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1. Page:   1913/33269
Source:   S1
2. Title:   Birth Certificate Death Certificate
Page:   1971/1915
Source:   S5

a. Note:   Birth Registration.. 1913/33269. Marriage Registration..1939/12219. Death Registration.. 1915 Marriage certificate gives his occupation as a fisherman - his father as a sharefarmer. Little is known of my father - he was not very forthcoming about his family and early life. As a boy he lived in Lidcombe in Sydney, in what period and for how long we don't know. When he was about 15, he recieved a bronze medal for saving another boys life from drowning in the Parramatta River. There was a clipping from the Salvation Army 'War Cry', however both the medal and the clipping have disappeared. He met my mother in Grafton and married there. At the time of his marriage, Eric was described as a 'fisherman'. His current address at that time was - 120 Pound St. Grafton. We lived there until his railway job had us move to Narrabri where we lived at 29 Reid Street. This house had a verandah that went right around the house and as boys we slept on the verandah. During winter we had to move the beds back inside the house. We had a Cocker Spaniel that used to sleep under our beds on the verandah. We later moved to Boyleston, about 24 miles from Grafton to mum's fathers farm. The farm was of about 20 acres. The 4 boys caught a bus to school, a one teacher school about 14 miles away at Whiporee. We then moved to Taree, to 13 Robertson Street. We went to school at Taree West. We then moved to Sydney - to 95 Queen Street, Canley Vale. Then mum died there and our world fell apart. Eldest brother Eric left school to try to look after the family while dad went to work. Then dad decided to put all of us bar Eric and Trevor, the two eldest boys, into Burnside Presbyterian Homes for children. Trevor went to live with the family of one of his mates. " I suppose life was pretty hard when we were kids, but we always had plenty to eat and clothes on our back. Mum was a great cook, always cooked great meals, always had sweets after tea. We only ever had chicken twice a year as it was very expensive in those days. We allways had chickens - so the one that was not laying eggs at that time got the chop. Dad was a very good gardener and always kept a vegie garden." [Notes provided by his eldest son - Eric Robert Brown] is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.