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Marriage: Children:
  1. Barbara P. R. Dyck: Birth: 24 Feb 1846. Death: 24 Mar 1870

  2. Abraham Peter R. Dyck: Birth: 5 Jun 1848. Death: 26 Apr 1914 in Rosthern, SK

Marriage: Children:
  1. Helena P. N. Dyck: Birth: 17 Jul 1827 in Schoeneberg, Chortitza, South Russia. Death: 1 Jul 1902 in Waldheim, SK

  2. Johann Peter N. Dyck: Birth: Abt 1830. Death: Deceased

  3. Heinrich Peter N. Dyck: Birth: 20 Apr 1832 in Schoeneberg, Chortitza, South Russia. Death: 25 Jun 1887 in RM of Douglas, MB

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a. Note:   A153. He moved to Michaelsburg, Fuerstenland Colony where he became the first Oberschulz of the colony (1880 Village Census of the Mennonite W. Reserve, p. 156, 200). He lived in Schoeneberg, Chortitza Colony and later moved to the Fuerstenland Colony, where he was elected the first Oberschulze in 1866 (1880 Village Census of the Menn. W. Reserve, p. 156; Die Chortitzer Mennoniten, by David Epp). He is known to have been living in Michaelsburg, Fuerstenland Colony in 1867 as he wrote a letter from there to his son Heinrich in Friedrichsthal, Bergthal Colony after the death of his wife Maria Regehr. It is presumed that the children in this family were siblings due to the following taken from the Waldheim book, Pg. 139: "among the many immigrants who arrived were the Rev. David Epps with one son Henry, who stayed with the Dycks". Pg. 149 - "1891 Abram Dyck (brother to Helena Sr.) came to Canada". Pg. 161 - "Uncle Abram Dyck and his family who had settled near Waldheim now made room for two young couples (Epps) and the baby". A family tree in the possession of Mary Dyck says that Peter Dyck was born in 1785 and that he was the son of Heinrich Dyck (b. 1741) and Margaretha (b. 1770). The Bernie & Helena Penner submission also says he was born in 1785, but adds that he and his wife were both born in Chortitza. However, the Chortitza Colony was not settled until 1788, so either his birthdate is incorrect, or his place of birth is wrong. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.