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Marriage: Children:
  1. Isaac Isaac B. (Isaak) Kasdorf: Birth: 1735 in Stoltzenberg, Danzig, Prussia. Death: Jan 1803-May 1803 in Rosenthal, Chortitza, South Russia

  2. Esther I. B. "Esterke" (Ester) Kasdorf: Birth: 1737 in West Prussia. Death: 1803 in Rosenthal, Chortitza, Ekaterinoslav, South Russia

  3. Anna I. B. "Anke" Kasdorf: Birth: Abt 1746. Death: 5 Jun 1787 in Danzig-Stadtgebiet, Poland

  4. Johann Isaac B. "Hans" Kasdorf: Birth: Abt 1746. Death: Deceased

1. Title:   Schapansky Old Colony Chortitza of Russia
2. Title:   Records of Prussian Mennonite Churches in the Vistula Delta: the Danzig Church 1665-1943
Author:   Baergen, Ernest H.
Publication:   2010 Copyright � 2010 by Ernest H. Baergen and consigned to Mennonite Historical Society of Saskatchewan. The copyright
3. Title:   Neuerrichtetes Kirchenbuch zweyter Teil 1789 (Familien unser Mennonitischen Kirche auf Stadtgebiet, in Danzig)
Page:   Frame 146
4. Title:   Aeltestes Kirchenbuch der Flaemischen Mennonitenkirche in Danziger Stadtgebiet
Page:   Frame 67
Text: LDS microfilm #548788 Transcribed in Das aelteste Kirchenbuch der Niederlaendische Mennonitengemeinde zu Danzig. Baptisms 1667-1800 (Frames 1-49; 103-109) Marriages 1665-1808 (Frames 50-88) Births 1789-1810 (Frames 89-102) Deaths of Members (Frames 110-167) Deaths of Children (Frames 168-177) Original records can be found at: and microfilm CHR 10 filmed in 1958. Microfilm copies are available at Mennonite Library and Archives, North Newton, Kansas: Mennonite Heritage Centre, Winnipeg, Manitoba; Centre for Mennonite Brethren Studies, Hillsboro, Kansas: and Centre for Mennonite Brethren Studies, Fresno, California.

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