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Marriage: Children:
  1. Alice FREEMAN: Birth: Bef 4 Apr 1619 in Pulborough, Sussex, England. Death: 24 Apr 1651 in Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts

  2. Edmund FREEMAN: Birth: Bef 26 Nov 1620 in Billingshurst, Sussex, England. Death: 29 Mar 1673 in Sandwich, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts

  3. John FREEMAN: Birth: Abt 1621 in Billingshurst, Sussex, England. Death: 28 Oct 1719 in Eastham Or Rochester, Barnstable, Massachusetts

  4. Elizabeth FREEMAN: Birth: Bef 11 Apr 1624 in Billingshurst, Sussex, England. Death: 24 Jun 1692 in Rochester, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts

  5. Nathaniel FREEMAN: Birth: Bef 2 Sep 1629 in Billingshurst, Sussex, England. Death: Sep 1629 in Billingshurst, Sussex, England

Marriage: Children:
  1. Edmund (Edward) FREEMAN: Birth: 26 Nov 1620 in Billingshurst, Sussex, England. Death: 29 Mar 1673 in Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts

  2. Cycella (Cecelia) FREEMAN: Birth: Abt 1631 in London, London, England. Death: 1632 in England

  3. Mary FREEMAN: Birth: 2 Jun 1631 in London, Middlesex Co., England. Death: 5 Nov 1688 in Sandwich, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts

  4. Edward Perry FREEMAN: Birth: Abt 1635 in Pulborough, Sussex, England.

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a. Note:   EDMOND FREEMAN - Dawes-Gates, p.349-64, gives a well documented account listing that Edmond Freeman is baptized 25th July 1596 at Saint Mary's Church, Pulborough, Sussex, the son of Edmond and Alice (Coles) Freeman, and he died 2nd November 1682 at Sandwich, Plymouth Colony. He married (1) at Cowfold, Sussex, on 16th June 1617 Bennett Hodsoll, daughter of John and Faith ( ) (Bacon) Hodsoll, who died in 1630 at Pulborough and (2 ) Elizabeth, whose surname is not known, but who may have been the Elizabeth Raymer who married Edmond Freeman on 10 August 1632 at Shipley, Sussex (parish register). He sailed for New England with four surviving children and some other people with his surname on the Abigail in July 1635, and he settled first at Saugus (Lynn) in the Bay Colony. He was evidently the leader of the Saugus men who moved in 1637 to Sandwich, and it was to him that a deed was granted as agent for the others. He became an Assistant in Plymouth Colony, but was not re-elected in 1646, and Edward Winslow wrote to Governor John Winthrop in Boston that "I suppose the country left [Freeman] out in regard of his professed Anabaptistry & Separacon from the Churches' (MHS Collections, 4th series, 6:178 ). The Dawes-Gates account lists also that he is of an unorthodox nature for his time and place, and is later sympathetic to the Quakers. He had business interests of his own in New England, and he had a power of attorney in behalf of his brother-in-law, John Beauchamp, who had continued as one of the four London Undertakers after the other Adventurers sold out their interests. His will dated 21st June 1682, proved 2nd November 1682, named his three "sons," Edmond Freeman, John Freeman, and Edward Perry (whose wife Mary has sometimes been assumed to have been a daughter of Edmond Freeman though no evidence has been found). Also named were his daughter Elizabeth Ellis, and his grandsons Matthias Freeman and Thomas Paddy (MD 12:248). His son Edmond married (1) Rebecca Prence, daughter of Thomas and (2) Margaret Perry. His son John married Mercy Prence, daughter of Thomas. His daughter Elizabeth married John Ellis. His other children are Alice Freeman, she married William Paddy, a daughter Bennett and a son Nathaniel, both of whom died young. For additional commentson the Perrys, see Lydia B. (Phinney) Brownson and Maclean McLean, "Ezra Perry of Sandwich. Mass. (c. 1625-1689), "NEHGR 115:86.
  [Plymouth Colony Its History & People 1620-1691 by Eugene Aubrey Stratton] EDMOND FREEMAN is born before 25th July 1596 in Pulborough, Sussex, England. He is christened on 25th July 1596 in Pulborough, Sussex, England. He died between 21st June 1682 and 2nd November 1682 at Sandwich, Barnstable Co., MA. (dates his will is written and presented for probate) [Beverly J. Freeman. The Lineage of Richard Vernon Freeman. Privately published Auburn MA 1971.] Edmund and his family sailed from Oxford on the Abigail in 1635. They settled first in Saugus (later known as Lynn); Edmund's portion of land is the largest. He presented the Colony with 20 corsletts (pieces of plate armor), supposedly for defense against the Indians. In 1637 they removed to Plymouth. Soon after he removed to Sandwich, with ten others, in order "to worship God and to make money". Received a grant of 500 acres from King Charles I (location not specified by Freeman). Edmund was Assistant Governor 1640-1646, and headed a court that settled disputes in area townships. He is dropped from this position because of his "liberal and tolerant principles" and belief in freedom of worship. Edmund and Elizabeth both rode on horseback over the area. They are buried on their own land in the rear of their dwelling -- the oldest burying place in Sandwich. A stone on the property resembled a pillion; shortly after Elizabeth's death, it was hauled by oxen to mark her grave. Another stone resembled a saddle, and Edmond had this placed over the precise spot "where ere long another grave must be digged". The monuments are known as the "Saddle and Pillion"; the burial ground is given to the town of Sandwich shortly before 1971. "A well-worn path leads from the street through a field and then one sees the graves under the trees. From the street the Freeman farm is visible, banked on the side with yellow forsythia bushes." That original homestead burned and a new house was built about 1695, by either son John or grandson John. When Beverly Freeman wrote in 1971, the house is still standing, and the property is occupied by a descendant of John Freeman, Mrs. Everard Pratt. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.