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Marriage: Children:
  1. Elizabeth F. L. Thiessen: Birth: 2 Aug 1802 in Neuendorf, Chortitza, South Russia. Death: 2 Oct 1804

  2. Aaron Franz L. Thiessen: Birth: 22 Nov 1803. Death: 25 Nov 1803

  3. Aaron Franz L. (Aron) Thiessen: Birth: 4 Nov 1804 in Neuendorf, Chortitza, South Russia. Death: 15 Sep 1890 in Neuendorf, Chortitza, South Russia

  4. Elizabeth F. L. (Elisabeth) Thiessen: Birth: 4 Aug 1807 in Neuendorf, Chortitza, South Russia. Death: 26 Dec 1865 in Neuendorf, Chortitza, South Russia

  5. Anna F. L. Thiessen: Birth: 9 Jun 1810. Death: 7 Dec 1813

  6. Franz Franz L. Thiessen: Birth: 27 Aug 1811. Death: 4 Feb 1812

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a. Note:   He migrated from Prussia to Neuendorf, Chortitza, S. Russia in 1789 with his stepfather Aron Friesen and his family (B. H. Unruh, p. 269; P. Rempel, p. 31). In the 1801 and 1802 Chortitza Colony Censuses he is listed at Neuendorf #30 (B. H. Unruh, p. 255) and in the 1808 Census at Neuendorf #23 (B. H. Unruh, p. 269). One family record says he was born 27 Mar. His gravestone gives his birth date as 15 Mar 1777 (Building on the Past, p. 161). Heubuden church records say he was born 27 Mar 1777 at Kunzendorf, West Prussia.
  Emigrated to Neuendorf, Chortitza, Ukraine in 1789 from Kunzendorf, Gross-Werder, West Prussia. See page 197 of "The Emigration from Germany to Russia in the years 1763 to 1862"
  Most of the information for these entries originates from photocopies of the family tree that were kept by Aron Thiessen (23 Dec 1898-22 Apr 1985). This Aron Thiessen got most of his information from the family bible. He writes (translated) " I Aron Thiessen 47/74 (this is his own entry number in his log) copied the dates of our ancestors from a very old bible that had very thick leather binding. Franz Thiessen #1 (21 Aug 1749 - 15 Aug 1779) died in Germany (Prussia). It was difficult to discern if Elizabeth Fasten #2 (07 Oct 1749 - 12 May 1810), his wife, emigrated to Russia as a widow or if she re-married in Germany (Prussia) prior to moving. The Franz Thiessen #2 (27 Mar 1777 - 10 Sep 1846) wrote: "I Franz Thiessen have received this bible from my stepfather Aron. (Thiessen or Friesen This could not be decerned because of the yellowed and torn condition of this page.) as an heirloom." It was not specifically mentioned if Elizabeth Fasten was actually married or if so when to Aron (Thiessen or Friesen) (2nd marriage). However due to the layout of further entries she must have re-married. The name Aron that is seen throughout the family tree must have originated from this step-father." is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.