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1. Title:   Rosenthal: The Old Colony Russia The First Settlers 1788-1808, Part I
Page:   Page 116.
Author:   Henry Schapansky
Publication:   January 1992
2. Title:   #3366
Page:   237
Text:   Unruh, Benjamin Heinrich. Die niederlandisch-niederdeutschen Hintergrunde der mennonitischen Ostwanderungen im 16., 18. und 19. Jahrhundert pub. in 1955 by Heinrich Schneider in Karlsruhe, Germany

a. Note:   !FAMILY: Letter from Mennonite Genealogy Inc., Winnipeg, November 9, 1993 to Albert Ratzlaff, Dallas, Oregon.
  !FAMILY: Mennonite Family History, July 1994, page 122. Article by Henry Schapansky, New Westminster, BC.
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