/Hameline Plantagenet-Surrey
        /William Plantagenet-Warrene-Surrey
       |    \Isabel de Warenne-Surrey
    /John Plantagenet-Warrene-Surrey
   |   |    /William "The Protector" Marshall-Pembroke
   |    \Maud Marshall-Pembroke
   |        \Isabel Yngling-Normandy-Clare-Pembroke
Eleanor Plantagenet-Warrene-Surrey
   |        /Hugh IX "The Brown" de Lusignan
   |    /Hugh X de Lusignan
   |   |    \Mathilde Taileffer-Angoul me
    \Alix de Lusignan
       |    /Aymer Taillefer-Angoul me
        \Isabella Taillefer-Angoul me
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