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Marriage: Children:
  1. Rebecca IJAMS: Birth: 1782.

  2. John Howard IJAMS: Birth: 1783 in Maryland. Death: 1857 in Noble Co., OH

  3. Rachel IJAMS: Birth: 1784.

  4. Mary IJAMS: Birth: 1788 in Maryland.

  5. Comfort IJAMS: Birth: 1792 in Washington Co., MD. Death: 1845 in Perry Co., OH

  6. Isaac Howard IJAMS: Birth: 1794 in Washington Co., MD. Death: 1845 in Perry Co., OH

  7. Joseph Howard IJAMS: Birth: 1797 in Washington Co., MD. Death: AFT 21 SEP 1828

  8. Sarah Howard IJAMS: Birth: 6 OCT 1798 in Washington Co., MD. Death: 12 FEB 1829

  9. Frederick Roger IJAMS: Birth: 1800 in Washington Co., MD.

  10. William Howard IJAMS: Birth: ABT 27 SEP 1807 in Fairfield Co., OH. Death: 16 AUG 1894

  11. Richard Daniel IJAMS: Birth: 12 JUL 1811 in Fairfield Co., OH. Death: 1 DEC 1880 in Walton, Cass Co., IN

1. Title:   All books, microfilm, notarized copies, letters, etc. of Mable HARVEY THORNTON C.G.Began 1949-1985 in possession of Betty HARVEY REED

a. Note:   See notes under father, Captain John IJAMS, Gent.
  Settled in Fairfield County, Ohio by 1806.
  Mentioned in the will of his father but not in the will of his mother (1812).
  Source: Anne Arundel Gentry, Vol I, section on IJAMS Family:
  William IJAMS, son of John and Rebecca (JONES) IJAMS, was born in All Hallow's Parish. By the will of his father he received several negro slaves,
 and resided in his native parish, but later settled in Frederick County. He
 married Eliezabeth, daughter to Joseph and Rachel (Ridgely) Howard, of Anne
 Arundel County. On March 12, 1785, Rachel Howard devised her daughter,
 Elizabeth IJAMS, several slaves, stating in the deed that they were from the
 estate of her deceased husband, Joseph Howard.
  From his deceased cousin, Willaim IJAMS, he inderited 400 acres of 'CHENEY's Resolution', which he mortgaged to NICHOLAS Maccubbin, Gent. On June
 3, 1778, NICHOLAS Maccubbin released him from the lien stating in the indenture
 that William IJAMS had inherited the plantation as the residuary heir of his
 cousin. On July 15, 1789, of Anne Arundel, declaring himself as the son of
 John and Rebecca IJAMS, he sold his portion of 'CHENEY's Resolution' to Edward
 Hall, son of HENRY, Gent., for 1,987 pounds, 10 shillings. The conveyance
 contained 400 acres of the plantation near the head of South River except 150
 acres then in the possession of Gassaway Rawlings and the heirs of Isaiah
 CHENEY. He signed the deed of conveyance, while his wife, Elizabeth, waived
 all rights of dower.
  In March 1778, he manifested his loyalty to the Colonies by taking the
 Oath of Allegiance to the State of Maryland before Judge Richard Harwood Jr.,
 signing his name as 'William IJAMS of John'.
  In 1806 he was a tithable in Richland Township, Fairfield County, Ohio,
 where he and his two brothers settled a couple of years previously. He died in
 Fairfield County in 1816. His last will and testament mentioned sons John,
 Isaac, Joseph, Frederick, a widow and unnamed daughters.
  At the 1830 census for Fairfiled County, his sons, Joseph Howard IJAMS and
 William Howard IJAMS, were heads of families. His son, John Howard IJAMS held
 a commission during the War of 1812. The latter's son in law, William J.
 HESTER of Sarahville, Noble County, Ohio, addressed a letter to the
 Commissioner of Pensions, dated January 25, 1884, stating that the widow of
 John Howard IJAMS was still alive.
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