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Thomas Yngling-Mowbray-Nottingham: Birth: 1366. Death: 1400 in Venice, Italy
Ingrid Olafsdottir Yngling-Muns : Birth: about 1001. Death: 1050
Olaw r III Eir ksson "Sk tkonung" Yngling-Muns : Birth: about 980.
Alice Yngling-Muns -Nor anhymbr: Birth: about 1076.
Maud Yngling-Muns -Nor anhymbr
Wal eof Yngling-Muns -Nor anhymbr: Death: 31 may 1076
Siward Bjornsson Yngling-Muns -Nor anhymbra: Death: 1055
Asbj rn Ulfsson Yngling-Muns -Sk ne: Birth: about 1020.
lfr Thorkillsson Yngling-Muns -Sk ne: Birth: 967. Death: 22 Sep 1027
Styrbj rn Starke Olafsson Yngling-Muns -Sveirge: Birth: 959. Death: 985
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Harald H rfagre Yngling-Norge: Birth: about 850.
Ulfhild l frsdottir Yngling-Norge: Birth: about 1025. Death: 1071
l fr "The Holy" Haraldsson Yngling-Norge: Birth: 995. Death: July 29, 1030
Magnus I l frsson "The Good" Yngling-Norge-Danmark: Birth: about 1022. Death: 1047
Ragnhild Magnusdottir Yngling-Norge-Danmark: Birth: about 1038.
Adeliza Yngling-Normandie: Birth: about 1026 in Calvados, Normandy. Death: BEF 1090
Alice Yngling-Normandie: Birth: about 1000.
Beatrice Yngling-Normandie: Birth: about 980.
Eleanora Yngling-Normandie: Birth: about 1005 in Normandy. Death: in Flanders
Emma "The Flower of Normandy" Yngling-Normandie: Birth: about 968. Death: 1052
Hawise Yngling-Normandie: Birth: about 977 in Normandie. Death: 21 Feb 1034 in Breizh
Hr lfr "The Ganger" Ragnvaldsson Yngling-Normandie: Birth: about 860 in M�re Nord-Trondelag, Norway. Death: 931 in Rouen, Normandy, France
Muriella Yngling-Normandie: Birth: about 990.
Papia Yngling-Normandie: Birth: about 1007.
Pons FitzGuillaume Yngling-Normandie: Birth: about 1000.
Pons FitzPons Yngling-Normandie: Birth: about 1034 in Normandy.
Richard FitzPons Yngling-Normandie: Birth: about 1087.
Richard II "The Good" Yngling-Normandie: Birth: 0958 in Rouen, Normandy, France. Death: 28 Aug 1027 in F�camp, Normandie, France
Robert "The Magnificent" Yngling-Normandie: Birth: 22 June 1000 in Normandy, France. Death: 03 July 1035 in Nicaea, Bithynia, Turkey
R kar ur I "The Fearless" Vilhj lmrsson Yngling-Normandie: Birth: 28 Aug 933 in F�camp, France. Death: 20 Nov 996 in F�camp, Normandie, France
Vilhj lmr "Langaspj t" Hr lfrsson Yngling-Normandie: Birth: 900 in Rouen, Normandie, France. Death: 17 Dec 943 in Island Picquigny, Somme River, Normandy, France
Gilbert "Crispin" Yngling-Normandie-Brienne: Birth: about 985. Death: 1040
Godfrey FitzRichard Yngling-Normandie-Brienne: Birth: about 953 in Normandy.
Hesillia Yngling-Normandie-Brienne: Birth: about 1041. Death: 1086
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Agnes Yngling-Normandie-Eu: Death: about 1124
Guillaume Yngling-Normandie-Eu: Birth: about 972. Death: 26 January 1057
Guillaume Yngling-Normandie-Eu: Birth: about 1050 in Normandy.
Robert Yngling-Normandie-Eu: Birth: about 1022. Death: 1089
Robert Yngling-Normandie-Eu: Birth: about 1022. Death: 1089
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Guillaume III Yngling-Normandie-Eu-Hastings: Death: about 1095
Henri Yngling-Normandie-Eu-Hastings: Death: about 1140
John Yngling-Normandie-Eu-Hastings: Death: about 1170
Maud Yngling-Normandie-Eu-Hastings: Death: 1241
Adeliza Yngling-Normandy-Clare: Birth: 1092. Death: 1163
Agnes Yngling-Normandy-Clare: Birth: about 1091.
Avice Yngling-Normandy-Clare: Birth: about 1070.
Ela Yngling-Normandy-Clare: Birth: about 1220.
Gilbert FitzRichard "The Marshall" Yngling-Normandy-Clare: Birth: about 1065. Death: 1117
Hawise Yngling-Normandy-Clare: Birth: about 1097.
Isabel Yngling-Normandy-Clare: Birth: about 1100.
Margaret Yngling-Normandy-Clare: Birth: about 1095.
Maud FitzRobert Yngling-Normandy-Clare: Birth: about 1125.
Richard FitzGilbert Yngling-Normandy-Clare: Birth: about 1035. Death: 1089
Robert FitzRichard Yngling-Normandy-Clare: Birth: about 1064.
Robert FitzWalter Yngling-Normandy-Clare: Birth: about 1140.
Rohese FitzRichard Yngling-Normandy-Clare: Birth: about 1064. Death: 1121
Walter FitzRobert Yngling-Normandy-Clare: Birth: about 1122.
Walter FitzRobert Yngling-Normandy-Clare: Birth: about 1160.
William FitzRichard Yngling-Normandy-Clare: Birth: about 1075.
Gilbert Yngling-Normandy-Clare-Gloucester: Birth: about 1181. Death: 1230 in Brittany, France
Isabel Yngling-Normandy-Clare-Gloucester: Birth: 1226.
Isabel Yngling-Normandy-Clare-Gloucester: Birth: about 1240.
Richard Yngling-Normandy-Clare-Gloucester: Birth: 1222. Death: 1262
Rohese Yngling-Normandy-Clare-Gloucester: Birth: 1252.
Alianore Yngling-Normandy-Clare-Gloucester-Hertford: Birth: 1292. Death: 1337 in Caerphilly Castle, Glamorgan, Wales
Elizabeth Yngling-Normandy-Clare-Gloucester-Hertford: Birth: 1295. Death: 1360
Gilbert "The Red" Yngling-Normandy-Clare-Gloucester-Hertford: Birth: 1243 in England. Death: 1295 in Monmouth, Wales
Margaret Yngling-Normandy-Clare-Gloucester-Hertford: Birth: 1292. Death: 1342
Alice Yngling-Normandy-Clare-Hertford: Birth: about 1115.
Aveline Yngling-Normandy-Clare-Hertford: Birth: about 1172.
Maud Yngling-Normandy-Clare-Hertford: Birth: about 1175.
Richard FitzGilbert Yngling-Normandy-Clare-Hertford: Birth: about 1090. Death: 1136 in Abergavenny
Richard Yngling-Normandy-Clare-Hertford: Birth: 1153.
Roger "The Good" Yngling-Normandy-Clare-Hertford: Birth: 1116. Death: 1173
Basilia Yngling-Normandy-Clare-Pembroke: Birth: about 1116.
Gilbert FitzGilbert Yngling-Normandy-Clare-Pembroke: Birth: about 1100. Death: 1148
Isabel Yngling-Normandy-Clare-Pembroke: Birth: 9 Oct 1172 in Pembroke, Pembrokeshire, Wales. Death: 17 Jan 1220 in Pembroke, Pembrokeshire, Wales
Richard "Strongbow" FitzGilbert Yngling-Normandy-Clare-Pembroke: Birth: 21 Sep 1130 in Tunbridge Castle, Kent, England. Death: 9 Apr 1176 in Dublin, Leinster, Ireland
Margaret Yngling-Normandy-Clare-Thomond: Birth: about 1284.
Maud Yngling-Normandy-Clare-Thomond: Birth: 1279. Death: 1325
Thomas Yngling-Normandy-Clare-Thomond: Birth: 1245. Death: 1288 in Ireland
Maud Yngling-Normandy-Dunstanville-Cornwall: Birth: about 1140.
Reginald FitzRoy Yngling-Normandy-Dunstanville-Cornwall: Birth: about 1110. Death: 1175
Hugh FitzOdard Yngling-Normandy-Dutton: Birth: about 1096.
Hugh Yngling-Normandy-Dutton: Birth: about 1118.
Hugh Yngling-Normandy-Dutton: Birth: about 1154.
Hugh Yngling-Normandy-Dutton: Birth: about 1172 in Dutton, England. Death: about 1237
Katherine Yngling-Normandy-Dutton: Birth: about 1259.
Margaret Yngling-Normandy-Dutton: Birth: about 1257.
Odard Yngling-Normandy-Dutton: Birth: about 1072 in Normandy.
Thomas Yngling-Normandy-Dutton: Birth: about 1220.
Adela Yngling-Normandy-England: Birth: about 1065.
Constance FitzHenry Yngling-Normandy-England
Guillaume I "The Conqueror" Yngling-Normandy-England: Birth: 14 Oct 1024 in Falaise, Calvados, Basse-Normandie, France. Death: 9 Sep 1087 in Rouen, Seine-Maritime, Haute-Normandie, France

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