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1. Page:   Database online. Number: 225-38-2331; Issue State: Virginia; Issue Date: Before 1951.
Source:   S2925
2. Source:   S21
3. Title:   Bertha Lela Ward Burton's Ward Family History Castle, Pearl Ethel Ward
Publication:   Name: 25 Dec 1983, handwritten manuscript, Bertha Lela Ward Burton; Location: Brenda Reed's personal library; undefined undefined
Source:   S2434
Author:   Bertha Lela Ward Burton's Ward Family History undefined
Note continued:   Source Medium: Interview <p> Granddaughter of Lexington D. Ward & grandmother of Brenda Keck Reed <p> Source Medium: Manuscript <p> Aunt Bertha compiled this handwritten work in the latter part of her life with the help of some of her Lee County, VA cousins as a Christmas gift to her chiildren and grandchildren.. The work is inco mplete in that many dates and places are not listed. All in all she did an incredible job relying on the memories and family records available at the time. Her work has been the guiding force in m y Ward family history. <p>

a. Note:   Name: Margaret H. Castle SSN: 225-38-2331 Last Residence: 37660 Kingsport, Sullivan, Tennessee, United States of America Born: 31 Oct 1934 Died: 12 Apr 2003 State (Year) SSN issued: Virginia (Before 1951 ) is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.