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Constance Capet-France: Birth: 1078.
Constance Capet-France: Birth: 1124. Death: 1176
Gisela Capet-France: Birth: about 974.
Hedwig Capet-France: Birth: about 973.
Henri I Capet-France: Birth: 4 may 1008. Death: 4 August 1060
Hugh "The Great" Capet-France: Birth: about 895 in France. Death: 956 in France
Hugh Capet-France: Birth: 941 in Paris, France. Death: 24 oct 996 in Paris, France
Isabella "The She-Wolf" Capet-France: Birth: about 1295 in Paris, France. Death: 22 aug 1358 in Castle Rising, Norfolk, England
Louis IX "The Saint" Capet-France: Birth: 25 Apr 1215 in Poissy, France. Death: 25 aug 1270 in Tunis, North Africa
Louis VI "The Fat" Capet-France: Birth: 1 December 1081 in Paris, France. Death: 1 August 1137 in B�thisy-Saint-Pierre, France
Louis VII "The Younger" Capet-France: Birth: 1119.
Louis VIII "The Lion" Capet-France: Birth: 5 September 1187 in Paris, France. Death: 8 nov 1226 in Ch�teau Montpensier, France
Marguerite Capet-France: Birth: about 1280.
Marie Capet-France: Birth: about 1141. Death: 1198
Philippe I "The Amorous" Capet-France: Birth: 23 May 1052. Death: 29 July 1108
Philippe II Auguste Capet-France: Birth: 21 August 1165 in Gonesse, France. Death: 14 jul 1223 in Mantes-la-Jolie, France
Philippe III "The Bold" Capet-France: Birth: 30 apr 1245 in Poissy, France. Death: 5 oct 1285 in Perpignan, France
Philippe IV "The Fair" Capet-France: Birth: 1268 in Fontainebleau, France. Death: 29 nov 1314 in Fontainebleau, France
Pierre Capet-France: Birth: September 1126 in France. Death: 10 April 1183 in Palestine
Robert II "The Pious" Capet-France: Birth: 972 in Orl�ans, France. Death: 1031 in Meulan, France
Charles Capet-Valois: Birth: 12 mar 1270. Death: 16 dec 1325 in Nogent-le-Roi, France
Jeanne Capet-Valois: Birth: about 1294 in Longpont, Aisne, Picardie, France. Death: 7 mar 1342 in Fontenelle, France
Agnes Capet-Vermandois: Birth: about 1078.
Hugh "The Great" Capet-Vermandois: Birth: 1053 in France. Death: October 18, 1101 in Tarsus, Turkey
Isabel Capet-Vermandois: Birth: about 1081. Death: 13 February 1131
Mathilde Capet-Vermandois: Birth: about 1080.
Albert Lee Carl: Birth: 30 Mar 1884 in Armstrong, Pennsylvania, United States. Death: 1960
Annie Jane Carl: Birth: Dec 1894 in Pennsylvania.
Catherine Carl: Birth: 1 Nov 1909. Death: 1909
Charles Edward Carl: Birth: Nov. 22, 1929 in Templeton, Armstrong, Pennsylvania, United States of America. Death: mar 10 1969 in Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania
Charles M. Carl: Birth: 8 Dec 1906 in Kittanning, Armstrong, Pennsylvania, United States. Death: 31 Oct 1973 in Mc Mechen, Marshall, West Virginia, United States
Charles T. Carl: Birth: 31 May 1932 in Kittanning, Armstrong, PA. Death: 26 Jul 2004 in Latrobe, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania
Cora May Carl: Birth: Apr 1898 in Pennsylvania. Death: 14 Aug 1983 in Costa Mesa, Orange, California, United States
Florence M Carl: Birth: Dec 1 1916 in Templeton, Armstrong, Pennsylvania, USA. Death: may 7 1999 in Armstrong, Pennsylvania, United States
George L. Carl: Birth: 2 Aug 1898 in Pine City, Armstrong, Pennsylvania, United States. Death: 2 Aug 1898 in Pine City, Armstrong, Pennsylvania, United States
Goldie Pearl Carl: Birth: nov 13 1923 in Kittanning, Armstrong, Pennnsylvania, USA. Death: apr 11 2006 in Kittanning, Armstrong, Pennnsylvania, USA
Harry William Carl: Birth: july 1 1913 in Pennsylvania. Death: Nov. 14, 1987
Harry Carl: Birth: 30 Nov 1884 in Pennsylvania. Death: 8 Apr 1965
Luther S Carl: Birth: mar 15 1907 in Templeton, Armstrong, Pennsylvania. Death: jan 16 1975 in Kittaning, Armstrong, Pennsylvania, USA
Margaret Carl: Birth: 1926 in Armstrong County, Pennsylvania. Death: oct 12, 1942 in Armstrong County, Pennsylvania
Mary Jane Carl: Birth: 1920 in Templeton, Armstrong, Pennsylvania, United States of America. Death: Oct. 12, 1942 in Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania, United States
Michael C. Carl: Birth: sep 29 1870 in Pennsylvania. Death: Aug. 24, 1945
Nelson Smith Carl: Birth: 5 Sep 1893 in Mahoning, Armstrong, Pennsylvania, United States.
Rosa Bell Carl: Birth: Jul 1891 in Pennsylvania.
Russell Carl: Birth: 1906. Death: 1906
William W. Carl: Birth: 1900 in Pennsylvania, United States. Death: 1940
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Camilla Carlson: Birth: abt 1876 in Italy.
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Albert Wilson Carnahan: Birth: 25 OCT 1921 in Rimersburg, Toby Twp., Clarion Co., Pa.. Death: 27 DEC 1993 in Summerville, Jefferson Co., Pa.
Alice Faye Carnahan: Birth: 13 SEP 1969 in Summerville, Jefferson, Pennsylvania. Death: 13 SEP 1969 in Summerville, Jefferson Co., Pa.
Wayne LeRoy Carnahan: Birth: 23 JUN 1946 in Rimersburg, Toby, Clarion, Pennsylvania. Death: 24 MAR 2008 in Butler, Butler, Pennsylvania
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Adaltrude Carolingen: Birth: about 780.
Bertrada Carolingen: Birth: 779 in , Aachen, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany. Death: 11 MAR 826 in Aachen, , Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
Heironymus Carolingen: Birth: about 720.
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Hildegarde Carolingen-Aquitaine: Birth: about 800.
Carloman Carolingen-Austrasia: Birth: about 713. Death: 754
Rotrude Carolingen-Austrasia: Birth: about 740.
Gerberge Carolingen-Brabant: Birth: about 975.
Charles II "The Bald" Carolingen-France: Birth: 13 Jun 823 in France. Death: 6 Oct 877 in France
Charles III "The Simple" Carolingen-France: Birth: 17 September 879. Death: 7 October 929
Ermentrude Carolingen-France: Birth: about 875.
Hludovic "The Pious" Carolingen-France: Birth: 16 Apr 778. Death: 20 jun 840
Hludovic (Louis) II "The Stammerer" Carolingen-France: Birth: 1 November 846. Death: 10 April 879
Hludovic (Louis) IV "Transmarinus" Carolingen-France: Birth: 921. Death: 10 Sep 954
Judith Carolingen-France: Birth: about 842.
Ludwig "The Young" Carolingen-France: Birth: about 823. Death: 12 Aug 875
Mathilda Carolingen-France: Birth: about 943.
Pepin III "The Short" Carolingen-France: Birth: 714 in Germany. Death: 24 Sep 768 in St Denis, Paris, Seine, France
Rothilde Carolingen-France: Birth: about 870. Death: 928
Bernhard Carolingen-Italia: Birth: 797 in Vermandois, Normandy. Death: 17 apr 818 in Milan, Lombardy
Carloman (Pepin) I Carolingen-Italia: Birth: apr 777. Death: jul 810
Ermengarde Carolingen-Italia: Birth: about 852. Death: 896
Bertha Carolingen-Lothringen: Birth: about 860. Death: 925
Ermengarde Carolingen-Lothringen: Birth: about 830.
Lothar II "The Saxon" Carolingen-Lothringen: Birth: 827. Death: 8 Aug 869

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