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Marriage: Children:
  1. Heinrich Johann N. Funk: Birth: 1829 in Schoenwiese, Chortitza, South Russia. Death: Deceased

  2. Abraham Johann N. Funk: Birth: 12 Oct 1832. Death: Deceased

  3. Katharina J. N. Funk: Birth: 17 Jul 1835 in Schoenwiese, Chortitza, South Russia. Death: 18 Nov 1909 in Edenburg, West Reserve, MB

  4. Helena J. N. Funk: Birth: 1837. Death: Deceased

  5. Johann Johann N. Funk: Birth: 13 Oct 1840. Death: 26 Apr 1920

  6. Peter Johann N. Funk: Birth: 7 Dec 1841 in Schoenthal, Bergthal, South Russia. Death: 12 Oct 1922 in RM of Hanover, MB

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a. Note:   In the 1816 Schoenwiese Census he and his mother are listed at Schoenwiese #24, the home of his employer, Johann von Riesen (b. ca 1777) #126898. In the 1850 Bergthal Colony Census he is listed in Schoental. The census states he moved there from Schoenwiese, Chortitza Colony. He is listed at Schoenwiese #29 in the 1858 Census. However, the entry says he moved to the Mariupol District in 1852. By the younger three sons' names, the entry says they moved to Schoental, Mariupol in 1852. It is unclear whether his mother was his father Johann Funk's first wife whose name is currently unknown or his father's second wife Susanna (b. ca 1759) #198996. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.