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Marriage: Children:
  1. William IJAMS: Birth: 1753 in All Hallow's, Anne Arundel Co., MD. Death: 1816 in Fairfield Co., OH

  2. Isaac Plummer IJAMS: Birth: 1765 in Anne Arundel Co., MD. Death: 1825 in Fairfield Co., OH

  3. Thomas Plummer IJAMS: Birth: 4 APR 1773 in All Hallow's, Anne Arundel County, Maryland. Death: 16 AUG 1847 in Muskingum County, Ohio

  4. Mary IJAMS: Death: AFT SEP 1777

  5. Elizabeth IJAMS: Death: AFT 12 FEB 1811

  6. Anne IJAMS: Death: 8 JAN 1802 in All Hallow's, Anne Arundel Co., MD

  7. John IJAMS: Birth: in All Hallow's, Anne Arundel Co., MD. Death: AFT 29 MAR 1823 in Frederick Co., MD

  8. Rebecca IJAMS: Death: AFT 9 OCT 1782

1. Title:   Book by Reb Orrell permission 04-12-2004

a. Note:   See notes under father, William IJAMS.
  Source: Anne Arundel Gentry, Vol I, section on IJAMS Family:
  Military: Colonial War.
  John IIAMS, son of William and Elizabeth (Plummer) IIAMS, was born 1712 at
 'Bridge HILL', in All Hallow's Parish, and baptized with his brother, Plummer,
 on August 6, 1718. His wife was Rebecca, a daughter of Isaac JONES. On June
 23, 1776, Captain John IIAMS and Rebecca his wife, Thomas Watkins and Elizabeth
 his wife and Mary JONES, the heirs of Isaac JONES, decased, conveyed to Thomas
 Gibbs, of Anne Arundel, the 800 acre dwelling plantation of the late Isaac
  John IIAMS became a merchant of South River and was apparently the first
 of the family to acquire wealth. He was a member of the famous Old South River
 Club, still in existence, and was styled Captain in official records which
 indicated that he served in the Provincial Militia. At one time he was a
 warden of All Hallow's Parish. In 1755 he with others submitted a petition to
 the Council denying the rumore of tumultuous meetings and cabaling among the
 negroes and the 'misbehaving' of Roman Catholics.
  On July 28, 1744, he bought of Stephen Warman, of Anne Arundel, for 45
 pounds, a 45 acre portion of 'Dodoen' as laid out for Thomas Plummer. Ann
 Warman, wife, waived her dower interest. On Janaury 10, 1745, styled 'Johm
 IIAMS, Merchant', Joseph Williams, of Anne Arundel, placed a mortgage with him
 to the value of 100 pounds on his slaves and other personalty. It seemed as if
 Joseph Williams uas unable to redeem the mortgage, therefore, in Janaury 1747,
 he conveyed to him for 41 pounds 'Brewerton', containing 100 acres or a portion
 of the tract on which South River Church stood. It bordered on the plantation
 'Bessonton' and ran to the plantation of GEORGE IIAMS. Margaret Williams,
 wife, gave her consent. On December 13, 1740, John IIAMS and Richard Williams
 had offered bond to the value of 200 pounds for Joseph Williams, the
 administrator of William Brewer. Later on. or in 1771, Captain John IIAMS with
 William Williams were sureties to the value of 200 pounds for Margaret
 Williams, the executrix of Joseph Williams, decased, late of Anne Arundel
  On April 2, 1748, styled 'Captain John IIAMS, Gent.' he placed a mortgage
 on his dwelling plantation 'Bridge HILL', of 100 acres, and 'Dodon' of about
 109 acres with James Dick, Merchant, inasmuch he, Captain John IIAMS and John
 IIAMS Jr. were indebted to the said James Dick. On December 13, 1762, he
 assigned to James Dick 'Brewton', the dwelling plantation of Joseph Williams,
 Carpenter, which the latter had conveyed to John IIAMS on January 12, 1747.
 These transactions were presumably mortgages, inasmuch on May 8, 1765. John
 IIAMS for five shillings assigned 'Brewton' To Joseph Williams and Margaret his
  On March 12, 1762, he deeded Plummer IIAMS, of Anne Arundel, for 100
 portions 'Bridge HILL' and 'dodon' with improvements. On November 25, 1763,
 James Dick, Merchant, released him from the mortgage on 'Bridge HILL' and
  In March 1778, before Judge Richard harwood Jr., of Anne Arundel County,
 he subscribed to the Oath of Allegiance to the State of Marylnad. During the
 colonial period he had not only served the Lord Proprietory in the protection
 of his Province in the Militia, but had also served at various times as Justice
 of the Peace for Anne Arundel County, especially in 1748-9 and 1761.
  On July 13, 1778, he made a deposition during a law suit, 'Captain John
 IIAMS Sr.', aged 66 years. He stated that he had known Johnathan Rawlings, the
 Complainant, since infancy and GEORGE Steuart, the Defendant, since his arrival
 in America. He had also known Aaron Rawlings, lated of Anne Arundel County,
 father of Johathan, from infancy. Aaron Rawlings lived on 'JONES' Lot' until
 his death about 42 years ago, and also knew Moses and Ann Rawlings children of
 Aaron Rawlings. Moses Rawlings married and predeceased his father. Anne
 Rawlings married before the death of her faterh a sailor by the name of ---
 JONES who was lost at sea. They lived together for about two or three years.
 After the death of JONES, Anne had two daughter, though never marrie dagain,
 and died about 15 years ago. Aaron Rawlings, another brother of the
 Complainant, died about 20 years ago, leaving three sons and five daughters.
  On August 30, 1780, as 'Captian John IJAMS Sr.', he was appointed
 inspector at TAYLOR's Landing in Anne Arundel County.
  His last will and testament was drawn up on October 9, 1782, in the
 presence of Plummer IIAMS, John IIAMS of Plummer, Joseph Williams and Christian
 Parrott. It was probated at a court held in Anne Arundel County on April 21,
  To daughter Elizabeth IJAMS - 5 pounds. To grandchildren John and Rebecca, of 'my daughter Mary IJAMS' - 20 shillings.
 To eldest son William - negroes To son in law Thomas IIAMS - negroes To son John - negroes To son Isaac Plummer IIAMS - negroes To son Thomas Plummer IIAMS - negroes To wife Rebecca IIAMS the dwelling plantation and at her decease to be
 divided between his minor sons Isaac and Thomas, if they died without issue
 then to son William.
 Executor - wife Rebecca. The inventory was filed under the name of Captain John IIAMS and was
 appraised at 415 pounds, 15 shillings, 2 pence. Isaac IJAMS and Ann Stockett
 signed as the kinsmen. Twelve negroes were listed in the inventory, and the
 horse 'Primrose' was listed as a legacy to the son, Isaac.
  Three of the sons of Captain John IIAMS were poineers to Fairfield County,
 Ohio - William, Isaac and Thomas Plummer - all well established there by 1806,
 according to an extant tax list. In that year the following were tithables all
 in Richaland Township - William IJAMS, William IJAMS Jr., Isaac IJAMS and
 Thomas IJAMS.
  The widow and her son, John IJAMS, filed on August 24, 1785, the final
 account on his estate, when the balance of 348 pounds, 10 shillings, 1 pence,
 was distributed to the heirs. They accouted for the loss of two cows and sheep
 destroyed 'by the severe winter'.
  The widow settled in Frederick County where some of her children had
 settled and died testate. Her will, dated February 12, 1811, was probated on
 February 1, 1812. She bequeathed $1.00 and no more to her sons John, Isaac and
 Thomas. Legacies were willed to her daughter Elizabeth Fenly, and to Elizabeth
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