henley
* * * * * My father (William E. Dietz) used to say that running water wasn'tanything new: The Dietzes had had running water when they lived down atthe homeplace near Lafayette. From a spring up on the hill, the water randown in wooden troughs (maybe hollowed-out split logs) into the kitchen! Dixie Ruth Dietz Henley * * * * * Grandpa (Chrystal Frederick Dietz) told my brother Dietz McAbee thatDaniel and Theney Dietz's family were Union sympathizers during the CivilWar because they did not believe in slavery. Maybelle McAbee Bates [Theney's brother George Washington Cordell fought for the Union: IVArmy Corps, Company H, 38th Illinois Volunteers. Theney's brother Jefffought for the Confederacy.]
* * * * * My mother (Sallie Akins Dietz) said that Grandpa (Daniel Frederick Dietz)made the buttonholes on her wedding dress. The dress itself was darkgreen with velvet strips in the skirt. Dixie Ruth Dietz Henley [See photograph of Will, Sallie, and their baby Sam. Sallie is wearingher wedding dress.]
Grandpa (Chrystal Frederick Dietz) said that although he was just a boy,he could remember the Civil War. Fred was 7 years old when the Battle ofChickamauga was fought, and he remembered going to the battlefield afterthe battle was over with his father (Daniel F. Dietz) and a neighbor. Theneighbor had come over and asked Daniel to go with him to look for hisson who was a soldier. Fred begged to go along, and so they took him withthem. He always said that he wished he hadn't gone for there were so manydead bodies that they had to step over them. They never did find theneighbor's son. Lulabel Dietz Brown
* * * * * Sherman's March to the Sea left haunting memories upon all who were inhis army's path through Georgia. Lulabel's grandmother (Anna Belle PeelerDietz) was just 3 years old at the time, but she could remember standingbehind her mother, peeking out, while the Union soldiers came into thePeelers' home in Boynton and grabbed her mother's quilts off the beds. Lulabel Dietz Brown * * * * * Grandpa (Chrystal Frederick Dietz) said that the Dietzes once hid a youngSouthern soldier in the wellhouse. He was wounded and came to their doorasking for help. Fred's father (Daniel F. Dietz) told the young man tocrawl up into the loft of the wellhouse and stay quiet. Three Yankees onhorseback soon came looking for the wounded soldier. Daniel assured themthat he hadn't seen the man they were looking for, and they were turningto leave when they asked if they could have a drink of water. Now, Danieland his family were in serious danger for they could have been killed hadthe Yankees discovered that they were hiding the rebel soldier. He couldnot deny them a drink without arousing their suspicion, so he told themthey could. The Yankees drew water out of the well in the bucket anddrank from the gourd dipper. While they were standing there finishingdrinking, Daniel saw some blood splashing down onto the well from theloft above, and he moved over and sat down on the bloody spot to hide it.The Yankees rode off, and so the Southern boy got away. Lulabel Dietz Brown * * * * * After dark there was an old light that danced around down across the roadfrom the Dietz Homeplace--down in the 'bottoms' near the creek. Wheneveranybody went down there, it went away. They always thought it was fromthe Indians-- because the Indians didn't like being moved out of thisarea. Dixie Ruth Dietz Henley' * * * * * is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.