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Marriage: Children:
  1. John Castle: Birth: BET 1810 AND 1820 in Lebanon P. O., Russell County, Virginia. Death: 22 SEP 1881 in Copper Creek, Russell County, Virginia

  2. WILLIAM ALFRED CASTLE: Birth: BET 1810 AND 1820 in Lebanon P. O., Russell County, Virginia. Death: AFT 13 SEP 1888 in Powell, Scott, Virginia, USA

  3. Esther Jane Jennie Castle: Birth: ABT 1815 in Molls Creek, Russell County, Virginia. Death: 1885 in Western Division, Scott County, Virginia

  4. Daughter Castle: Birth: BET 1820 AND 1825.

  5. Joshua Castle: Birth: ABT 1820 in Lebanon, Russell County, Virginia. Death: BET 28 JUN 1880 AND 1889 in Johnson District, Scott County, Virginia

  6. Jacob Castle: Birth: ABT 1824 in Russell County, Virginia. Death: AFT 03 MAY 1910 in of Johnson District, Scott County, Virginia

  7. Andrew Jackson Castle: Birth: 11 MAR 1826 in Russell County, Virginia.

  8. Sarah "Sallie" Castle: Birth: 1830 in Russell County, Virginia. Death: AFT 28 JUN 1880 in Molls Creek, Russell County, Virginia

  9. Isaac Castle: Birth: 1834 in Russell County, Virginia. Death: 10 JUN 1873 in Copper Creek, Russell County, Virginia

  10. Zachariah H. Castle: Birth: MAR 1835 in Russell County, Virginia. Death: 16 JUL 1916 in Wild Cat Valley, Yokum Station, Lee, Virginia, USA

  11. Elbert S. Castle: Birth: SEP 1850 in Russell County, Virginia. Death: AFT 14 OCT 1850 in of Russell County, Virginia

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a. Note:   CATHERINE PENIX was born c1798 to JOSHUA PENIX and his wife ANNA CATHEY. Penix has been spelled various as Pennick, Penick, Pennix, and Penix. Circa 1813 she married ZACHARIAH CASTLE, son of JACOB CASTLE JR. and MARY SHANE of Russell County, Virginia. She gave birth to ten known children: ESTHER JANE "JENNIE" CASTLE, JOHN CASTLE, JOSHUA CASTLE, WILLIAM ALFRED CASTLE, JACOB CASTLE, ANDREW JACKSON CASTLE, SARAH "SALLIE" CASTLE, ISAAC CASTLE, ZACHARIAH H. CASTLE, and ELBERT S. CASTLE. All of their children were born in the Copper Creek area of Russell County, Virginia, where Zachariah was documented consistently from the time of their marriage. Though many of Catherine's family members moved to Lancaster County, Kentucky, Zachariah and Catherine stayed on in Russell County, Virginia.
  In 1813 ZACHARIAH CASTLE first appeared on the Personal Property Tax List for Russell County, Virginia, indicating that he had attained age 16 and was now an individual Tithe, making the most accurate date for his birth as 1797.
  In 1820 ZACHARIAH CASSELL was enumerated at Lebanon Post Office, Russell County, Virginia with 2 white boys under age ten, one white male age 26-45, 1white female under age 10, and one white female age 26 - 45.
  In 1840 ZACHARIAH CASSELL and his family were enumerated again at Russell County, Virginia with a household as follows: 1 white male age 50-60, born 1780-1790; 1 white male age 20-30, born 1810-1820; 3 white males age 15-20 born 1820-1825; 1 white male age 10-15 born 1825-1830; 1 white male age 5-10 born 1830-1835; 1 white male under age 5 born 1835-1840; 1 white female age 50-60 born 1780-1790; 1 white female age 10-15 born 1825-1830; 1 white female age 5-10 born 1830-1835.
  On 14 October 1850 ZACHARIAH CASTLE as ZACHARIAH CASSELL, and his wife, CATHERINE PENIX CASTLE, as CATHERINE CASSELL, were enumerated at the 54th District, Scott County, Virginia, at Household # 1072/1072. Zachariah is age 52, born 1798 at Russell County, Virginia. He is a farmer with $850 of real property. With him are: CATHERINE CASSELL, age 52, born 1798 at Scott County, Virginia; JOSHUA CASSELL, age 28, born 1832 at Russell County, a laborer; SARAH CASSELL, age 20, born 1830 at Russell County; ISAAC CASSELL, age 16, born 1834 at Russell County; ZACHARIAH CASSELL, age 15, born 1835 at Russell County; and ELBERT S. CASSELL, age one month, born September 1850 at Russell County. They live next door to JACOB CASSELL, age 25, born 1825 at Russell County, a laborer, who is with his wife SARAH CASSELL, age 25, born 1825 at Russell County, and SAMUEL B. A. CASSELL, age 2, born 1848 at Russell County. On the other side is JOHN CASSELL, age 32, born 1818 at Russell County, a laborer with JERUSHA (age 37, born 1813), LUCY (age 17, born 1833), MARGARET (age 14, born 1836), EUNICE (age 12, born 1838), JONAS (age 7, born 1843), ANNA (age 3, born 1847), and MARTHA J. (age 2, born 1848) -- all born at Russell County. (Living very nearby are David and Rachel Carty.) (In 1850 daughter JANE GREEN and her family and son WILLIAM CASTLE and his family are living in the Western District of Scott County, Virginia.)
  Some researchers indicate that CATHERINE died in Lancaster County, Kentucky. However this researcher believes that this is not accurate and that most likely she died in Russell County, Virginia, where many of her children lived.
  On 1 October 1860 CATHERINE PENIX CASTLE'S husband, ZACH CASTLE, SR. is listed in the census at Dickensonville, Russell County, Virginia at Household # 1170. ZACH is age 60, born 1800 at Virginia, a farmer with $1000 real property and $155 real property, cannot read nor write. Living with him is his housekeeper, SALLIE KILGORE, age 27, born 1833 VA, cannot read nor write and her three children: Eliza, John, and Disy. ZACH lives next t o ZACH CASTLE, Jr., age 23, born 1837 VA, a farmer with $7t personal property, cannot read nor write; his family: LUCY CASTLE, age 27, born 1833, VA, cannot read nor write; CHARLOTTE T. CASTLE, age 2, born 1858, VA; and DARTHULA, age 9 months, VA. On the other side of Zach Castle, SR., lives EUNICE CASTLE, age 60, born 1800, VA with her daughter HANNAH age 27 and granddaughters VIRGINIA age 5 and MAHATHA age 2. By this time Zach's wife, CATHERINE PENNIX, has died.
  On 23 July 1870 CATHERINE's husband, ZACHARIAH CASTLE was enumerated living alone at Copper Creek, Lebanon P.O. in Russell County, Virginia as household #114/115. His age was given as 80, born in Virginia c1790, a retired farmer with $100 real estate and $520 in personal property. He could not read nor write. He lived in very close proximity to their son, John Castle and wife Jerusha, son Isaac Castle and second wife Martha. Nearby are many members of the Salyers family. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.