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Hludovic (Louis) IV "Transmarinus" Carolingen-France: Birth: 921. Death: 10 Sep 954
Judith Carolingen-France: Birth: about 842.
Ludwig "The Young" Carolingen-France: Birth: about 823. Death: 12 Aug 875
Mathilda Carolingen-France: Birth: about 943.
Pepin III "The Short" Carolingen-France: Birth: 714 in Germany. Death: 24 Sep 768 in St Denis, Paris, Seine, France
Rothilde Carolingen-France: Birth: about 870. Death: 928
Bernhard Carolingen-Italia: Birth: 797 in Vermandois, Normandy. Death: 17 apr 818 in Milan, Lombardy
Carloman (Pepin) I Carolingen-Italia: Birth: apr 777. Death: jul 810
Ermengarde Carolingen-Italia: Birth: about 852. Death: 896
Bertha Carolingen-Lothringen: Birth: about 860. Death: 925
Ermengarde Carolingen-Lothringen: Birth: about 830.
Lothar II "The Saxon" Carolingen-Lothringen: Birth: 827. Death: 8 Aug 869
Charles Carolingen-Niederlothringen: Birth: 953 in Laon. Death: 22 Jun 993 in Orl�ans
Ermengarde Carolingen-Niederlothringen: Birth: about 973.
Charles I "Charlemagne" Carolingen-R misch-Deutscher: Birth: 02 APR 742 in Ingelheim-Am-Rhein, Germany. Death: 28 JAN 814 in Aachen, Germany
Lothar I Carolingen-R misch-Deutscher: Birth: about 796. Death: 29 Sep 855
Adalbert "The Pious" Carolingen-Vermandois: Birth: about 920. Death: 8 Sep 987
Adelaide Carolingen-Vermandois: Birth: about 1065.
Alice Carolingen-Vermandois: Birth: about 912.
Beatrice Carolingen-Vermandois: Birth: about 880. Death: 931
Herbert I Carolingen-Vermandois: Birth: about 846. Death: 902
Herbert II Carolingen-Vermandois: Birth: about 885. Death: 943
Herbert III Carolingen-Vermandois: Birth: about 955.
Herbert IV Carolingen-Vermandois: Birth: 1028. Death: 1080
Kunigunde Carolingen-Vermandois: Birth: about 882.
Luitgarde Carolingen-Vermandois: Birth: about 917.
Otho Carolingen-Vermandois: Birth: 29 aug 979. Death: 25 May 1045
Pepin II Carolingen-Vermandois: Birth: about 818.
Robert Carolingen-Vermandois: Birth: about 916. Death: 19 Aug 967
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Agnes Rachel Carothers: Birth: Jan 1852 in Pennsylvania, USA. Death: 14 Jul 1930 in Hyndman, Bedford, Pennsylvania, USA
Catherine Ann Carothers: Birth: 25 Apr 1842 in Huntingdon Co., PA. Death: 15 Jan 1927 in Elizabeth Twp, Allegheny Co, PA
Charles Carothers: Birth: abt 1837 in Pennsylvania.
Emma Carothers: Birth: Sep 1846 in North Woodbury, Blair, Pennsylvania, USA. Death: abt 1920
George Carothers: Birth: 3 Aug 1849 in North Woodbury, Blair, Pennsylvania, USA. Death: 7 Aug 1939 in Saxton, Bedford, Pennsylvania, USA
James Allen Carothers: Birth: 23 Nov 1843 in pos Huntingdon Co, PA. Death: 8 Aug 1887 in Saxton, Saxton Boro, Bedford Co, PA
John Carothers: Birth: 4 Jul 1798 in Ireland. Death: 28 aug 1873 in Saxton, Saxton Boro, Bedford Co, PA
William Henry Carothers: Birth: 26 Nov 1839 in Huntingdon Co, Pennsylvania, USA. Death: 28 Jun 1912 in Bellebridge Hill, Lincoln Twp, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA
Franklin C "Frank" Carpenter: Birth: Oct 17 1918 in Milford, Sussex, Delaware, USA. Death: Dec 21 1965 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Alfred Elroy Carson: Birth: 18 Sep 1876 in Pennsylvania.
Charles Carson: Birth: about 1879 in Pennsylvania.
Daniel Carson: Birth: Feb 1840 in Ireland.
Frederick C Carson: Birth: 1883 in Pennsylvania.
John C. Carson: Birth: 3 Aug 1879 in Pennsylvania. Death: 16 Dec 1962
Lela Carson: Birth: 1869 in Pennsylvania.
Lewis H Carson: Birth: 7 Feb 1909 in Pennsylvania. Death: 1 January 1988 in Louisville, Jefferson, Kentucky, United States of America
Mabel Carson: Birth: about 1874 in Pennsylvania.
Mary Belle Carson: Birth: Sep 1883 in Pennsylvania.
Mary P. Carson: Birth: about 1883.
Robert Carson: Birth: abt 1841 in New York.
Seward Carson: Birth: about 1881.
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Clarissa Martin Carter: Birth: 29 Apr 1845 in Olean, Cattaraugus County, New York. Death: 27 Dec 1932
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Sarah Cartwright: Birth: april 28 1881 in Hollidaysburg, Blair, Pennsylvania. Death: july 23 1914 in Hollidaysburg, Blair, Pennsylvania, United States
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Mary Elizabeth Casper: Birth: abt 1869 in Clarion, Pennsylvania, USA. Death: 5 Dec 1956
Catherine Cassidy: Birth: 1778.
Francis Cassidy: Birth: 1789 in Pennsylvania, Somerset, Pennsylvania, United States.
Henry Cassidy: Birth: 1773 in Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, United States. Death: 1820 in St Louis, Missouri, United States
James Cassidy: Birth: 1780 in Pennsylvania, United States. Death: 1801
James Cassidy: Birth: 1720 in , , , Ireland.
Jane Rachel Cassidy: Birth: 30 Jul 1786 in Huntington, Indiana, United States. Death: 10 Jan 1864 in Bedford, Pennsylvania, United States
John Baptist Cassidy: Birth: 14 Sep 1777 in Johnstown, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, United States. Death: 28 Nov 1851 in Cassidy Settlement, Perry, Indiana, United States
Maria Cassidy: Birth: 6 Nov 1779 in Conewago, Adams, Pennsylvania, United States. Death: 20 Feb 1835 in Newry, Blair, Pennsylvania, United States
Mary "Polly" Cassidy: Birth: 1760.
Mary Cassidy: Birth: 7 Mar 1808 in Newry, Blair, Pennsylvania, United States, . Death: 14 Apr 1874 in Newry, Blair, Pennsylvania, United States,
Patrick Jr. Cassidy: Birth: 1771 in Pennsylvania, Somerset, Pennsylvania, United States. Death: 5-AUG 1850 in Newry, Blair, Pennsylvania, United States
Patrick Cassidy: Birth: 1738 in Newry, County Down, Ireland. Death: 17 Jan 1828 in Newry, Blair, Pennsylvania
Peter Cassidy: Birth: 1782 in Shirley, Bedford, Pennsylvania, USA. Death: 21 APR 1852 in Newry, Blair, Pennsylvania, USA
Sarah Jane Cassidy: Birth: abt 1770 in Newry, Blair, Pennsylvania, United States. Death: 14 Jan 1843 in Newry, Blair Co., PA
Alfonso Alfonsez Castilla y Le n: Birth: 1203 in Le�n, Leon, Castilla-Leon, Spain. Death: 6 Jan 1272 in Salamanca, Salamanca, Castilla-Leon, Spain
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Maria Catharina: Birth: 1750 in Pennsylvania. Death: 28 Dec 1754 in Lehigh, Pennsylvania, United States
Anna Catherine: Birth: 1740. Death: 1800
Lulach mac Gille Coemg in "The Fool" Cen l Loairn-D l Riata-macRuairaidh-Alba: Birth: about 1032. Death: 1058
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Aethelreda Cerdicing-England: Birth: about 1042.
Cunigunda Cerdicing-England: Birth: about 895.
Eadg? Cerdicing-England: Birth: 910 in England. Death: 26 January 946 in Saxony
Eadgar "The Peaceful" Cerdicing-England: Birth: 7 aug 943. Death: 8 jul 975
Eadgifu Cerdicing-England: Birth: 902 in England.
Eadmund I "The Magnificent" Cerdicing-England: Birth: 922. Death: 26 may 946
Eadmund II "Ironside" Cerdicing-England: Birth: about 990. Death: 30 November 1016
Eadweard "The Elder" Cerdicing-England: Birth: about 874 in England. Death: 17 July 924 in Cheshire, England
Eadweard " theling" Cerdicing-England: Birth: 1016. Death: August 1057 in England
Edred Cerdicing-England: Birth: about 995.
G? Cerdicing-England: Birth: about 1055 in England. Death: 1107 in Kievan Rus
Godgifu Cerdicing-England: Birth: 1004.
Harold II Godwinesson Cerdicing-England: Birth: about 1022. Death: 14 October 1066 in Hastings, England
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