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Marriage: Children:
  1. Klaas Johann R. (M) Toews: Birth: 25 Oct 1906 in Steinbach, Manitoba. Death: 10 Mar 1992 in Steinbach, Manitoba

  2. Heinrich Johann R. Toews: Birth: 28 Sep 1909. Death: 21 Dec 1964

  3. Elizabeth J. R. (Elisabeth) Toews: Birth: 13 May 1913. Death: 2 Sep 2001 in Steinbach, MB

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1. Title:   #1366
Text:   CF: Dora Peters, Gedcom File, Nov 2001 Box 4478 Steinbach, MB R0A 2A0
2. Title:   Peters, Dora; Gedcom
Text:   Box 4478 Steinbach, MB R0A 2A0
3. Title:   #715
Text:   CF: Rosemary Slater, Gedcom, Dec 2001 111 O'Neil Crescent Saskatoon, SK S79 1W9
4. Title:   Slater, Rosemary; Gedcom, Dec 2001
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7. Title:   #1308
Page:   19
Text:   The Chronology of the Toews Family, by Abraham P. Toews (b. 13 Feb 1899); published 1967.
8. Title:   The Chronology of the Toews Family
Page:   19
Author:   Toews, Abraham P. (b. 13 Feb 1899)
Publication:   Newton, Kan. : Mennonite Press, 1967

a. Note:   Johan lived in the Steinbach area all of his life except for 10 years that he lived with his stepfather Henry L. Friesen at Morris MB, from age 11 to 21. In 1902 he started work at Peter T. Barkman's Massey Harris shop in Steinbach, in 1906 he bought the McCormick dealership and residence from C.F. Friesen and the following year took in partners J.R. Friesen and K.B. Reimer and sold his share to them the following year and started a second-hand shop. He sold that 2 years later and started a building supplies business with his nephew C.T. Loewen in 1910 to whom he sold his share in 1916 and moved to his sister Elizabeth's farm where he lived until 1946 at which time he moved to Steinbach. (Lincoln Kroeker - 1998) is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.