/Philippe II Auguste Capet-France
        /Louis VIII "The Lion" Capet-France
       |    \Isabella Vlaanderen-Hainaut
    /Robert I "The Good" Capet-Artois
   |   |    /Alphonso VIII "The Good" S nchez Borgo a-Castilla
   |    \Blanca Alf nses Borgo a-Castilla
   |        \Eleanor Plantagenet-England
Blanche Capet-Artois
   |        /Hendrik I "The Pious" Reginarid-Leuven-Brabant
   |    /Hendrik II Reginarid-Leuven-Brabant
   |   |    \Mathilde Lothringen-Vlaanderen
    \Mathilde Reginarid-Leuven-Brabant
       |    /Philip II Hohenstauffen-Schwaben
        \Marie Hohenstauffen-Schwaben
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