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Marriage: Children:
  1. Catherna Till: Birth: ABT. 1795 in St. Matthews Parish, Orangeburg District, SC. Death: 15 FEB 1867 in Walker Springs, Clarke County, AL

  2. Nicholas Till: Birth: 1797 in St. Matthews Parish, Orangeburg District, SC. Death: ABT. 1857

  3. Daniel Till: Birth: 1798 in St Matthew Parish, Orangburg District, SC. Death: 1838 in Butler County, AL

  4. Mary Till: Birth: ABT. 1804 in St Matthew Parish, Orangeburg District, SC. Death: ABT. 1840 in Maureice Henson, Tuscaloosa County, AL

  5. Elizabeth Till: Birth: ABT. 1806 in Orangeburg, SC. Death: 12 MAY 1901 in Palmyra, Lowndes County, AL

  6. Barbary Till: Birth: ABT. 1807 in St Matthew Parish, Orangeburg District, SC. Death: 15 JUL 1882 in Butler County, AL

  7. Jacob Till: Birth: ABT. 1810 in Orangeburg County, SC. Death: BET. 1849 - 1850 in Butler County, AL

  8. John Till: Birth: 8 FEB 1810 in Orangeburg, Orangeburg County, SC. Death: 2 MAR 1896 in Lowndes County, AL

  9. David Till: Birth: ABT. 1822 in SC. Death: 7 MAR 1877 in Lauderdale County, MS

a. Note:   Info found on 2-28-01at:
  More Notes for Nicholas Till: Courtesy Elaine Hendricks Letter in surname vertical file at Montgomery Archives proves 4 of th e children of Nicholas a nd Barbara Till. Letter to John and Martha Till from Elvin Coleman, their nephew, the s on of Daniel and Mary T ill Coleman. Suggsville, Clarke County, Alabama May the 27 1870 Dear Uncle and Aunt. i take the present opportunity of writing to you to inform that myself a nd family are tolerable well at this time. i h ope this may reach you safe and for you and al l of my relations in th e best of health. your letter of the 3 of April came safe to hand. i m ust confess i have not answered as soon as i should have done, but i will try and be more pun ctual hereafter. i have no news of importan ce to write. the people in this settlement are gen erally healthy so f ar, but i do not know how long it will remain so. we have had a great dea l of rain in the first part. it has not rained carsley any hear i n too months. it is so dry h ear now that it looks like every thing wi ll die. my corn looks tolerable well considering th e cool dry wether . my cotton is very small, Allen and myself arived home safe on Monda y nigh t about midnight after we left you. tell Deriat Autry i beg lea ve to congratulate him. i hop e he and his fair bride may pass there d ays in serenity and peace. Uncle John if you ever hea r any more abou t cousin William Smith i want you to write it to me for i am ancious t o hear i f he is married again. you wrote in your letter that was at a loss where to direct your lette r to. direct to Suggsville and when you write to Allen direct to the same place. i have not h unted eny th is year hardly. i have killed three turkeys this spring and i have no t killed bu t one deer cince i saw you. but it was the largest i belie ve i ever did kill. i shot it abou t a half mile from home. i put my d ogs after it and they run it nearly to my gate and they ca ught it. th ey was both on the small order and it whip them both and before i coul d get ther e it got away. i went out and got more dogs and run it abou t a half mile and caught it. it wa s very large and very fat and a fe w days after that some dogs ran a nother some too or thre e hundred ya rds frome my house and my oldest boy killed it. was nearly as large a s the on e i killed but them is the last we have killed. Allen has not her member added to his family . he has been blessed with a nother dau ghter. Willard is living at pas old place. i want yo u to write soon a nd write if you have then herd Uncle Jacob Arant and how they are and writ e how Uncle Autrys family are. i believe i shall have to come to a close. Martha and the chil dren send their love to you and Aunt Mart ha and the children. i want you to write soon. giv e my best respects to all inquiring friends if there should be any. recon the same fore y ou r self. i remain as ever your affectionate nephew. Elvin L. Coleman ~~~~~~ Uncle Jacob Arant is the husband of Barbara Till, Uncle Autry is Rober t A Autry husband of El izabeth Till, Derias Autry is their son, do no t know who William Smith is. Till family folder, vertical files, Montgomery Archives: very old paper with "keep this" written across it obviously written mu ch later, "John Till, t he son of Nicholis and Barbara Till was born 8 Feb. 1810. Martha Arant, the daughter of Phill ip and Margaret Aran t was born 7 Oct. 1817. John Till and Martha Arant were married July 2 4 , 1836 by Rev. John Pruett." Copy of Letter to Uncle John from Elvin L. Coleman [above transcript] Letter from your brother David Till Lauderdale Miss, Marion Station da ted 1873 see notes on David Till for transcript of letter.
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