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John Yngling-Clifford: Birth: about 1388. Death: 13 Mar 1422 in Meaux, Seine-et-Marne, ´┐Żle-de-France, France
Maud Yngling-Clifford: Birth: about 1237.
Robert Yngling-Clifford: Birth: about 1274. Death: 24 Jun 1314 in Bannockburn, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Robert Yngling-Clifford: Birth: 1305. Death: 1344
Roger Yngling-Clifford: Birth: about 1168.
Roger Yngling-Clifford: Birth: about 1216. Death: 1286
Roger Yngling-Clifford: Birth: 1244. Death: 1282
Roger Yngling-Clifford: Birth: 1333. Death: 1389
Thomas Yngling-Clifford: Birth: 1363. Death: 1391
Walter FitzRichard Yngling-Clifford: Birth: about 1113.
Walter Yngling-Clifford: Birth: about 1136. Death: 1223
Walter Yngling-Clifford: Birth: about 1187.
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Aufrick Yngling-Crovan-Su reyjar-Dyflin: Birth: about 1162.
Gu r r l fsson Yngling-Crovan-Su reyjar-Dyflin: Death: 10 November 1187
Ragnvald Gu r rsson Yngling-Crovan-Ynys Manaw: Death: 14 Feb 1229
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H lfdan "The Valiant" Haraldrsson Yngling-Danmark: Birth: about 590 in Jutland. Death: 650
Yngvar Ragnarrsson Yngling-Danmark: Birth: about 802. Death: 873
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Halfdan "White Shirt" Ragnarsson Yngling-Danmark-Dyflin: Death: about 877
Sigtyggr Halfdansson Yngling-Danmark-Dyflin: Birth: about 860. Death: 896
Sigtyggr Sigtyggrsson "The Squint-Eyed" Yngling-Danmark-Dyflin-J rv k: Death: 927
Sitric mac Amla b Cuar n "Silk Beard" Yngling-Danmark-Dyflin-J rv k: Death: 1042 in Dublin, Ireland
l fr Sigtyggrsson "The Sandaled" Yngling-Danmark-Dyflin-J rv k: Death: 981
Haraldr Sigtyggrsson Yngling-Danmark-Hlymrekr: Death: about 940
Gorm Yngvarsson Yngling-Danmark-Sverige: Birth: about 844.
Ragnarr "Hairy-Breeches" Sigur rsson Yngling-Danmark-Sverige: Birth: in Scandinavia. Death: about 860 in England
lafr "The White" Ingjaldsson Yngling-Dyflin: Birth: about 840.
orsteinn lafrsson "The Red" Yngling-Dyflin: Birth: about 860.
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R bar r Yngling-Gar ar ki: Birth: about 640 in Rusland.
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Agnes Yngling-Glanville: Birth: about 1125.
Emma Yngling-Glanville: Birth: about 1207.
Helen Yngling-Glanville: Death: about 1194
Hervey Yngling-Glanville: Birth: 1095 in Bawdsey, Woodbridge, Suffolk, England. Death: 1147 in Eye, Suffolk, England
Hervey Yngling-Glanville: Birth: 1070 in Eye, Suffolk, England. Death: 1147 in Eye, Suffolk, England
Maud Yngling-Glanville: Birth: 1148 in Antley, Suffolk, England. Death: c. 1170 in Sudury, Suffolk, England
Rainald Yngling-Glanville: Birth: about 1010.
Ranulph Yngling-Glanville: Birth: 1112 in Eye, Suffolk, England. Death: 21 Oct 1190 in Jerusalem, Palestine
Ranulph Yngling-Glanville: Birth: about 1110.
Ranulph Yngling-Glanville: Birth: 1030. Death: 1070 in England
William Yngling-Glanville: Birth: about 1100.
William Yngling-Glanville: Birth: about 1068.
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Hro gar Gormsson Yngling-Gomerri: Birth: about 875.
Anschetil Yngling-Harcourt: Birth: about 989.
Audrey Yngling-Harcourt: Birth: about 1115.
Humphrey Yngling-Harcourt: Birth: about 980.
Robert "The Strong" Yngling-Harcourt: Birth: about 1034.
Robert Yngling-Harcourt: Birth: about 1091.
Gormr I "The Old" Knudsson Yngling-Hardeknud-Danmark-Norge: Birth: about 910. Death: about 958
Haraldr I "Bluetooth" Gormsson Yngling-Hardeknud-Danmark-Norge: Birth: about 935. Death: about 985
Thyra Haraldsdottir Yngling-Hardeknud-Danmark-Norge: Birth: about 962.
Svend I "Forkbeard" Haraldsson Yngling-Hardeknud-Danmark-Norge-England: Birth: about 960 in Denmark. Death: 3 February 1014 in England
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Hro gar Yngling-Mont Gomerie: Birth: about 906.
Hugo Yngling-Montgomerie: Birth: about 955.
Roger I Yngling-Montgomerie: Birth: about 985.
Sibyl Yngling-Montgomerie: Birth: about 1062.
Vilhelm Hro garsson Yngling-Montgomerie: Birth: about 930.
Lesseline Yngling-Montgomerie-Harcourt: Death: 1058
Torulf Torfsson Yngling-Montgomerie-Harcourt: Birth: about 950.
Turquetil Yngling-Montgomerie-Harcourt: Birth: about 955.
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Robert Yngling-Montgomery-Bell me: Birth: 1052.
Adele Yngling-Montgomery-Ponthieu: Birth: about 1181.
Clemence Yngling-Montgomery-Ponthieu: Birth: about 1122. Death: 1189
Ela Yngling-Montgomery-Ponthieu: Birth: about 1115. Death: 1174
Gui II Yngling-Montgomery-Ponthieu: Birth: about 1120. Death: 1147 in Turkey
Guillaume III Talvas Yngling-Montgomery-Ponthieu: Birth: about 1095. Death: 20 June 1172
Guillaume IV Talvas Yngling-Montgomery-Ponthieu: Birth: about 1179. Death: October 4, 1221
Jean I Yngling-Montgomery-Ponthieu: Birth: about 1140. Death: 30 jun 1191 in Acre, Palestine
Marie Jeanne Yngling-Montgomery-Ponthieu: Birth: 17 April 1199. Death: 1251
Avice Yngling-Montgomery-Shrewsbury: Birth: about 1092.
Matilda Yngling-Montgomery-Shrewsbury: Birth: about 1045.
Roger II "The Poitevin" Yngling-Montgomery-Shrewsbury: Birth: about 1054. Death: 1123
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John Yngling-Mowbray: Birth: 1340 in Epworth, Lincolnshire, England. Death: 1368 in Constantinople
John Yngling-Mowbray: Birth: 1310. Death: 1361
John Yngling-Mowbray: Birth: 1286. Death: 1322
Nigel Yngling-Mowbray: Birth: about 1077. Death: about 1130
Nigel Yngling-Mowbray: Birth: about 1146 in England. Death: 1191 in Acre, Palestine
Roger Yngling-Mowbray: Birth: about 1105.
Roger Yngling-Mowbray: Death: 1266
Roger Yngling-Mowbray: Birth: 1254. Death: 1297 in Ghent, Flanders
William Yngling-Mowbray: Birth: about 1172.
Margaret Yngling-Mowbray-Nottingham: Birth: about 1388.
Thomas Yngling-Mowbray-Nottingham: Birth: 1366. Death: 1400 in Venice, Italy
Ingrid Olafsdottir Yngling-Muns : Birth: about 1001. Death: 1050
Olaw r III Eir ksson "Sk tkonung" Yngling-Muns : Birth: about 980.
Alice Yngling-Muns -Nor anhymbr: Birth: about 1076.

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