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Irene Angelina Angelos-Byz ntion: Birth: 1181. Death: 1208
Isaakios II Angelos-Byz ntion: Birth: Sep 1156. Death: Jan 1204
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Clifford Allen Ansted: Birth: 13 Oct 1930 in Toledo, Lucas, Ohio, United States of America. Death: 13 Oct 1995 in Pensacola, Escambia, Florida, United States of America
Clinton Doyle Ansted: Birth: 10 May 1903 in Temperance, Monroe, Michigan, United States of America. Death: 24 Jun 1988 in Jersey City, Hudson, New York, United States of America
Frances Mae Ansted: Birth: 16 Mar 1927. Death: 30 May 2000
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John Frederick Anthony: Birth: Jan. 12, 1906 in Templeton, Armstrong Co., PA. Death: Jan. 1, 1973 in Templeton, Armstrong Co., PA
Nellie Viola Anthony: Birth: 31 Aug 1910 in Climax, PA. Death: 12 Jul 1982 in Erie, PA
Rea Anthony: Birth: apr 10 1878 in Pennsylvania. Death: mar 1 1920 in Templeton, Armstrong Co., PA
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Beth c ni Gille Cr st Aonghas: Birth: about 1190.
Gille Cr st mac Gille Brigte Aonghas: Birth: about 1142.
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John James Applebee: Birth: 25 Oct 1891 in Pennsylvania, United States. Death: 2 Jun 1984 in Sherman, Chautauqua, New York, United States of America
Thomas Applegate: Death: before 1850
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Luitgard Ardennes: Birth: about 914.
Adelaide Ardennes-Bar: Birth: about 997.
Frederick II Ardennes-Bar: Birth: about 995. Death: 1026
Friedrich I Ardennes-Bar: Birth: 912. Death: 984
Sophia Ardennes-Bar: Birth: 1025.
Thierry Ardennes-Bar: Birth: about 965.
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Conrad I Ardennes-Luxembourg: Birth: about 1046.
Ermensinde Ardennes-Luxembourg: Birth: about 1078. Death: 1143
Frederick I Ardennes-Luxembourg: Birth: about 972. Death: 1019
Frederick II Ardennes-Luxembourg: Birth: about 1000.
Giselbert Ardennes-Luxembourg: Birth: 1005.
Giselle Ardennes-Luxembourg: Birth: about 1009.
Irmtrude Ardennes-Luxembourg: Birth: about 995.
Jutta Ardennes-Luxembourg: Birth: about 1036.
Luitgarde Ardennes-Luxembourg: Birth: 963 in Brabant. Death: 1005
Mathilde Ardennes-Luxembourg: Birth: about 1080.
Otgiva Ardennes-Luxembourg: Birth: about 990.
Siegfried Ardennes-Luxembourg: Birth: about 922. Death: 28 October 998
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Hermann I Ardennes-Luxembourg-Deutschland: Birth: about 1042.
Beatrix Ardennes-Luxembourg-Salm: Birth: about 1120.
Otto I Ardennes-Luxembourg-Salm: Birth: about 1080.
Sophia Ardennes-Luxembourg-Salm: Birth: about 1117. Death: 1176 in Jerusalem, Palestine
Godfrey III Ardennes-Niederlothringen: Birth: about 997. Death: 1069
Gozelon I "The Great" Ardennes-Niederlothringen: Birth: about 967. Death: 1004
Ida Ardennes-Niederlothringen: Birth: about 1040.
Oda Ardennes-Niederlothringen: Birth: about 1004.
Regilinde Ardennes-Niederlothringen: Birth: about 995.
Alicia Ardennes-Verdun: Birth: about 1145.
Aline Ardennes-Verdun: Birth: 1202 in Alton, Staffordshire, England. Death: 1228 in Alton, Staffordshire, England
Bertram II Ardennes-Verdun: Death: 1192 in Palestine
Bertram Ardennes-Verdun: Birth: about 1035.
Nicholas Ardennes-Verdun: Birth: about 1174. Death: 1232
Norman Ardennes-Verdun: Birth: about 1115.
Rohese Ardennes-Verdun: Birth: about 1200. Death: 1248
Adelaide Arduinicii-Suza-Torino: Death: 1091
Berta Arduinicii-Suza-Torino: Birth: 1017 in Torino, Piedmont, Italy. Death: about 1065
Irmgard Arduinicii-Suza-Torino: Birth: about 1015. Death: 1078
Odalrico Manfredo II Arduinicii-Suza-Torino: Birth: 978 in Susa, Italy. Death: 23 DEC 1035
Aznar S nchez Arista-Larron: Birth: about 860.
Toda Azn rez Arista-Larron: Birth: about 885 in Larraun, Navarra. Death: in Castilla-Leon, Spain
Fort n Garc s "The One-Eyed" Arista-Pamplona: Death: about 908
Garc a iguez Arista-Pamplona: Birth: about 810.
Nunilo Ximena Arista-Pamplona: Birth: about 886.
Oneca Fort nes Arista-Pamplona: Birth: about 847.
igo Arista-Pamplona: Birth: about 781.
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Luella A Armstrong: Birth: 1 Apr 1899 in Pennsylvania. Death: 21 Aug 1989
Lula Armstrong: Birth: 1866 in Missouri. Death: UNKNOWN
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Joan Emma Arnold: Birth: 1510 in Redbourn, Hertfordshire, England. Death: 12 Oct 1560 in Hertford, Hertfordshire, England
John Arnold: Birth: about 1480 in St Albans, Hertfordshire, England. Death: 15 Sep 1545 in Churcham, Gloucestershire, England
Susan Margaret Arnold: Birth: 14 Apr 1872 in Etna,Allegheny Or Blair Co. Pennsylvania. Death: 19 Aug 1943 in Pittsburgh,Allegheny Co. Pennsylania
Thomas Arnold: Birth: 1468 in Llanthony, Monmouth, Wales. Death: 1545 in Gloucestershire, England
Ansegisel Arnulfing: Birth: 602 in Heristal, , Austrasia. Death: 678 in Remiremont, Vosges, Lorraine, France
Charibert Arnulfing: Birth: about 690.
Chrodochild Arnulfing: Birth: about 650. Death: 692
Martin Arnulfing: Birth: about 655.
Pepin II "The Fat" Arnulfing: Birth: 635-645 in Heristal, Austrasia. Death: 16 Dec 714 in Juprelle, Liege, Belgium
Childebrand II Arnulfing-Autun: Birth: about 760.
Childebrand Arnulfing-Autun: Birth: about 684.
Nibelung "The Historian" Arnulfing-Autun: Birth: about 725. Death: 768
Theodoric I Arnulfing-Autun: Birth: about 799.

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