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Marriage: Children:
  1. Bernhard Bernhard B. Dyck: Birth: 12 Nov 1830 in Schoenfeld, Bergthal, South Russia. Death: 12 Feb 1908 in Langham, SK

  2. Isaac Bernhard B. (Isaak) Dyck: Birth: 27 Sep 1832 in South Russia. Death: 22 Feb 1898 in Rural Municipality of Stanley, Manitoba

  3. Franz Bernhard B. Dyck: Birth: 21 May 1835 in Heuboden, South Russia. Death: 25 Mar 1907

  4. Aganetha B. B. Dyck: Birth: 9 Jan 1838 in South Russia. Death: 3 Dec 1874 in South Russia

  5. Cornelius Bernhard B. Dyck: Birth: 30 Dec 1839 in South Russia. Death: 26 Dec 1916 in RM of Hanover, MB

  6. Maria B. B. Dyck: Birth: 9 Oct 1842. Death: 24 Jun 1929

  7. Peter Bernhard B. Dyck: Birth: 14 Sep 1844 in Schoenfeld, Bergthal, South Russia. Death: 2 Oct 1925 in Altona, MB

  8. Anna B. B. Dyck: Birth: 5 Mar 1846. Death: Deceased

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a. Note:   The Bergthal Gemeinde Buch, p. 32, says she died 12 Nov 1883 at Altona, Manitoba. In 1881, she was living in Bergthal, East Reserve with daughter Maria and son-in-law Gerhard Kehler, and that is likely where she died. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.