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Marriage: Children:
  1. Jacob Erdman F. Siemens: Birth: 3 Oct 1866. Death: Deceased

  2. Peter Erdman F. Siemens: Birth: 28 Sep 1870. Death: Deceased

  3. Anna E. F. Siemens: Birth: 10 Oct 1870 in Russia. Death: 7 May 1960 in Morden, Manitoba

  4. Cornelius Erdman F. Siemens: Birth: 16 Apr 1873. Death: 16 May 1948 in Altona, MB

  5. Katharina E. F. Siemens: Birth: Abt 1876. Death: Deceased

  6. Helena E. F. Siemens: Birth: 9 Mar 1880. Death: 23 May 1965

  7. Susanna E. F. Siemens: Birth: 23 Jan 1883 in Canada. Death: Deceased

  8. Johann Erdman F. Siemens: Birth: 9 Aug 1885 in Manitoba. Death: Deceased

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