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Marriage: Children:
  1. Elizabeth A. K. "Liesbeth" Unruh: Birth: 27 Apr 1908. Death: 31 Dec 1993

  2. Johann Abraham K. Unruh: Birth: 11 Sep 1909. Death: 12 May 1981

  3. Bernhard Abraham K. Unruh: Birth: 13 Mar 1911. Death: 2 Dec 1981

  4. Wilhelm Abraham K. Unruh: Birth: 20 Jul 1912. Death: 14 Feb 1969

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  6. Agatha A. K. Unruh: Birth: 12 Oct 1916. Death: 4 Dec 1995

  7. Maria A. K. Unruh: Birth: 26 Nov 1919. Death: 24 Nov 1931

  8. Dietrich Abraham K. Unruh: Birth: 10 Jul 1921. Death: 26 Nov 1931

  9. Cornelius Abraham K. Unruh: Birth: 18 Jun 1923 in Ste Anne, MB. Death: 13 Dec 1989 in Steinbach, MB

  10. Jacob Abraham K. Unruh: Birth: 11 Mar 1926. Death: 28 Nov 1931

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  12. Gerhard Abraham K. Unruh: Birth: 6 Feb 1929. Death: 6 Oct 1989

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1. Title:   Chortitzer Mennonite Church Records
2. Title:   From Peter Ratzlaff handwritten and typed notes
3. Title:   researched by Elma (Thiessen) Unrau

a. Note:   The records do not indicate the reason, but Abraham was not raised by hisbiological father. His mother appears to have died shortly afterchildbirth. Abraham was adopted (at one year of age according to thehand written records of Peter Ratzlaff, husband of half sister Justina)by the family of Bernhard Wiebe and treated as their child, but evenallowed to keep his original name. Records indicate that the Wiebes hadonly one child of their own and he died quite young, so Abraham wasineffect like their only child. He married the niece of his foster mother,however, he probably didn't know that he was third cousin once removedfrom his wife, back through the parents he didn't know. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.