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  1. James Alan Keck: Birth: 13 MAY 1947 in Pennington Gap, Lee, Virginia, USA. Death: 10 JUL 1948 in Monroe, Monroe, Michigan

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a. Note:   Dorothy Elizabeth Castle was born 17 October 1926 to Bradley J. Castle, age 35, a laborer of Dot, Virginia. He stated he was born at Scott County, Virginia. He was noted as "white" on the Certificate of Birth. Her mother was Pearl Ward, a twenty-eight year old housewife with three other living children, none dead or stillborn. Midwife, Julia A. Sage, delivered Dorothy at Dot, Lee County, Virginia. She stated that she had placed drops in the baby's eyes at the time of her birth.
On April 3, 1930 BRADLEY J. CASTLE was enumerated in the US Census at Household #18/18 at Rocky Station, Lee County, VA with his wife and six children. Bradley J. Castle, head of household, home valued at $10, stated family did not live on a farm, white male, age 38 (born 1892 in VA, parents born in VA), md. 25 years, a merchant of a general store, World War veteran; wife ETHEL P. CASTLE, age 34, born 1896, VA/VA/VA; son JAMES B. CASTLE, JR. age 12, born 1918, VA/VA/VA, in school; HELLEN P. CASTLE, age 8, born 1922, VA/VA/VA, in school; son W. D. CASTLE, age 5, born 1925, VA/VA/VA; daughter DORTHIE E. CASTLE, age 3 yrs 5 months, born 1926, VA/VA/VA; son HUBERT E. CASTLE, age 10 months, born 1929, VA/VA/VA.
On 18 May 1944 an article appeared in the Pennington Gap newspaper entitled "Pennington High School Graduates Forty-seven Next Week. Programs and Varied Activities will Mark Graduating Week. "Pennington High School will send forty-seven graduates down the aisle to receive diplomas next week at their final exercises. A slight decrease in number from last year, the class is still the largest in the county. The graduating class: Athlene King, Evelyn Williams, Jessie Lee Skidmore, Jeanette Bolling, Marjorie Newberry, Pauline Rasnic, Frankie Fannon, Blanche Hyden, Dettie Hall, Mary Ann Laningham, Mary Margaret Smalley, Margaret Sue Travis, Margaret Rasnic, Virginia Ward, Vivian Oaks, Willie Orr, Richelieu Orr, Mary Lou Smith, Dorothy Castle, Eloise "Weegie" Rogers, Annie Hammonds, Mary Ella Wooliver, LElizabeth Ann Wynn, Beatrice Helbert, Ray Burns, Richard Blackwell, Hubert Hammonds, Billy Olinger, Jimmy Moore, Curtis Chinault, Eugene Simcox, James Earl Scroggs, Jay Kauffman, Clyde ___, Randell Farley, Henderson, Gibson, and others. R. E. Beller, Jr. of Pennington High School is rounding out his tenth year as principal. He is a graduate of William and Mary College and has taught in Lee County Schools for sixteen years."
On 2 November 1944 Mrs. Dorothy Keck having presented evidence of good moral character was certified as a teacher and granted Permit #62630 by the State of Tennessee Department of Education to teach elementary school at the Chestnut Grove School in Claiborne County.
At the time James Alan Keck was born, Dorothy Elizabeth Castle Keck was 20 years old. On the Certificate of Birth she gives her mailing address as 1622 Main Court, Monroe, Michigan. James was born at 3:30 AM.
On 5 January 1954 Thomas H. Bacon and Dorothy K. Bacon purchased a home at Skyline Drive, Kingsport, Sullivan County, Tennessee for $11,500.00. They assumed an FHA Loan for $8531.69 and obtained a Second Mortgage for $2468.31. On 10 January 1954 they paid a balance due of $500.00 and $5.999 for the Deed of Trust. The received a Credit for Federal Stamps for $3.30, leaving a Net Balance Due of $501.70. They purchased the property from Henry C. Fleenor and Wanda Fleenor. The property was described as Pt. Lot 5 and all of Lot 6 of the Brown Fleenor Subdivision, 11th Civil District of Sullivan County, State of Tennessee. The Fleenors had purchased the property 4 December 1952.
On 28 July 1961, before Honorable John R. Todd, Judge of the Law Court at Kingsport, Tennessee, declared that Complainant, Dorothy Elizabeth Bacon, a resident of Sullivan County, Tennesse had made out her case for an absolute divorce, from the defendant Thomas H. Bacon of Sullivan County, that the defendant "has been guilty of such cruel and inhuman treatment so as to render cohabitation unsafe and improper for the complainant to longer be under the dominion and control of the defendant and that the said complainant is entititled to an absolute divorce and she should have all the rights and privileges of an unmarried person. Dorothyu Bacon was granted all of the equity in which the parties have to a parcel of real estate in Sullivan County described as the Southwesterly 25 feet of Lot 5 and all of Lot 6 as shown on map of the Brown Fleenor Subdivision, Kingsport, Tennessee dated 26 March 1946 by Thomas M. Galloway, recorded in the Register's Office for Sullivan County at Blountville, Tennessee in Plat Book 2 at page 197. She also received a lump sum of $500.00 in cash from the defendant as alimony in solido. Her former married name, Dorothy Elizabeth Keck, was thereby restored to her. The document was recorded twelve years later on 16 May 1973 as noted in Note Book 43, page 132, as shown in Book 394 on page 668 in the Law Court at Kingsport, Tennessee. Frank K. Moore, Esq. of Sanders & Moore acted as her attorney in this matter.
On 17 January 1963 Kingsport Press, Inc. of Kingsport, Tennessee ceased to employ Dorothy C. Keck. She had been employed since 6 June 1949 as Bindery. She was released due to "Total and permanent disability" by K. Y Umberger, Personel Manager, Tennesse Registration Number 036-818. (Source: Separation Notice dated 4 March 1964.)
On 22 December 1977 Dorothy Keck paid off the mortgage owing to the Prudential Insurance Company of America on her home at 4174 Skyland (Skyline) Drive in Kingsport. She received a Tennessee Release that was filed in Book 150C on page 603, as proof. On September 26 1990 she sold her home to Clarence and Charlene McMurray for $26,500.00 Taylor & Associates Realtors represented her in this transaction.
On 11 April 1981 at 10:30 A. M. The Late Bradley Castle Estate consisting of real estate, machinery, furniture, and miscellaneous items was auctioned. The property was located at Stickleyville, Lee County, Virginia fronting on both sides of U.S. Highway 58 and Paved Highway 738. Subsequently on 26 May 1981 Dorothy Harmon signed a Contract for LSale of Property made on 26 February 1981 between W. D. Castle, Sylvia Castle, Hubert Castle, Selva Castle, John A. Castle, Janice P. Castle, Help P. Akers, Carl Akers, Willie Mae Johnson, Harmon E. Johnson, Bradley Castle, Kathleen Castle, Dorothy Harmon, Brenda R. Sutton (parties of the first part) and Lee Autction Company, Inc. for the sale of the Bradley Castle Property. A minimum sales price of $45,000,000 was set for the property. Personal Property will be sold on the same 10% commission as the Real Estate. Lee Auction Company, Inc. will pay all expense of advertising and surveying the 66 1/2 acres (more or less) of real property and personal property.
On 27 February 1979 the Last Will and Testament of Bradley J. Castle was filed in the Lee County Court at Jonesville, Virginia in Will Book 19, page 61 as follows: "On this the 9th day of May 1970, I, Bradley J. Castle, being of sound mind do declare this to be my last will and testament at my death, my wife Gladys Castle to receive all my real estate and personal property as long as she lives and then at her death the property is to be put up sold by public auction and the proceed divided equally amount my heirs after I'm given a decent funeral and all expenses paid. Any money I have left my wife is to take to W. D. Castle and Hubert Castle my sons or John Castle administrators and draw what I have left and divide equally among my heirs and wife equally. My wife is not to sell any timber off the farm, but use all she needs on the farm. She is to have all she makes on the farm, pay the taxes as long as she remains my widow. I leave to my son W. D. Castle one 12 gauge Remington shot gun, one two horse wagon, and one brass kettle, one iron kettle, if I still have them. The provision of this will be carried out within twelve months from the date of widow's death. I appoint W. D. Castle, my son as administrator of my estate. If he is deceased I appoint Hubert E. Castle to take his place as administrator of my estate as long as she remains my widow. Signed: Bradley J. Castle Witnesses: Margaret Sage, A. J. Sage; E. J. Cox, Herbert P. Johnson
Will Book 19, page 62: "In the Clerk's Office of the Circuit Court of Lee County on this the 17th day of February 1979. It appearing that Bradley J. Castle, age 85, died on the 21st day of February 1979 in Lee County Community Hospital in Pennington Gap, Virginia; that at the time of his death he was a citizen of Lee County, Virginia, having as his last known place of residence Duffield, Virginia; and now on this the 27th day of February, 1979, a writing bearing date of May 9, 1970 purporting to be the true last will and testament of Bradley J. Castle deceased was produced before the Clerk and duly proved upon the oath of E. J. Cox, one of the subscribing witnesses thereto, who deposed that the said writing was signed and acknowledged by the said Bradley J. Castle in his presence and in the presence of Margaret Sage, A. L. Sage, and Herbert P. Johnson, the other subscribing witnesses thereto, at the request of Bradley J. Castle, they all five being there together at the same time and that the said Bradley J. Castle at the time was of sound mind and disposing memory and above the age of eighteen years. Therefore, upon motion of W. D. Castle, son of decedent, it is ordered that the writing be and hereby is established, probated and admitted to record as and for the true last will and testament of Bradley J. Castle, deceased. Thereupon, W. D. Castle, son of decedent, appeared before the Clerk and stated that he is a non-resident of Virginia having his residence, Kingsport, Tennessee, and made the motion that he and E. J. Cox of Duffield, VA. be and hereby are appointed Co-administrators with the Will annexed of the last will and testament of Bradley J. Castle, deceased. Whereupon, permission being granted, they entered into and acknowledged before the Clerk a bond as such in the penalty of $89,644.00, conditioned and payable as required by law, with W. H. Ward, Sr. their security therein. And the said bond being acknowledged by the said obligors was ordered to be recorded in Administrator's Bond Book No. 13 and the said W. D. Castle of Kingsport, Tennessee and E. J. Cox of Duffield, Virginia were duly sworn to faithfully discharge their duties as co-administrators, CTA of the Estate of Bradley J. Castle, deceased. Teste: Charles Calton, Clerk Filed in the Clerk's Office of Lee County at 4:00 P.M. the 27th day of February 1979, this will & order of probate presented and together with the certificate annexed admitted to record and indexed.
Will Book 19, Page 64 List of Heirs of Bradley J. Castle: Gladys Castle Age 78 Wife Duffield, VA Bradley J. Castle Age 61 Son Kingsport, TN Hubert E. Castle Age 50 Son Kingsport, TN John A. Castle Age 47 Son Kingsport, TN W. D. Castle Age 54 Son Mt. Carmel, TN Helen P. Akers Age 57 Daughter Toledo, Ohio Dorothy Harmon Age 52 Daughter Kingsport, TN Willie Mae Johnson Age 45 Daughter Newtown, PA is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.