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Manasses "The Old" Arnulfing-Ch lons
Charles "Martel" Arnulfing-Herstal: Birth: 23 aug 688 in Heristal, Belgium. Death: 22 Oct 741 in Quierzy, France
Bertrada "Broadfoot" Arnulfing-Laon: Birth: 720 in Laon, Aisne, , France. Death: 12 Jul 783 in Choisy, Haute Savoie, , France
Arnulfing-Madrie: Birth: about 825.
Nibelung II Arnulfing-Madrie: Birth: about 740.
Theoderic Arnulfing-Madrie: Birth: about 800.
Bertha Arnulfing-Reims: Birth: about 815 in Reims, Marne, Champagne, France, . Death: 887 in Toulouse, Haute-Garonne, Midi-Pyrenees, France
Garnier Arnulfing-Reims: Death: about 736
Josseaume Arnulfing-Reims: Death: about 802
Remigius Arnulfing-Reims: Birth: 790 in Reims,Marne,Champagne,France. Death: 824 in Remy,Artois,,France
Theuderic Arnulfing-Reims: Death: about 772
Bertha Arnulfing-Troyes: Birth: about 917.
Garnier Arnulfing-Troyes: Birth: about 870.
Richard Arnulfing-Troyes: Birth: about 833.
Aremburga Arnulfing-Vergy: Birth: about 980.
Gerard Arnulfing-Vergy: Death: about 1023
Manasses II Arnulfing-Vergy: Birth: about 892.
Rudolf Arnulfing-Vergy: Birth: about 915.
Vualon Arnulfing-Vergy: Birth: about 940.
Hugh Arnulfing-Vienne: Birth: about 900.
Theutberga Arnulfing-Vienne: Birth: about 930.
Umberto Arnulfing-Vienne: Birth: about 928.
Lillian D Ashton: Birth: 25 Dec 1871 in Pennsylvania, USA. Death: 26 Feb 1965 in Sharon, Mercer, Pennsylvania, USA
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Judith Atkinson: Birth: 1590 in England.
Phillip Joseph Auger: Birth: 15 May 1912. Death: 6 Mar 1995 in Hennepin, Minnesota, United States
Peter August: Birth: 10 Jul 1894 in Chapli, L'viv, Ukraine. Death: Sep 1977 in West Newton, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania
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Augustak: Birth: about 1874 in Chapli, L'viv, Ukraine.
Harold Edward Aust: Birth: 18 Mar 1928 in Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, United States. Death: 17 Jan 2004 in Kittanning, Armstrong, Pennsylvania, United States of America
Hazel W. Austin: Birth: abt 1898 in West Virginia. Death: 02 Feb 1990 in Kittanning, Pennsylvania, USA
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Adelais Auvergne-Aquitaine: Birth: 945. Death: 1006
Agnes Auvergne-Aquitaine: Birth: about 1022.
Agnes Auvergne-Aquitaine: Birth: about 1097.
Beatrix Auvergne-Aquitaine: Birth: about 1018.
Cl mence Auvergne-Aquitaine: Birth: about 1057. Death: 4 January 1142
Ebles "Manzer" Auvergne-Aquitaine: Death: 934
Eleanor Auvergne-Aquitaine: Birth: 1122 in Chateau De Belin,Gironde,Aquitaine,France. Death: 31 Mar 1204 in Mirabell Castle, Poitiers, France., France,
Gui-Geoffroi-Guillaume VIII Auvergne-Aquitaine: Birth: 1025. Death: 25 sep 1086
Guillaume III "Towhead" Auvergne-Aquitaine: Birth: about 920. Death: 963
Guillaume IV "Iron Arm" Auvergne-Aquitaine: Birth: 937. Death: 995
Guillaume IX "The Troubador" Auvergne-Aquitaine: Birth: 22 October 1071. Death: 10 February 1126
Guillaume V "The Great" Auvergne-Aquitaine: Birth: about 969. Death: 1030
Guillaume VI "The Fat" Auvergne-Aquitaine: Birth: 1004. Death: March 1038
Guillaume X "The Saint" Auvergne-Aquitaine: Birth: 1099 in Toulouse. Death: 9 April 1137
Pierre-Guillaume VII "The Eagle" Auvergne-Aquitaine: Birth: 1023. Death: 1058
Ranulf II Auvergne-Aquitaine: Death: 890
Ranulf Auvergne-Aquitaine: Death: 15 Sep 866
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Chester Francis "Frank" Awalt: Birth: 5 Jan 1883 in Hanford, California. Death: 25 Sep 1975 in Sacramento, California
Doris Mary Awalt: Birth: 14 Mar 1911 in Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, California, United States. Death: 10 Feb 2003 in Mountain View, Santa Clara, California, United States
Robert Chester Awalt: Birth: 12 Oct 1908 in California, United States. Death: 28 Dec 1992 in Sonora, Tuolumne, California, United States of America
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Florence Jeannine Axton: Birth: 12 May 1932 in Furnace Run, Armstrong, Pennsylvania, United States. Death: 22 Feb 1994 in Bainbridge, Decatur, Georgia, United States
Mary Lou Axton: Birth: 16 DEC 1935 in Kittanning, Armstrong Co, PA. Death: 25 MAY 1971 in Rochester, New York, USA
Russel Culver Axton: Birth: 13 APR 1913 in Franklin, Venango Co, PA. Death: 19 DEC 1990 in Portland, Maine, United States

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