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  1. John Grigsby: Birth: 1720 in Stafford County, VA. Death: 7 Apr 1794 in Culpepper County, Virginia

a. Note:   Bill,
 I believe I am a descendant of Benjamin Grigsby who married Mary Price daughter of John Price II. Benjamin was living in Shenandoah County Virginia in 1800. I can document my line back to Jesse Grigsby, (whom I believe to be the son of Benjamin and Mary),who married Amelia Clifton in 1802 in Shenandoah County Virginia. This Benjamin Grigsby would have ben born in the 1725-1750 period. The Grigsby family has a Benjamin Grigsby that they can not place who is listed in the St Paul's Parish records at his marriage to Anne Foley in 1727. Anne Foley was the daughter of Thomas Foley and Martha Bryan (grand-daughter of Keziah Arriyah, great-great-grandaughter of Chief Wahanganoche, great-great-great-grandaughter of Chief Japasaw who was the brother of Chief Powhatan.
 My Y-DNA is one allele mutation from a perfect match of the mode of 27 male descendants of Immigrant John Grigsby. That most closely matches the John 2 Grigsby II and James 2 Grigsby lines. BOTH MARRIED THE REDMAN/REDMOND SISTERS JANE AND SUSANNE daughters of William Redman (son of John Redman ans Anne Meese)and Elizabeth Anne Elkins (daughter of Ralph Elkins, Sr. and Mary or Ann or Mary Ann Ashton). John Redman was reported to have been a Native American who adopted the surname Redman/Redmond. John 2 Grigsby and James 2 Grigsby's sister Mary Ann Grigsby married (1) Benjamin Newton and (2) John Meese. So at least 3 of Imigrant John Grigsby's children married individuals of Native American ancestry.
 The Grigsby family can find no record of Benjamin Grigsby who married Anne Foly after the 1727 marriage in St Paul's Parish, OR any record to link him to the Grigsby family, other than his name (and a 1723 Overwharton Parish "Tobbaco Tenders List" that shows him listed with the other Grigsby family members). Of Immigrant John's 5 sons and 1 daughter, we have wills naming all their children --- except John 2 Grigsby whi died in 1750 without a will. Jane Redmond Grigsby died in 1756/7 and leaves a will naming her 4 sons. I believe that the 4 sons were John and Janes, but believe it probable that John had children by a previous marriage of which we can find no record. In attition ot the "Mystery" Benjamin Grigsby we also have a "Mystery" Mary Grigsby who married John Fewel in 1726 and a Mystery" Margaret Grigsby who married John Smith in 1728. Do you know anything about this Benjamin Grigsby and Anne Foley or the other two Grigsby females?
 Do you know who the Native American ancesters of John Redman and his son Thomas Redman were? Did Benjamin Newton who married Mary Anne Grigsby has NativeAmerican Ancestory?
 I would very much like to purchase your book that relates to the Native American Ancestory of the Grigsby family.
 Thank you!
 Don Grigsby, Ph.D.
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