Ahnentafel, Generation No. 1

Anna Lee Johnson was born APR 1896 in Missouri. She was the daughter of William Henry Johnson and Maude.

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Ahnentafel, Generation No. 2

William Henry Johnson was born 25 AUG 1857 in Ohio, and died 20 JAN 1910. He was buried in Lindley Prairie Cemetery, Cedar County, Missouri. He was the son of Henry Johnson and Louisa.

Maude was born 1870 in Indiana.

Children of /Maude/ and William Henry /Johnson/ are:
  1. Anna Lee Johnson was born APR 1896 in Missouri.

  2. Henry Chilton Johnson was born JAN 1898 in Missouri.

  3. Paul R. Johnson was born ABT 1901 in Missouri.

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  6. Marvin Delmar Johnson was born ABT 1909 in Missouri, and died 10 JUL 1989. He married Lucy Jane Davies on 7 FEB 1928 in Chillicothe, Missouri. She was born 22 AUG 1910 in Dawn Carroll County, Missouri, and died 31 MAY 2009. She was buried in Enon Cemetery, Dawn, Carroll County, Missouri.

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Ahnentafel, Generation No. 3

Henry Johnson was born 9 MAR 1829 in Pennsylvania, and died 12 JUL 1919 in Clinton, Henry County, Missouri. He was buried in Ballard Cemetery, Clinton, Henry County, Missouri.

Louisa was born APR 1837 in Ohio.

Children of /Louisa/ and Henry /Johnson/ are:
  1. Margaret E. Johnson was born ABT 1852 in Pennsylvania.

  2. John Edward Johnson was born MAY 1854 in Ohio, and died 1931. He married Mary. She was born JAN 1859 in Missouri.

  3. William Henry Johnson was born 25 AUG 1857 in Ohio, and died 20 JAN 1910. He married Maude. She was born 1870 in Indiana.

  4. George Washington Johnson was born DEC 1858 in Ohio. He married Euphenia L. Marsh on 20 DEC 1885 in Mt. Vernon, Lawrence County, Missouri. She was born 18 JAN 1870 in Lawrence County, Missouri.

  5. Charles Patterson Johnson was born 8 OCT 1860 in Ohio, and died 15 OCT 1936 in Missouri. He married Mary Elizabeth Jacobs on 1895 in Adair County, Missouri. She was born 13 APR 1873 in Missouri, and died 7 SEP 1928 in Mooney Twp., Polk County, Missouri. She was buried in Union Grove, Missouri.

  6. Mary L. Johnson was born ABT 1864 in Ohio.

  7. Elmer E. Johnson was born AUG 1866 in Missouri. He married Emma. She was born OCT 1872 in Ohio.

  8. Edwin S. Johnson was born JAN 1869 in Missouri.

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