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Elizabeth Lorraine-Montfort: Birth: about 1050.
Guillaume Lorraine-Montfort: Birth: about 965.
Simon I Lorraine-Montfort: Birth: about 1025 in Montfort l'Amaury, France. Death: 1087
Agnes Lorraine-Montfort- vreux: Birth: about 1123.
Amaury III "The Strong" Lorraine-Montfort- vreux: Birth: 1070. Death: 1137
Bertrade Lorraine-Montfort- vreux: Birth: about 1155. Death: 1227
Simon II Lorraine-Montfort- vreux: Birth: about 1119. Death: 1181
Adelaide Lorraine-Roucy: Birth: about 1014.
Avice Lorraine-Roucy: Birth: about 1016.
Agatha Lothringen: Birth: about 1119.
Beatrix Lothringen: Birth: about 1045.
Gertrude Lothringen: Death: 1144
Gisela Lothringen: Birth: about 1080. Death: 1114
Simon I Lothringen: Birth: 1076. Death: 13 April 1138
Thierry II "The Valiant" Lothringen: Birth: about 1050. Death: 1115
Friedrich Lothringen-Bitsch: Birth: about 1146.
Hedwig Lothringen-Bitsch: Birth: about 1188. Death: 1228
Alix Lothringen-Elsa : Birth: about 1144.
Mathias Lothringen-Elsa : Birth: about 1110. Death: 1176
Lothringen-Hainaut: Birth: about 926.
Beatrix Lothringen-Hainaut: Birth: 998.
Reginar II Lothringen-Hainaut: Birth: 890. Death: 932
Reginar III Lothringen-Hainaut: Birth: about 921. Death: 973 in Bohemia
Reginar IV Lothringen-Hainaut: Birth: about 950. Death: 1013
Alice Lothringen-Mons: Birth: about 1140.
Gossuin III Lothringen-Mons: Death: about 1177
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Diederik Lothringen-Vlaanderen: Birth: about 1100. Death: January 17, 1168
Judith Lothringen-Vlaanderen: Birth: about 1165.
Marguerite Lothringen-Vlaanderen: Death: 15 nov 1194
Mathilde Lothringen-Vlaanderen: Birth: about 1163.
Matthijs Lothringen-Vlaanderen: Birth: about 1137. Death: 25 Jul 1173
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Chester Gilbert Lounsbury: Birth: abt 1885 in New York.
Hazel Belle Lounsbury: Birth: 5 JUN 1909 in Perry, Wyoming Co, NY. Death: 28 Jul 2000 in Syracuse, Onondaga, NY
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Isabel Lovel: Birth: about 1310.
Joan Lovel: Birth: about 1297.
John Lovel: Birth: about 1288.
John Lovel: Birth: about 1222. Death: 1287
John Lovel: Birth: about 1253.
Maud Lovel: Birth: about 1280.
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Amice Lowe: Birth: 1245 in England. Death: 1310
Ann Lowe: Birth: abt 1836 in Audley, Staffordshire, England.
Charles Lowe: Birth: abt 1806 in Madley, Staffordshire, England. Death: Jun 1867 in Cheshire, Flintshire, United Kingdom
Charles Lowe: Birth: abt 1849 in Audley, Staffordshire, England.
Hannah Lowe: Birth: 1840 in Audley, Staffordshire, England.
Jesse Lowe: Birth: abt 1844 in Audley, Staffordshire, England.
John Lowe: Birth: abt 1831 in Audley, Staffordshire, England.
Ruben Lowe: Birth: abt 1834 in Audley, Staffordshire, England.
Margaret Lowry: Birth: 1801 in PA.
Mildred Irene Lowry: Birth: 10 JAN 1910 in Templeton, Armstrong, Pennsylvania. Death: 12 OCT 2001 in Manor Twp, Armstrong, Pennsylvania
Sarah Lucas: Birth: 1600 in Heemstedt, Noord-Holland, Netherlands. Death: 1659 in Holland, Reusel-de Mierden, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands
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Jutta Ludowinger-Th ringen: Birth: about 1147.
Ludwig II Ludowinger-Th ringen: Birth: about 1128.
Arnulph I "The Bad" Luitpolding-Bayern: Birth: about 886. Death: 937
Berthold Luitpolding-Bayern: Birth: about 942. Death: 990
Jutta Luitpolding-Bayern: Birth: about 925. Death: 987
Adelheid Luitpolding-Die en: Birth: about 1085. Death: 1121
Arnulf Luitpolding-Die en: Death: 1098
Friederich II Luitpolding-Die en: Death: 1075
Otto II Luitpolding-Die en: Birth: about 1050.
Uta Luitpolding-Die en: Birth: about 1036.
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Berthold I Luitpolding-Schwarzenburg: Birth: about 1055.
Engelbert Luitpolding-Schwarzenburg: Birth: about 1075.
Margaretta Luitpolding-Schwarzenburg: Birth: about 1100.
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Engelbert Luitpolding-Wasserburg: Death: 1161
Irmgard Luitpolding-Wasserburg: Birth: about 1121.
Kunigunde Luitpolding-Wasserburg: Birth: about 1123.
Catherine Imogene Lunney: Birth: abt 1887. Death: 1946 in Utah
Isabel Lusignan-Valence-Pembroke-Wexford: Death: 1305
William Lusignan-Valence-Pembroke-Wexford: Birth: about 1226. Death: 1296
Martha L. Lutz: Birth: 24 Aug 1923 in Homer City, Indiana, Pa. Death: 9 Apr 1999
Emnilda "Slowianska" Luzyce: Birth: about 970 in Slovenia. Death: 1017 in Krak�w, Poland
Hugh Patrick Lynch: Birth: 24 FEB 1908 in Altoona, Blair Co., PA. Death: 3 JAN 1993 in Asheville, Buncombe, North Carolina, United States of America
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Ada Leona Lyons: Birth: 1891 in Dubois, PA. Death: 1949 in Kittaning, Armstrong, Pennsylvania, USA
Elizabeth Lyons: Birth: 20 Jul 1835 in Pennsylvania. Death: 14 Jan 1912

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