/Edward II Plantagenet-England
        /Edward III Plantagenet-England
       |    \Isabella "The She-Wolf" Capet-France
    /Edmund "of Langley" Plantagenet-York
   |   |    /Willem III "The Good" d'Oisy-Avesnes-Hainaut-Holland
   |    \Philippa d'Oisy-Avesnes-Hainaut-Holland
   |        \Jeanne Capet-Valois
Constance Plantagenet-York
   |        /Alphonso XI "The Just" Fern ndez Borgo a-Castilla y Le n
   |    /Pedro I "The Cruel" Alf nsez Borgo a-Castilla y Le n
   |   |    \Maria Capet-Borgonha-Portugal
    \Isabella Constanza Borgo a-Castilla y Le n
       |    /Juan Garces de Padilla
        \Maria Juana de Padilla
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