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Marriage: Children:
  1. Edward William Maher: Birth: 4 May 1857 in Sydney Nsw.

  2. Mary Buchanan: Birth: 9 Oct 1859 in Sydney Nsw. Death: 25 Apr 1952 in Brisbane Qld

Marriage: Children:
  1. Louisa Buchanan: Birth: 1862 in Clermont, Qld.

  2. Isabella Buchanan: Birth: 1864 in Clermont, Qld..

  3. Florence Buchanan: Birth: 1865 in Clermont, Qld.

  4. Catherine Buchanan: Birth: 1868 in Wilpen, Clermont, Qld.

  5. William Buchanan: Birth: 1870 in Wilpen, Clermont, Qld.

  6. Susanna Maria Buchanan: Birth: 27 Oct 1872 in Wilpen, Clermont, Qld.. Death: 3 Jan 1938 in General Hospital, Ingham

a. Note:   DEATH: 1110 1887. Date of death 15 Feb 1887. Place of death Langville Ingham. Name Susanna Theresa Buchanan. Sexfemale. Age 56 years 45 days. cause of death Erysipelas.Duration 1 month. Last visit. 15 Feb 1887. Doctor
 Macdonald. Father Terence Neill. Occupation
 Steward. Mother Margaret Crofton. InformantIsabella Armstrong. dau. Langville Ingham. RegistrarW.C.Miller. Date 11 Mar 1887. Place Ingham. Buried16 Feb 1887. Where Low Laton Ingham. WitnessesR.J. Armstrong. Isabella Armstrong. Where bornDublin Ireland. In Australia NSW 6 yrs Qld 26 yrs. Where marriedSydney NSW. Age 24 years. Spouse JohnBuchanan. Issue Edward W. 29, Mary 27. Louisa 25,Isabella, 24. Florence 21, Catherine 18. William 16,
 Susanna Maria 14.BIOGRAPHY: ,WACOUSTA- Barque arr, Sydney 2.1.1855 fm Plymouth. Library -
 RAV/FM4/736 Mar 23 1844 - Dec 31 1860
 BIOGRAPHY: These are the extracts I took from the journal-BIOGRAPHY: Mon Jan 8 'Wacousta ship 737 tons - in the stream- captain-
 agent'BIOGRAPHY: Jan 2 'Waconsta from Plymouth- Captain Stewart- leftPlymouth 29th September 1854. Passengers Mrs Hellance, Mrs Stewart, MissReynolds, Miss Clarke, Mrs and Miss Raphael, Mrs Arrone - 252 government
 immigrants.'BIOGRAPHY: P260 1st column ' The Waconsta has made a fine passage fromPlymouth and brings 252 emigrants under the superintendence of Dr J.Burncastle classified as follows- 29 married couples 59 single men 122single women 41 children Only one death occurred, that of an infant.October 29th spoke to the 'Asia' for Melbourne in lat 9.32n 24.11 long.the ship appears remarkably clean and the passengers have enjoyed
 excellent health during the voyage'BIOGRAPHY: 15/1/1855 'Wacousta at Moore's wharf. 22/1/1855 ' 29/1/1855
 'BIOGRAPHY: 2/2/1855 'Wacousta -barque- for Akyab in ballast. passengers
 Mrs Stewart, Miss Taylor and servant.BIOGRAPHY: It seems that captain Stewart was also the agent for thevessel and that his wife travelled with him. The publication evidentlyreceived advice from another vessel which met the Wacousta en route hence
 the reference to Lat. and Long. (Oct 29).BIOGRAPHY: The vessel apparently sought cargo without success for acouple of weeks before leaving for Akyab (Burma ,Myanmar) in ballast.Note the inconsistent spelling throughout- Wacousta Waconsta.BIOGRAPHY: The vessel was a barque and at 737 tons would have probablybeen a three master but I cannot be certain. The combined State Library
 site has a very good selection of ships pictures on line but
 unfortunately none of the Wacousta/Waconsta.
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