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Pocahantas: Birth: 17 Sep 1595. Death: 21 Mar 1617
Raymond I of Poitiers: Birth: Abt 1100. Death: 27 Jun 1149
Adeliza of Poitou: Birth: 1054 in Nottinghamshire, England. Death: 19 Jan 1119
Isabeau de Chatillon-St. Pol: Death: 19 May 1360
Boleslaw I Poland: Birth: Aft 1129. Death: 8 Dec 1201
Gertrude of Poland: Death: 4 Jan 1107
Gunnhild of Poland: Birth: Abt 967 in Poznan, Poland. Death: 1014 in Denmark
Richenza of Poland: Birth: 1015 in Krakow, Poland. Death: 1052
Richeza of Poland: Death: 16 Jun 1185
Zwinislawa Princess of Poland: Birth: Abt 1166 in Poznan, Poland. Death: 4 Sep 1240
Joan Pole: Birth: 1368 in Cobham, Kent, England. Death: 13 Jan 1433
Ursula Pole: Death: 1570
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Rogvolod Prince of Polotzk: Birth: 936.
Jadwiga Princess of Eastern Pomerani: Birth: Abt 1194 in Gdansk, Poland.
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Bertha Of Ponthieu: Birth: 805.
Guy II Count of Ponthieu: Birth: 1118 in Ponthieu, Somme, Picardy, France. Death: 1147 in Ephesus on way to Holy Land
Helgaud I Of Ponthieu: Birth: Abt 820 in Ponthieu, France. Death: Abt 866
Herlouin I Of Ponthieu: Birth: Abt 840 in Ponthieu, France. Death: Abt 878
Herlouin II of Ponthieu: Birth: Abt 870. Death: 13 Aug 945
Nithard 'The Chronicler' Of Ponthieu: Birth: Abt 795 in Ponthieu, France. Death: Abt 844
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I Poppo: Birth: Bef 819. Death: Aft 839
III Poppo: Birth: Abt 931. Death: Aft 945
Constantine VII Porphyrogenitus: Birth: Abt 906 in Constantinople, Turkey. Death: 9 Nov 959
Elizabeth Hawkins Porter: Birth: 27 Feb 1735. Death: 7 Oct 1807 in Rockbridge County, VA
Nicholas Porter: Birth: Bet 1570 and 1600 in England. Death: in Charles River County, Virginia
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Afonso IV 'O Osado' of Portugal: Birth: 8 Feb 1291. Death: 28 May 1357
Costanza of Portugal: Birth: 3 Jan 1290. Death: 18 Nov 1313
Dinis the Farmer King of Portugal: Birth: 9 Oct 1261 in Lisbon. Death: 7 Jan 1325 in Santarem
Maria of Portugal: Birth: 1313. Death: 18 Jan 1357
Urraca of Portugal: Birth: 1151. Death: 16 Oct 1188
Anne Poulton: Birth: 1491 in Desborough, Northamptonshire, England. Death: 11 Dec 1546
Ann Poure: Birth: 1379 in Burton, Oxon, England. Death: 1443 in England
Hugh Poure: Birth: Abt 1170 in Cherlton, England. Death: Bef 1219
John Poure: Birth: Abt 1210 in Cherlton, England. Death: Aft 1255
Richard Poure: Birth: Abt 1296 in Cherlton, England.
Richard Poure: Birth: 1240 in Cherlton, England. Death: Abt 1288
Thomas Poure: Birth: Abt 1346 in Burton, Oxon, England. Death: Bef 29 Nov 1398
Walter Poure: Birth: Abt 1138 in Cherlton, England.
William Poure: Birth: Abt 1321 in Burton, Oxford, Eng.
William Poure: Birth: Abt 1271 in Cherlton, England. Death: 1316
Chief Wahunsunacock Powhatan: Birth: 17 Jun 1545. Death: Apr 1618
Father of Powhatan
Grandfather of Powhatan
Grandmother of Powhatan
Matachanna Powhatan: Birth: 1592. Death: 1650
Mother of Powhatan
Opechancanough Powhatan
Rachel Powhatan: Birth: Abt 1600. Death: 1646
Constance of Powis: Birth: Abt 1216 in Powis, Montgomeryshire, Wales.
Agnes Poynings: Birth: 1350 in Slaugham, Sussex, England. Death: 12 Jun 1403
Eleanor Poynings: Birth: Abt 1425. Death: 11 Nov 1474
Frances Poyntz: Birth: 1495.
Maud Poyntz: Birth: Abt 1291.
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Archibald Preston: Birth: 1660 in Londonderry, Ireland.
Elizabeth Preston: Birth: 1705 in Londonberry Co., Or, Derry Co., Ireland. Death: Bet 1755 and 1759
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Lewis Prichard-Rycketts: Birth: Abt 1565 in Brecknockshire, Wales. Death: Abt 1616 in Monmouthshire, Wales
Isabel Pridmore: Birth: Abt 1607. Death: 1636
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II Procopius: Birth: Bef 366. Death: Aft 420
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Aelia Pulcherie: Birth: 399 in Constantinople, Turkey. Death: 453
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Jane Pyle: Birth: Abt 1560.
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