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Marriage: Children:
  1. Maria D. H. Toews: Birth: 7 Oct 1898 in Rural Municipality of Hanover, Manitoba. Death: 1992

  2. Peter Dietrich H. Toews: Birth: 22 Sep 1902. Death: 23 Jul 1964

  3. Helena D. H. Toews: Birth: 19 May 1904 in Canada. Death: 31 Dec 1999 in Manitoba

  4. Agatha D. H. Toews: Birth: 1 Jan 1906 in Canada. Death: Bef 2005

  5. Aganetha D. H. Toews: Birth: 29 Jan 1914 in Manitoba. Death: Jan 1993

1. Title:   Bergthal Gemeinde Buch
2. Title:   Peters, Dora; Gedcom
Text:   Box 4478 Steinbach, MB R0A 2A0
3. Title:   Broesky, John. BK6 update to GM423
4. Title:   Bergthal Gemeinde Buch
Page:   B220
Author:   Dyck, John, 1922; editor
Publication:   Hanover-Steinbach Historical Society, Box 1960, Steinbach MB, 1993.
5. Title:   Chortitzer Gemeinde Buch 1907
Page:   A177

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