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            /Robert II "The Pious" Capet-France
        /Henri I Capet-France
       |    \Constance de Arles
    /Philippe I "The Amorous" Capet-France
   |   |    /Jaroslav Vladimirich "The Wise" Rurikid-Kyiv
   |    \Agnesa Jaroslovna Rurikid-Kyiv
   |        \Ingrid Olafsdottir Yngling-Muns
Constance Capet-France
   |        /Dirk III "Hierosolymita" van Holland-Frysl n
   |    /Floris I van Holland-Frysl n
   |   |    \Othelendis Billung-Sachsen
    \Bertha van Holland-Frysl n
       |    /Bernhard II Billung-Sachsen
        \Gertrude Billung-Sachsen
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