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Marriage: Children:
  1. Elisabeth PRADET-St-Gelais: Birth: 19 JAN 1731 in St. Pierre, Ile d' Orleans, P. Q.. Death: MAR 1821

  2. Genevieve PRADET-St-Gelais: Birth: 8 MAY 1733 in St. Pierre, Ile d' Orleans, P. Q.. Death: 22 MAY 1733 in St. Pierre, Ile d' Orleans, P. Q.

  3. Jean-Marie-Francois PRADET-St-Gelais: Birth: 6 SEP 1734 in Baie St. Paul, Charlevoix, P. Q.. Death: 6 DEC 1790 in Baie St. Paul, Charlevoix, P. Q.

  4. Simon PRADET-St-Gelais: Birth: 7 APR 1737 in Beaumont, Bellechasse, P. Q.. Death: 9 APR 1737 in Beaumont, Bellechasse, P. Q.

  5. Marie PRADET-St-Gelais: Birth: 18 MAY 1738 in Beaumont, Bellechasse, P. Q..

  6. Louise PRADET-Laforge: Birth: ABT 1740 in Prob. St. Roch-des-Aulnaies, P. Q..

  7. Louis-Marie-Joseph PRADET-St-Gelais: Birth: 23 OCT 1740 in Ste. Anne de la Pocatiere, Kamouraska, P. Q..

  8. JEAN-BAPTISTE-FRANCOIS PRADET-ST-GELAIS: Birth: 8 AUG 1743 in St. Roch-des-Aulnaies, L' Islet, P. Q.. Death: MAR 1829

  9. Marie-Genevieve (1) PRADET-St-Gelais: Birth: 31 JUL 1746 in St. Roch-des-Aulnaies, L' Islet, P. Q.. Death: 13 DEC 1747 in Baie St. Paul, Charlevoix, P. Q.

  10. Simon -Alexis -Victor PRADET-St-Gelais: Birth: 15 FEB 1749 in Baie St. Paul, Charlevoix, P. Q.. Death: 15 JUL 1752 in Baie St. Paul, Charlevoix, P. Q.

  11. Marie-Genevieve (2) PRADET-St-Gelais: Birth: 29 AUG 1751 in Baie St. Paul, Charlevoix, P. Q.. Death: 1 SEP 1751 in Baie St. Paul, Charlevoix, P. Q.

  12. Louis-Samson-David PRADET-LAFORGE: Birth: 18 MAY 1753 in Baie St. Paul, Charlevoix, P. Q.. Death: SEP 1839 in Detroit, Wayne, Michigan

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THE ORIGINS OF THE SURNAME SAINT-GELAIS Surnames beginning with "SAINT" The compound is sometimes fused or blended into one word, These surnames are almost always names of localities. Some are names of nobles. Some can be ancient nicknames. Sometimes " Saint" is ironically placed before a name given at Birth or Christening. Ancestors of the families Saint-Gelais, Pradet, & Bradet, are originally from the area of Poitiers, in Poitou, France. Born on the 12th & Baptized on the 13th of December 1708 at St. André de Niort, Deux Sevres, Poitou, France, Jean-Simon Pradet (dit) roughly translated , means (aka) (also known as) Saint-Gelais and (aka) Laforge was the son of Gaspard Pradet and Elizabeth Chaigneau (Chaignon). When Jean-Simon was about 17 yrs old, he enlisted in the military company of "Monsieur de Rigaud" to participate in the defense of the "Young Colony". He was given, at that time, the surname " Saint-Gelais." It was a common practice among soldiers to attribute amongst themselves a nickname or what is known in French as a "Sobriquet" upon entering the military ranks. It is also known in French as "le Bapteme du Regiment", (The Christening from the Regiment). These nicknames or "Sobriquets" are selected somewhat in the same manner as many surnames, that is to say, after a place of birth, geographic characteristic of an area where the individual lives, or lived, and also at times, the type of work or trade in which the individual was involved. And, at times, even a physical or psychological trait that the individual possessed. THE MARRIAGE OF JEAN-SIMON PRADET dit ST-GELAIS and dit LAFORGE. On February 20, 1730, the "Ancestor", JEAN-SIMON, married at St-Pierre parish, Ile d' Orleans, GENEVIEVE CHARON,(Charron) daughter of Jean Charon (Jean-Baptiste Charron) and Genevieve Dupile. These Charrons are known as Charron dit LaFerriere. Jean-Simon continued to exercise his craft as a soldier, and participated in many campaigns of the "Rigaud Company" against the Iroquois Indians and the English. The family Pradet dit St-Gelais & Dit Laforge was constantly on the move from L'Ile d' Orleans to Baie-Saint-Paul, then to Beaumont, and then to Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pocatiere, and to Saint-Roch-des-Aulnaies, to finally return to settle in Baie-Saint-Paul. JEAN-SIMON settled on a small farm where he owned and operated a "FORGE". Some records suggest that he may have been a blacksmith while in the military. That is how the other surname was acquired (dit) (aka) "LAFORGE". JEAN-SIMON PRADET dit SAINT-GELAIS and dit LAFORGE'S death record has been found. He is listed on that record as SYMON PRADET dit ST. GELET, and, it indicates that he died June 12, 1797 in Baie St. Paul, and was buried the next day in the parish cemetery. According to Tanguay Vol 6, page 439, Jean-Simon was the father of 11 children. His sons, JEAN-MARIE-FRANCOIS and *JEAN-BAPTISTE-FRANCOIS remained in Quebec and adopted the surname SAINT-GELAIS. Then, his son LOUIS-SAMSON-DAVID married in Detroit and left many descendants in the United States. Louis-Samson-David and his descendants adopted the surname "LAFORGE".
Today the majority of Jean-Simon's descendants use the surname Saint-Gelais and can be found in Charlevoix, Matane, and in The Saguenay- Lac- Saint-Jean area of Quebec. There are also the Bradets and Bradettes a variation of Pradet and some Laforges residing throughout Canada and the United States particularly in the New England area. As for the Pradets a few can be found in Montreal.*Note #1: I have also found another Genealogy record indicating that Louise Laforge, married to Joseph-Marie Hamelin in 1764 is the daughter of Jean-Simon Pradet & Genevieve Charon.
*NOTE #2:(Translated from sections of the French version by Robert St- Gelais descendant of Jean-Simon Pradet-Saint-Gelais-Laforge). Eleven of Jean-Simon's children appear in Tanguay's Vol VI, page 439. Child # 3, Jean-Francois, b 1734, Married to Marie-Victoire Potvin. He is generally referred to as JEAN-MARIE-FRANCOIS, and child # 7. " Francois", Born 1743, married to Suzanne Caroline Duchesne. He is generally referred to as JEAN-BAPTISTE, or JEAN-BAPTISTE-FRANCOIS. I shall refer to child # 3 as JEAN-MARIE-FRANCOIS , and child #7 as JEAN-BAPTISTE-FRANCOIS in this Genealogy. From JEAN-SIMON'S known children, 5 died shortly after birth. The remainder have been fairly well accounted for with the exception of child # 6 , LOUIS- MARIE-JOSEPH, Baptized at Ste. Anne-de-la-Pacatiere 26 Oct,1740. Louis-Marie-Joseph may have died young, as to date, no other record mentions him other than his birth. As to why Jean-Simon was GIVEN the Surname SAINT-GELAIS, Well..... I HAVE INDEED LOCATED A VILLAGE IN FRANCE, IN POITOU ON THE SEVRE RIVER CALLED SAINT-GELAIS. The Village of Saint-Gelais is located just a few Kilometers north, northwest of Niort, France in Poitou on to the Sevre river.The City of Niort, France has a street running through it called Rue St. Gelais. There is in this same area a Chateau de Cherveux which was occupied by the Aristocratic St-Gelais family. It is 70 KMs East of La Rochelle or 60 KMs west of Poitiers or about 20 KMs north of NIORT which is just a few KM from the village of SAINT-GELAIS. For more information about The Chateau de Cherveux that was occupied by the St-Gelais family, visit their French-English website. The village of Saint-Gelais in France also has a website which has the history of the village of Saint-Gelais. It is in French. It is very likely that the Pradet family was from the village of St. Gelais, and it would account for the surname SAINT-GELAIS that JEAN SIMON PRADET received at "Le Bapteme du Regiment". Here is the website for the Village of Saint-Gelais. Some information on the Surname Saint-Gelais, was received from: The Center of Genealogical Research of Quebec. (Centre de recherches généalogiques du Québec)

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