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Gisela Etichonid-Egisheim: Birth: about 975.
Heinrich Etichonid-Egisheim: Death: 1065
Hugh V Etichonid-Egisheim: Birth: about 928.
Hugh VII Etichonid-Egisheim: Birth: about 980.
Hugo VI Etichonid-Egisheim: Birth: about 960.
Mathilde Etichonid-Egisheim: Birth: about 1096.
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Adalbert Etichonid-Elsa : Birth: about 680.
Adalrich II Etichonid-Elsa : Birth: about 679.
Luitfride I Etichonid-Elsa : Birth: about 707.
Luitfride II Etichonid-Elsa : Death: about 802
Meginhard II Etichonid-Frysl n: Birth: about 855.
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Adelaide Etichonid-Nordgau: Birth: about 972.
Alberich II Etichonid-Nordgau: Birth: about 755.
Alberich Etichonid-Nordgau: Birth: 698. Death: 735
Eberhard I Etichonid-Nordgau: Birth: about 730.
Eberhard II Etichonid-Nordgau: Birth: about 810.
Eberhard III Etichonid-Nordgau: Birth: 853.
Eberhard IV Etichonid-Nordgau: Birth: about 900.
Gerhard Etichonid-Nordgau: Birth: about 936 in Metz. Death: 1024
Hedwig Etichonid-Nordgau: Birth: about 937.
Hugo Etichonid-Nordgau: Birth: about 870.
Meginhard Etichonid-Nordgau: Birth: about 780. Death: 844
Wigburga Etichonid-Nordgau: Birth: about 930.
Adelaide Etichonid-Tours: Birth: about 819. Death: 15 Sep 866
Ermentrude Etichonid-Tours: Birth: about 835.
Hugh "The Timid" Etichonid-Tours: Birth: about 785. Death: 836
Luitfride Etichonid-Tours: Birth: 803.
Katherine Etter: Birth: 1680 in Canton Bern, Switzerland. Death: 1755 in Pennsylvania
Adison E Evans: Birth: Oct 1894 in Pennsylvania. Death: before 1920
Alfred Evans: Birth: May 1850 in Pennsylvania. Death: before 1930 in Pennsylvania
Alfred Evans: Birth: ABT 1873 in Missouri.
Ann Asenath Evans: Birth: 8 nov 1849 in Franklin, Venango, Pennsylvania. Death: 22 APR 1919 in Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri, USA
Annette Amelia "Nettie" Evans: Birth: 19 SEP 1844 in Franklin, Venango, Pennsylvania. Death: 31 may 1882 in Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, United States
Arthur Robinson Turner Evans: Birth: ABT 1850 in Pennsylvania. Death: 1863 in Pennsylvania
Carson Evans: Birth: about 1800 in Crawford County, Pennsylvania.
Catherine "Kate" Evans: Birth: 1856 in Franklin, Venango, Pennsylvania.
Charlotte Lucy Evans: Birth: Jan. 27, 1875 in Pennsylvania. Death: July 2, 1945
David M. Evans: Birth: about 1802 in Hayfield, Crawford, Pennsylvania, USA. Death: in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania
Edna Evans: Birth: Dec 1875 in Pennsylvania. Death: after 1920
Elizabeth E. Evans: Birth: September 1854 in Franklin, Venango Co., PA.
Elizabeth W. Evans: Birth: 1848 in Franklin, Venango, Pennsylvania. Death: 1913 in Franklin, Venango, Pennsylvania
Elizabeth Evans: Birth: 1825 in Franklin, Venango Co., PA. Death: 1827 in Franklin, Venango Co., PA
Evan Rhys Evans: Birth: 1775. Death: 16 dec 1861 in Hayfield, Crawford, Pennsylvania
Frances Ermina Evans: Birth: 1840 in Franklin, Venango Co., PA. Death: after 1900 in Allegheny City, Allegheny County, PA
Frederick Park Evans: Birth: 1 Sep 1850 in Franklin, Venango, Pennsylvania. Death: 21 Mar 1923 in Venango County, Pennsylvania
Harriett A. Evans: Birth: 1835 in Franklin, Venango, Pennsylvania. Death: 10 Feb 1904 in Allegheny City, Allegheny, Pennsylvania
Harvey Evans: Birth: 20 feb 1827 in Franklin, Venango, Pennsylvania. Death: 25 feb 1878 in Franklin, Venango, Pennsylvania
James T. Evans: Birth: 2 Apr 1833 in Franklin, Venango, Pennsylvania. Death: after 1870 in Crawford County, Pennsylvania
John B. Evans: Birth: 1838 in Franklin, Venango Co., PA. Death: 5 mar 1864 in Franklin, Venango Co., PA
John Terrence Evans: Birth: 23 aug 1951 in Jamestown, New York, USA. Death: 17 feb 1983 in Modesto, California, USA
John Evans: Birth: 27 feb 1798 in Pennsylvania. Death: 30 nov 1871 in Crawford County, Pennsylvania, USA
John Evans: Birth: about 1848 in Pennsylvania.
Laura L. Evans: Birth: abt 1872 in Pennsylvania.
Laura Evans: Birth: 1834 in Franklin, Venango Co., PA. Death: 1843 in Allegheny City, Allegheny County, PA
Laura Evans: Birth: about 1853 in Pennsylvania. Death: before 1870 in Pennsylvania
Mary Eva Evans: Birth: about 1855 in Franklin, Venango Co., PA.
Mary Evans: Birth: about 1847 in Franklin, Venango Co., PA.
Myrtle M. Evans: Birth: abt 1876 in Pennsylvania.
Robinson W. Evans: Birth: 1824 in Vanango County, Pennsylvania. Death: before 1870
Sarah Frances Evans: Birth: 1829 in Pennsylvania. Death: 15 Aug 1898
William Connely Evans: Birth: 13 APR 1829 in Franklin, Venango, Pennsylvania. Death: 1890 in Dunkirk, Chautauqua, New York, USA
William Connely Evans: Birth: Aug 1869 in Missouri. Death: BEF 1880
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Lois Helena Evenson: Birth: 1542 in England. Death: in England
Anna Maria Susanna Eyster: Birth: 10 Jan 1698 in Stuttgart, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany. Death: 1 Oct 1793 in Berwick, York, Pennsylvania, United States
Adolf I Ezzonen-Berg: Birth: about 1025. Death: 1082
Adolf II Ezzonen-Berg-Altena: Death: about 1100
Adolf III Ezzonen-Berg-Altena: Birth: about 1082. Death: 1152
Adolf IV Ezzonen-Berg-Altena: Birth: about 1110.
Eberhard IV Ezzonen-Berg-Altena: Birth: 1140. Death: 23 January 1180
Oda Ezzonen-Berg-Altena: Birth: about 1168.
Eberhard Ezzonen-Bliesgau: Birth: about 882. Death: 937
Ehrenfried Ezzonen-Bliesgau: Birth: about 860. Death: 902
Agnes Ezzonen-Isenberg-Altena: Birth: about 1225.
Arnold Ezzonen-Isenberg-Altena: Birth: 1166. Death: 1209
Elizabeth Ezzonen-Isenberg-Altena: Birth: about 1227.
Friedrich Ezzonen-Isenberg-Altena: Birth: 1193. Death: 15 November 1226
Adolf II Ezzonen-Lothringen: Birth: 1002. Death: 1041
Ezzo Ezzonen-Lothringen: Birth: about 950.
Hermann I "The Slender" Ezzonen-Lothringen: Birth: about 925.
Ida Ezzonen-Lothringen: Birth: about 1002.
Ludolph Ezzonen-Lothringen: Birth: about 1001. Death: 1031
Richeza Ezzonen-Lothringen: Birth: about 1000. Death: 21 March 1063 in Saalfeld, Th�ringen
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Hildegarde Ezzonen-Schwaben: Birth: about 1024.
Otto II Ezzonen-Schwaben: Birth: about 1000. Death: 1047
Richenza Ezzonen-Schwaben: Birth: about 1030.
Ehrenfried II Ezzonen-Z lpichgau: Birth: about 895.
Richwara Ezzonen-Z lpichgau: Birth: 940. Death: 980

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