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Geertje Derks: Birth: 1769 in Winsum. Death: 15 DEC 1826 in Baflo
Geertruid Derks: Birth: 14 SEP 1650 in Groningen. Death: 6 JUN 1689
Gezina Harms Derks: Birth: 1813 in Leens. Death: 29 DEC 1882 in Ulrum
Griet Cornelis Derks: Birth: 1900 in Amsterdam. Death: 30 MAR 1901 in Nieuwe Pekela
Harm Derks: Birth: 1780 in Middelstum.
Heiltje Cornelis Derks: Birth: 1891 in Groningen.
Hilje Derks: Birth: ABT 1742 in Meeden. Death: 5 APR 1806 in Meeden
Hindrik Derks: Birth: 1691 in Beerta.
Kristina Geertdina Derks: Birth: 8 JAN 1889 in Veendam.
Maria Onnetta Derks: Birth: 1890 in Bellingwolde.
Martje Derks: Birth: 1766. Death: 26 MAR 1829 in Termunten
Pieter Derks: Birth: 25 FEB 1718 in Winsum, Groningen. Death: 30 MAY 1762 in Winsum, Groningen
Ruurd Cornelis Derks: Birth: JUL 1893 in Groningen. Death: 10 NOV 1893 in Groningen
Ruurd Cornelis Derks: Birth: 1894 in Groningen.
Siert Derks: Birth: 11 OCT 1642 in Huizinge. Death: 21 DEC 1642
Siert Derks: Birth: 24 JAN 1644 in Huizinge. Death: 4 AUG 1670
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Wilhemina Anna Derksen: Birth: 3 AUG 1902 in Hoogezand. Death: 21 JUL 1953 in Coevorden
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Roelfje Johannes Dermois: Birth: 10 APR 1899 in Haulerwijk.
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Pieter Heines Dertien: Birth: 1870 in Loppersum.
Jannetje Leenderts Derto: Birth: 1827 in 's-Heer Arendskerke.
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Alphonsus Franciescus Desaunois: Birth: 1873 in Graauw.
Anna Maria Desaunois: Birth: APR 1871 in Graauw en Langendam. Death: 2 SEP 1871 in Graauw en Langendam
Franciescus Josephus Desaunois: Birth: 1844 in Ossenisse.
Franciscus Jacobus Desaunois: Birth: 26 FEB 1870 in Graauw en Langendam. Death: 20 MAR 1873 in Graauw en Langendam
Wilhelmina Franciescus Desaunois: Birth: 1881 in Zandvoort.
Cornelis Cornelis Deseijn: Birth: 18 JUL 1872 in Biervliet.
Johannes Jacobus Deseijn: Birth: 27 SEP 1898 in Biervliet.
Maria Janna Deseijn: Birth: 8 SEP 1897 in Biervliet.
Suzanna Catharina Deseijn: Birth: 10 OCT 1900 in Biervliet.
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Diewer Katharina Dethmers: Birth: 1892 in Nieuw Scheemda.
Eiltje Dethmers Dethmers: Birth: 1866 in Scheemda. Death: 2 JUN 1915 in Scheemda
Grietje Hessels Dethmers: Birth: 13 APR 1806 in Farmsum.
Jacob Hessel Dethmers: Birth: 1873 in Middelstum.
Martha Willems Dethmers: Birth: 1874 in Middelstum.
Willem Jakob Dethmers: Birth: 1846 in Delfzijl.
Alberdina Christofs Detmers: Birth: 26 AUG 1858 in Groningen. Death: 10 FEB 1941 in Alphen aan de Rijn
Antje Christofs Detmers: Birth: 6 JUN 1861 in Groningen. Death: 19 MAY 1940 in Groningen
Christof Diedrich Detmers: Birth: 21 JAN 1811 in Emden, Dld. Death: 18 OCT 1873 in Groningen
Geessien Christofs Detmers: Birth: 18 JUL 1855 in Groningen. Death: 22 MAR 1930 in Slochteren
Reina Henderika Detmers: Birth: 1894 in Midwolda.
Alida Wilhelmina Detz: Birth: 1892 in Meeden. Death: 3 DEC 1919 in Wildervank
Evert Harms Detz: Birth: 8 MAR 1899 in Muntendam.
Frederik Harms Detz: Birth: 25 NOV 1891 in Wildervank. Death: 9 JUL 1893 in Groningen
Frederik Jans Detz: Birth: 1858 in Veendam. Death: 12 FEB 1947 in Sappemeer
Geert Harms Detz: Birth: 1 JAN 1897 in Muntendam. Death: 13 APR 1944 in Oldenzaal
Geert Jans Detz: Birth: 1866 in Veendam. Death: 25 AUG 1889 in Veendam
Harm Harms Detz: Birth: 7 MAY 1893 in Muntendam. Death: 12 JUN 1946 in Groningen
Harm Jans Detz: Birth: 1861 in Veendam.
Jan Frederiks Detz: Birth: 1885 in Meeden. Death: 10 DEC 1950 in Veendam
Jan Geerts Detz: Birth: 18 MAR 1888 in Veendam.
Jan Roelof Detz: Birth: 8 MAY 1895 in Muntendam.
Johannes Geerts Detz: Birth: 5 OCT 1889 in Veendam.
Lammechien Frederiks Detz: Birth: 1896 in Meeden. Death: 4 FEB 1918 in Veendam
Markus Roelfs Detz: Birth: 1888. Death: 4 JAN 1890 in Veendam
Markus Roelfs Detz: Birth: 1890 in Veendam.
Martje Frederiks Detz: Birth: 1884 in Meeden.
Remiena Magretha Detz: Birth: 21 NOV 1900 in Muntendam.
Remmina Grietje Detz: Birth: 1896. Death: 5 JUN 1898 in Veendam
Roelf Jans Detz: Birth: 1864 in Veendam. Death: 9 MAR 1925 in Zuidbroek
Roelof Roelfs Detz: Birth: 1901. Death: 18 OCT 1904 in Hoogezand
Janna Machiels Deumis: Birth: 1838 in Rilland. Death: 24 JAN 1917 in Yerseke
Adriana Jacobus Deurink: Birth: 1871 in Terneuzen.
Cornelis Cornelis Deurink: Birth: 1887 in Zaamslag.
Cornelis Jacobus Deurink: Birth: 1861 in Terneuzen.
Dingenis Jacobus Deurink: Birth: 1857 in Terneuzen. Death: 15 MAR 1938 in Hoek
Jacobus Cornelis Deurink: Birth: 1886 in Zaamslag.
Jacobus Dignus Deurink: Birth: 1827 in Terneuzen. Death: 16 FEB 1905 in Terneuzen
Janna Jacobus Deurink: Birth: 1863 in Terneuzen.
Enna Aletta Deurloo: Birth: 8 JUN 1873 in Lisse.
Neeltje Adriana Deurloo: Birth: 1883 in Tholen. Death: 22 AUG 1937 in Oud-Vossemeer
Cornelis Sents Deurwaarder: Birth: 1880 in Zaamslag.
Maatje Anthonina Deurwaarder: Birth: 1897 in Zaamslag.
Maria Sents Deurwaarder: Birth: 1874 in Zaamslag.
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Gertrude Elsie DeVries: Birth: 1 APR 1903. Death: 14 MAR 1993 in Grand Rapids, MI
Minnie deVries: Birth: 6 SEP 1893 in Ottawa County. Death: 4 AUG 1930 in Ottawa County
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Occo DeWent: Birth: 19 MAR 1866 in Leens. Death: 2 AUG 1941
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