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a. Note:   Apparently Richard Elkins was first married to Mary Williams of Saint Mary's Parish Co., VA before 1685 and had the following children: Nathaniel Elkins b: 1685,Stafford, Virginia; William Elkins b: after 1687 in Stafford, Virginia; John Elkins b: after 1689in Stafford, Virginia; James Elkins b: before 1694 Stafford, Virginia; Joseph Elkins b: after 1691.
 Children of marriage to Elizabeth Bryant: Richard Elkins b:1698, Stafford, Virginia; William ELKINS b: 9 Nov 1703, Stafford County, Virginia; Elizabeth Elkins b: 1709, Stafford, Virginia; Margaret Elkins b: ABT 1711, Stafford, Virginia; Jean Elkins b: ABT 1713, Stafford, Virginia; Priscilla Elkins b: ABT 1715, Stafford, Virginia
 1749-Lunenburg Co.,VA. Tithable List has the following ELKINS.....................
 Ralph ELKENS 2-Tithables,0-Crows,& 0-Sq'rls.
 Ralph ELKENS, Jun. {16-21 yrs. of age} 0-Tithables,0-Crows,& 0-Sq'rls.
 Richard ELKENS 1-Tithable, 0-Crows,& 0-Sq'rls.
 1750-Lunenburg Co.,VA. Tithable List as the following ELKINS.....................
 Ralph ELKINS, Sen. 2-Tithables.
 Ralph ELKINS, Jun. {16-21 yrs. of age} 0-Tithables.
 Richard ELKINS 1-Tithable.
 These two Lists and the names would place our Ralph & Richard ELKINS as being here in Lunenburg Co VA before 1749 and after 1750 & that Ralph ELKINS Jr was born between 1729-33 as he was to young to pay Tithes in those two years of the Lists.
 Also a further Note is that Lunenburg Co.VA. was created on 1 APRIL 1746 and from it was created Halifax Co VA on 17 APRIL 1752 and then from it was created Pittsylvania Co VA on 15 DEC 1766 & then from it was created Henry Co.,VA. on 23 OCT 1776. All of which indicates by known Records that these ELKINS never moved from County to County, they just happend to be in the area of Lunenburg Co VA. that became one County then another and so forth.
 VIRGINIA HISTORICAL GENEALOGIES" by John B.; :Grigsby of Stafford County, VAJohn Grigsby removed to Stafford previous to August 18, 1686, for James Ashton of Stafford, in his will of that date, leaves RICHARD ELKIN100 acres adjoining upon John Grigsby of "the 1/4 dividend(10 V. 292).
 "GENEALOGIES OF VIRGINIA FAMILIES" Vol. I and Vol IV; indexed by Judith McGhan by Baltimore Publishing Co. page 86:
 "The Will of Richard Bryan(Book Z, p. 227)dated April 5, 1703. Probated recorded May15,1704, Richard Bryant, bequeathed to his son, Nathaniel Bryant "all my land I now enoy in Virginia, his mother to live wholly upon the plantation where I now live;" to daughter, ELIZABETH ELKIN, 400 Lb. tobacco, RICHARD ELKIN to give my grandson (under 6) RICHARD ELKIN a mare,...The above mentioned Nathaniel Bryantin his nuncupatative will made March 21, 1732-3, gave unto (Mrs. Mary Amees (Meese) all of his estate (M-p. 100). She was the only daughter of John Grigsby.also mentions daughter, Ann, daus. Sylent and Susannah (both under 16), stepson Wm. Redman, and wife Ann.
 pg.87 "They all lived in that part of Stafford County lying on the Rappahannock above Muddy Creek which, on the election of King George, became a part of that county and remained so until 1777.
 "18 Jan. 1747 (1748), WILLS OF RICHMOND CO.,VA 1699/1800 p.48, by Robert K. Headley, Jr.7 Dec. 1 720 RICHARD ELKINS, age 51, (bn. 1669) and another witness heard Robert Gallop declare....his 2 daughters, Eleanor and (Tolis-Phyllis) should have all land at Deep Run, this be equally divided. This nuncupative will was apparently contested and reversed.
 STAFFORD COUNTY DEED Bk., 1722-1728, pg. 234:RICHARD ELKINS of Hanover Parish, King George County, son of RALPH ELKINS of Stafford county, who on 8 Nov.1681
 KING GEORGE CO. DEED BOOK I-A, 1729-1735, pg. 225-226Between JOSEPH ELKINS, planter, and James Jones, bricklayer. Ellkins sells 250 acres of land, parish of Brunswick: 100 acres part now in tenure by Richard Elkins and 150 acres occupied by Benjamin Rush. signed JOSEPH ELLIKINS. Patent date 9 Feb. 1663 unto Francis Haile & William Heabert.
 pg. 226, Recorded 1 Sept. 1732. The right of dower of Amy, now wife of Benjamin Rush also widow and relict of James Elkins,dcsd., father of the said Joseph Elkins, granted to Richard Ellkins, father of James, by the Curtesy of England for and during the term of his natural life etc. Witnesses: John Skinner, Richard Owens, Richard Griffis, Wm. x Owens.
 p.722: #3 son, James Stringfellow (1734-1805). Indenture dated 1 April 1748 states he is aged 13 on 24th November, last; he was bound to serve RICHARD ELKINS, carpenter. James Stringfellow died in the county of Culpepper in the 72nd year of his age, (1806).
 KING GEORGE CO., D-BK. II, PP.251-255 at Court held 2d Mar. 1738, an indenture made James Jones, brick layer, sold land surveyed by John Savage..down line to a Swamp with Fountain from a Spring on the Land there RICHARD ELKINS, SENR. DECED FORMERLY LIVED. He died between 1732 and 1738. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.