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Marriage: Children:
  1. Jacob Heinrich W. Willms: Birth: 21 Jan 1804 in Stolzenberg, Danzig, Prussia. Death: 24 Aug 1846 in Molotschna Colony, South Russia

  2. Gerhard Heinrich W. Willms: Birth: 30 Aug 1810 in Stolzenberg, Danzig, Prussia. Death: Deceased

  3. Magdalena H. W. "Helena" Willms: Birth: 21 Nov 1812 in Prussia. Death: 1853

  4. Abraham Heinrich W. Willms: Birth: 27 Feb 1816 in Stoltzenberg, Danzig, West Prussia. Death: 21 Dec 1890 in United States

1. Title:   #572
Page:   119
Text:   Danzig Mennonite Church Family Book, Vol. 2

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