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Hendrik II Reginarid-Leuven-Brabant: Birth: about 1207. Death: 1248 in Leuven, Brabant
Hendrik III "The Peaceful" Reginarid-Leuven-Brabant: Birth: about 1233. Death: 1261
Ida Reginarid-Leuven-Brabant: Birth: about 1107.
Marguerite Reginarid-Leuven-Brabant: Birth: about 1192.
Marie Reginarid-Leuven-Brabant: Birth: about 1256. Death: 1321
Mathilde Reginarid-Leuven-Brabant: Birth: about 1224.
Mechtilde Reginarid-Leuven-Brabant: Birth: 1197. Death: 1267
William Reginarid-Leuven-de la Plaunche: Birth: about 1190.

Conan Reginarid-Leuven-Fiennes: Birth: about 1088.
Enguerrand II Reginarid-Leuven-Fiennes: Birth: about 1192.
Enguerrand Reginarid-Leuven-Fiennes: Birth: about 1135. Death: 1189 in Palestine
Eustace II Reginarid-Leuven-Fiennes: Birth: about 1110.
Margaret Reginarid-Leuven-Fiennes: Birth: 1262 in Normandy, France. Death: 1332
Maude Reginarid-Leuven-Fiennes: Birth: about 1250.
William II Reginarid-Leuven-Fiennes: Birth: about 1245. Death: 11 Jul 1302
William Reginarid-Leuven-Fiennes: Birth: about 1160.

Ada Reginarid-Leuven-Percy: Birth: about 1225.
Anastasia Reginarid-Leuven-Percy: Birth: about 1220.
Henry II Reginarid-Leuven-Percy: Birth: about 1235. Death: 1272 in England
Henry III Reginarid-Leuven-Percy: Birth: 1273. Death: 1314
Henry IV Reginarid-Leuven-Percy: Birth: 1301. Death: 1352
Henry V Reginarid-Leuven-Percy: Birth: about 1321. Death: 1368
Henry Reginarid-Leuven-Percy: Birth: about 1160. Death: 1198
Matilda Reginarid-Leuven-Percy: Birth: about 1342.
William Reginarid-Leuven-Percy: Birth: about 1193. Death: 1245
Elizabeth Reginarid-Leuven-Percy-Northumberland: Birth: about 1390. Death: 1437
Henry "Hotspur" Reginarid-Leuven-Percy-Northumberland: Birth: 20 May 1364 in Northumberland, England. Death: 21 Jul 1403 in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England
Henry Reginarid-Leuven-Percy-Northumberland: Birth: 10 Nov 1341. Death: 19 Feb 1408 in Bramham, Yorkshire, England
Frances Reich: Birth: 1894.

Margaretha Reicker: Birth: about 1552 in W�rttemberg, Germany. Death: about 1591 in W�rttemberg, Germany

Christopher Reinewald: Birth: 6 Mar 1736 in Towamencin, Montgomery, Pennsylvania, United States. Death: 13 Dec 1814
Melchior Reinewald: Birth: 1 Apr 1744 in Pennsylvania, United States. Death: 5 Dec 1812
Regina Reinewald: Birth: 28 Nov 1764 in Towamencin, Montgomery, Pennsylvania, USA. Death: 5 Nov 1825 in Montgomery, Pennsylvania, USA
Reinwald: Birth: about 1650 in Germany.
Abraham Reinwald: Birth: 4 Nov 1740. Death: 30 Jul 1745
Anna Reinwald: Birth: 1699 in Silesia, Germany. Death: 22 Feb 1785 in Germantown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Anna Reinwald: Birth: 1668 in Harpersdorf, Silesia, Germany. Death: 28 sep 1734 in Philadelphia, PA
Balthazar Reinwald: Birth: 9 apr 1735 in Towamencin, Montgomery, Pennsylvania. Death: 2 feb 1818 in Towamencin, Montgomery, Pennsylvania
Barbara E Reinwald: Birth: 1690 in Silesia, Germany. Death: 24 Aug 1775
Christoph Reinwald: Birth: 1703 in Silesia, Germany. Death: 14 jan 1770 in Towamencin, Montgomery, Pennsylvania
David Reinwald: Birth: 13 Mar 1739 in Pennsylvania, United States. Death: 1816 in Coventry, Chester, Pennsylvania, United States
Judith Reinwald: Birth: 16 Apr 1701 in Silesia, Germany. Death: 13 Sep 1775 in Towamencin, Montgomery, Pennsylvania, United States
Maria Reinwald: Birth: 1707 in Pettst�dt, Bamberg, Bayern, Germany. Death: 7 Nov 1757
Melchior Reinwald: Birth: 1670 in Silesia, Germany. Death: 1734 in Silesia, Germany
Sarah Reinwald: Birth: 26 may 1768 in Hanover, Montgomery, Pennsylvania, USA. Death: 20 aug 1841 in Montgomery Co., PA
Susanna Reinwald: Birth: 10 Jul 1749. Death: 1771
George Reinwalt: Birth: 6 Jul 1700. Death: 10 Jul 1755

Elizabeth Rennie: Birth: 28 Apr 1877 in W. Elizabeth, Allegheny, PA. Death: 16 Jun 1935 in Martins Ferry, OH
Herbert Ross Replogle: Birth: 10 MAR 1889 in Johnstown, Cambria, Pennsylvania, United States.

Alix Rethel-Jerusalem: Birth: about 1110.
Baudouin II Rethel-Jerusalem: Birth: about 1058. Death: 21 August 1131
Melisende Rethel-Jerusalem: Birth: 1105 in Jerusalem, Palestine. Death: 11 September 1161 in Jerusalem, Palestine
Lester "Deb" Rhoads: Birth: 13 JUN 1904 in Pennsylvania, United States. Death: May 28 1964
Bertha Rhodes: Birth: Nov 1880 in Pennsylvania, United States.
Cecil R Rhodes: Birth: 12 Apr 1898 in Pennsylvania, United States.
Dora Pearl Rhodes: Birth: 15 Apr 1886 in Pennsylvania, United States. Death: Apr 1972 in New Bethlehem, Clarion, Pennsylvania, United States
James Rhodes: Birth: 26 May 1884.
Jasper Rhodes: Birth: Oct 1895 in Pennsylvania, United States.
Joseph Chambers Rhodes: Birth: Jun 1852 in Somerset, Somerset, Pennsylvania, United States. Death: 12 Apr 1923 in Armstrong, Pennsylvania, United States
Margie Fay Rhodes: Birth: Nov 1887 in Pennsylvania, United States. Death: 10 Mar 1973 in Natrona Heights, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, United States
Maud Rhodes: Birth: Aug 1882 in Pennsylvania, United States.
Mc Cune Rhodes: Birth: 1879 in Pennsylvania, United States.
Mertie Hilda Rhodes: Birth: Aug 1891 in Pennsylvania, United States.
Terza Rhodes: Birth: Jan 1890 in Pennsylvania, United States.
Zulu Rhodes: Birth: 2 Jan 1894.

Clara B. Richard: Birth: 11 Oct 1913. Death: Oct 1971 in Mc Mechen, Marshall, West Virginia, United States of America

Richardson: Birth: abt 1710 in Middletown, Frederick Co., MD.
Caleb Richardson: Birth: 1839 in Pennsylvania, USA. Death: 1859 in Fillmore County, Minnesota
Cyrus Johnson Richardson: Birth: 16 SEP 1816 in Pleasantville, Venango, Pennsylvania, USA. Death: 04 MAY 1893 in Monte Vista, Rio Grande, Colorado
Cyrus Young Richardson: Birth: 1853 in Ohio.
George S. Richardson: Birth: 1837 in Pennsylvania, USA. Death: 31 JAN 1901 in Alliance, Box Butte, Nebraska, USA
Isaac Homer Richardson: Birth: 1844 in Pennsylvania, USA. Death: 1864
Livonia Bridget Richardson: Birth: 9 Jan 1852 in Venango County, Pennsylvania. Death: 2 sep 1921 in Tidioute, Warren, Pennsylvania
Pheobe Jane Richardson: Birth: 22 DEC 1843 in Pleasantville, Venango, Pennsylvania, USA. Death: 16 JAN 1922 in Monte Vista, Rio Grande, Colorado

Maud Ridel: Birth: about 1097.

Charles L Ries: Birth: abt 1899 in Ohio.
James Frederick Ries: Birth: 11 JAN 1928 in Akron, Summit, OH, US. Death: 14 May 2004 in Akron, Summit, Ohio, United States of America

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